A/N: Here's my new story! Sorry it's taken forever to put this up, but classes decided to get difficult this semester :P Anyway, this is a 5 chapter story with longer(ish) chapters than my last one. I hope you'll enjoy!

MISSING: Sock Monkey Slippers

DISAPPEARED: June 28th at 4 pm

WHODUNNIT: Chad Dylan Cooper





I put up the last of the 50 signs that were hanging around Condor Studios. All said the same thing. I sighed as I stared at the sign at the picture of my dearly beloved slippers, Buster and Binky. Tawni strutted by and noticed me.

"What's wrong, Sonny?" she asked while twisting her face painfully. I'm pretty sure she was trying to look concerned.

"I'm just sad because Chad stole my sock monkey slippers."

"Those ugly things you got a few days ago?" Tawni's face now was pure disgust.

"Yea," I sighed again.

"Why did he do it?" she asked again. She was clearly confused.

"It's a long story, Tawni."

It was few days ago around mail time. Josh handed me my long awaited package. Inside, was a brand new Blarmie – The Blanket with Arms and a pair of sock monkey slippers. I forgot about the Blarmie – The Blanket with Arms and kicked off my sneakers so I could wear the slippers.

I started prancing around the dressing room in them. Tawni looked up from her hundreds of fan letters to look down at my feet.

"Those are ugly," she pointed out. I was a bit heartbroken, but I shrugged her off.

"I think they are cute," I simply stated and pranced out of the room to get some fro-yo.

On the way to the cafeteria, I decided that my slippers needed names.

"I will name you Buster." I pointed to my left slipper as I kept walking. "And you will be Binky," said as I pointed to my right slipper. I looked up from my slippers to almost run into Chad Dylan Cooper, himself.

"Sorry," I said as I tried to take a half step to the side. The jerk decided to take a step in the same direction.

"So," he said with a sly grin, "Buster and Binky, huh?"

"They're the names for the slippers," I mumbled mostly to myself.

He looked down to my feet. "Oh" was all he said.

"Yea." I looked up and stepped even more to the side. "If you don't mind, I'm getting fro-yo."

"Hey, can I join you?" he called out as I was walking away.

"Uh." I turned around facing him. "Sure, I guess."

So we got our fro-yos and sat down at a table in the empty cafeteria. I had my feet perched up on another chair just so I could see Buster and Binky.

"What's so special about them?" Chad indicated to my slippers.

"I like them. I think they're cute." Chad's face said otherwise.

We ate the rest of our fro-yo in silence. I was sneakily trying to eat mine quickly so I could get away from Chad faster, but I kept getting a brain freeze.

"Ow!" I screamed out when another brain freeze hit. I put down my spoon and grabbed my head. Brain freeze pain is terrible.

"What's wrong?" asked Chad.

"Brain freeze," I moaned into my hands.

"Here, do this." He stuck his thumb into his mouth and pressed it up against the roof of his mouth. He took his thumb out. "That's supposed to cure it."

I did was he told me and, amazingly, the brain freeze was gone.

"Thanks," I said while blushing a little. I kept my head down so he wouldn't see.

"No problem. I used to get them all the time when I was a kid. So I know a few tricks to get rid of them."

"Well." I looked down at my half-melted yogurt. "I have to go, but thanks for joining me."

I quickly threw away my yogurt and made my exit before Chad could say anything.

The next couple of days were just rehearsal, so I was in sweatpants and my sock monkey slippers. Tawni kept giving me dirty looks, but that's because of Buster and Binky. Chad on the other hand, kept glancing at my feet when we were in the cafeteria and look like he was concentrating hard, but his face would light up as he thought of something.

One day, we were let off rehearsal early. I think everybody, except Zora and me, went home early. She disappeared somewhere and I decided I needed to catch up on my movies.

I was sitting on the couch in the prop house with my feet propped up on the table in front of me. I was snuggled up in my Blarmie – The Blanket with Arms and Buster and Binky were on my feet. I was watching a scary-horror-romantic movie on the TV. The two main characters were about to kiss as the scary music was playing. Out of the vents, Zora was yelling something, but I was too caught up in the movie to play attention. The suspense was building in the movie until I finally caught what Zora was screaming. "Ambush! Ambush!"

Ambush? The last time she yelled that out was when the Mackenzie Falls cast almost TP'd our prop house. Just as the scary monster jumped the couple in the movie, the doors to the prop house swung open to a yelling Chad Dylan Cooper dressed in camouflage. I screamed and buried myself within my Blarmie – The Blanket with Arms. The next thing I knew, Chad Dylan Cooper ran in front of the TV, picked the slippers off of my feet and ran away screaming, "Peace out, sucka!"

I looked down at my feet and saw that they were bare. I screamed out, "Chad Dylan Cooper Stole My Slippers!"