Song- holding out for a hero by Jennifer saunders (I think that's her last name)

We sat on the beds of the roomy attic. It was Midsummer's eve. Seth had opened the window a couple years ago and let monsters In the house and that almost led to the end of Fablehaven. I sat on my bed reading a book while Seth was playing with a rubber ball. "Hey Kendra? I'm sorry about what happened today." he was foolishly playing with my umite candle and broke it. "I'm still mad you know. That was so foolish! I can imagine breaking a regular candle, but the one Vanessa gave me?" I looked away from him. My eyes burning. How could he have done that?

It was the middle of the night. I heard rustling. I looked over at Seth. He was up and had my candle. "Seth? What are you doing?" I wiped my eyes tiredly . He handed me the candle. It looked like he tried to fix it. "I'm sorry Kendra. I didn't mean to break your candle." I smiled "It's okay you big goof." he looked up at me and said " I shouldn't have touched your stuff."

"Goodnight Seth'

"Goodnight Kendra"

I woke up early that morning. I walked downstairs. Tanu was on the couch while Vanessa watched television. "hey you're up early. How 'bout you and me get some breakfast?"

"alright. But I don't want to wake Tanu or the others."

"That's alright with me." we walked into the kitchen. "juice or milk?"

"Um juice." I sat and ate my waffles. I was unusually hungry and ate four. "you sure are hungry Kendra."

"Yeah but Seth eats like seven."

We both chuckle.

After breakfast and everyone was up we all (Except grandpa and grandma) had to recover the next artifact. It was in Fablehaven. We all brought equipment. Seth and his emergency kit, I had the invisibility glove, coulter had an ax, Tanu had potions while Warren had a mace, and Vanessa had her blowgun. Mendigo ran along Hugo and the cart. It was bumpy making me feel worse than being carsick.

We made our way to where the forgotten chapel once stood. I lead an army of fairies to defeat Buhamut and Muriel the year before.

As we went along the path, the chapel came into view. It was a patch of flowers now. We all stood and waited. A fairy with translucent wings and red clothes came in front of me. "Hello. What are you here for? There is nothing here for you. If you are looking for the artifact, it is somewhere else." she zipped away, like she was in a rush. "Hey guys, a fairy told me the artifact isn't here."

Coulter turned and looked confused. "What do you mean its not here? Like somewhere on the other preserves?"

"I don't know. She told me-" a load roar came from out of nowhere. "what was that?" I asked.

"Hugo! Take Kendra and Seth to my cabin! And hurry!" Hugo, our massive golem, lugged Seth and I in his arms and ran, ignoring paths he made his own. The roar was close, I looked behind us and a strange creature with blood-red eyes, black long curly horns, and skin so slimy and scaled it looked like a snake. It was about Warren's height, along with eight legs and four tails, claws , sharp teeth and a blood thirsty cry. The others were following us, along with the satyrs, centaurs, fairies and others creatures I have never seen before. Vanessa raised her blowgun and shot it hit the beast, slowed it down but was still in pursuit . It ran right up next to me. I stared into his blood thirsty eyes. He lunged at us and grabbed my arm. I screamed in agony. Hugo swung a huge arm toward the demon. It let go but brought me too. I hit the ground so hard I heard something crack. I clutched my arm and crying. The next thing I know I'm in Vanessa's arm. He words are blurry, I look over and see the demon lying motionless. I look over and see Seth. I can make out some of his words. "Hold On Kendra! You Can Do It! I……You….do.." then everything goes blurring from then on.

I watch her chest rise and fall. Rise and fall. Rise and fall. Heavy breathing. I was scared for her life.

We both were there for each other. When Fablehaven almost fell, when Gavin betrayed her, and broke her heart. I was there. To comfort her. She was their for me whenever I needed it. I never saw her like this. Never weakened or frail. She was strong. She defeated Buhamat, Muriel, Gavin, and the three headed Panther. I knew she had to pull through this. She had too. I heard her moan and open her eyes.

I woke up in Warren's cabin. I tried to sit up but Seth pushed me down. My arm was in tremendous pain. "Hey you shouldn't try to move yet. You broke your arm and suffered a serious poison. If Tanu hadn't used the healing potion, you probably wouldn't be here." I managed a smile and coughed. "Ca-can you he-help me up? I want to sit up." he nodded. He put his hand behind my head and slowly lifts me up. He props up a pillow behind my head. I look at my arm its covered in gauze and blood. "I'll be right be back. Don't try to stand up yet. You need to recover." I nodded

I left Kendra alone in the cabin. I went to Mendigo. 'Mendigo, watch Kendra. If she tries to get up, stop her."

He nodded. I ran to Hugo.

"Hugo take me to the house. I need to get Tanu and Vanessa to check on Kendra."

He picked me up. " Kendra….Okay?" his voice was clear than before but still sounded like boulders crunching together.

"I hope Hugo." Hugo started to run to the house. When we got there, Vanessa and Tanu were waiting. Vanessa guesses "I take it that Kendra is up?"

"Yeah. She's still drowsy. I left Mendigo with her." We left in the cart back to Kendra and Mendigo. I hope she would still be up when we got back.

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