Severus found her, later that evening, wandering through the woods on one of the many trails.

"It's getting late," he said, by way of greeting. She looked up and smiled, holding the flowers she had picked loosely in her hand.

"I lose track of time out here, sometimes," she responded as she looked up at the dark pink and orange sky.

He stood, still a ways away, and looked at her. Her grey summer dress, with its ruffles, buttoned up to her collarbone, but left her arms completely bare.

"I can't believe summer is almost over," she said. He nodded.

Hermione continued. "It makes me think, all this time has passed. It's been years since the war. Perhaps its time to leave Grimmauld Place."

He didn't say anything, but he was suddenly nervous. If she left, where would he go? Could he manage not seeing her every day?

She eyed him carefully, moving a few steps closer before stopping again.

Severus cleared his throat. "I… have a house, you know," he said hoarsely, worried that she wouldn't say yes, worried that she wouldn't want him any more.

Hemrione grinned, but changed the subject. "We didn't use any sort of contraceptive last night," she mused aloud, pressing a hand to her abdomen. "Did you forget to think of it?" she asked, raising her eyes to meet his.

He shook his head slowly. She smiled again.

"Should we live together?" she inquired laughingly.

He stepped closer. "Would you want that?" he half whispered.

She nodded, and he stepped closer and pulled her against his body, finding her lips. Her flowers fell to the ground, forgotten, as she wound her arms up around his shoulders. They kissed for a long time, before he pulled back slightly.

"I love you," he said quietly, seriously. She nodded.

"I know."

The End.