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From Darkness Comes Light

By: Patattack

A Familiar Place Indeed

It was late in the evening in Jump City. A time when most people we're in their homes, or working night time jobs. The odd passer by stepped on the sidewalk, most trying to get to their destination without spending too much time outside. However, this evening in particular was destined to mark the beginning of a series of events that would cause unrest for some, anger for others and different other sorts of emotions. But however the people affected would react, the starting link was arriving, unaware of exactly what would happen, but not unknowing that something would.

Just on the edge of the town limits, a lone figure was walking by themselves. This person was what many people might consider as odd. Not only because of their apparel, which in the dimmed light, could only be identified as a dark cloak covering them entirely, hiding their face so as to only reveal a pair of glowing eyes. Strangely enough, these eyes were a golden color, not something that most people could boast of having. If one was close enough, they'd be able to see that this person's eyes showed tiredness. Whether from travelling, or simply from needing to sleep.

Though they we're feeling undoubtedly tired, they were alert to their surroundings. Spotting things that the average person would not, thanks to their sharp senses. Little else could be said of the appearance of this person who would cause the string of events, as the lack of light combined with their dark cloak covered them well.

They looked at the buildings outlining the great city with a sense of familiarity. Then they spared a glance for the 'T' shaped building on an island a short distance away from the mainland that they failed to recognize from any of their memories. But they set it aside as something that had simply happened during their absence from this place. The dark person looked at the city for a while, before letting out a small sigh. "Hello Jump City," they spoke softly to themselves. As if saying it louder would draw unwanted attention. "It certainly has been a while."

The dark person could now be seen on the sidewalks of the streets of Jump City. Walking at a moderate pace, keeping mostly in the shadows, but occasionally passing under a lamp's light, showing their cloak to be pitch black. They also wore a pair of used brown gloves and equally used grey sneakers. Their cloak flapped a little, revealing that they wore a simple long sleeved dark green shirt tucked into a pair of pants of the same color. Like the rest of their apparel, the shirt and pants were worn and used, even if still in a condition acceptable for them. They walked for a while, no destination in particular, except for a place where they could find sleep and perhaps food.

An opportunity to satisfy his second need presented itself first. In the form of a small convenience store, still open despite the late hour. As strong as their desire to avoid interacting with people was, the desire to eat something was more pressing. They made their way to this place and walked through the door. The only individual present, apart from themselves, was a young man sitting behind the counter that was positioned in the corner opposite the door. He wore a red t-shirt, had brown hair that fell to their shoulders, blue eyes and a bored look on his face. He looked up from reading a magazine upon hearing the sound of the dark person entering the store. His eyebrows frowned at seeing the way they were dressed. He eyed the person with a suspicious look as they made their way to the refrigerated section. "You better have money to pay for whatever you take," they warned them.

The cloaked person let out a sigh as they heard the employee speak. They proceeded to take out a sandwich and went to the counter to pay for it. They placed it in front of the young man and took a battered wallet out of their pocket. The store's employee's eyes widened momentarily as they saw the customer's golden eyes. They soon regained their previous guarded look. "Is this all?" he asked.

"Yes," was the reply that came back. If one was intelligent enough, they would be able to deduce through hearing this word that the voice that had pronounced it belonged to a boy. Although, short of possessing powers of some sort, anyone would be hard pressed to know more about this boy.

"It'll cost you 3.50$. Pay up," they said.

'Trust is in the air,' the boy thought sarcastically. 'But why am I not surprised? It's not like anyone will trust a person like me. Especially if they knew what I looked like, or what I can do.' Repressing another sigh, he opened up his wallet to pay for his meal. Almost grimacing at his nearly depleted finances, he took out a five dollar bill and placed in on the counter.

The man managing the store picked it up and looked at it with distrust, as if he suspected it of being fake. As he was examining it, the door burst open and two men came in. The dark boy spun in their direction in a flash, though still keeping himself covered. The newest people to arrive wore black clothes, black ski masks covering their faces and each held a pistol in their hands. "Don't move," the one on the left shouted to the man behind the counter.

"You there, get down and stay down," the other shouted to the cloaked boy. He didn't move an inch, choosing instead to stare at the robbers with a cold look in his eyes. "What the fuck!? I told you to get down boy! Do it now or we'll shoot." To emphasize his point, he pointed his gun straight at him and armed it. The other man followed his example.

Taking advantage of their distraction, the manager ducked out of sight underneath the counter. The robbers waited all of about two seconds, before realizing that the boy in front of them would not be cooperating. Wanting to waste as little time as possible, they both pulled on the triggers of their firearms. Yet, as this happened, a transparent barrier surrounded the boy faster than the blink of an eye. The bullets impacted the shield and dropped to the floor. The cloaked boy simply watched as the two men futilely emptied their guns at him, not moving in the slightest. When their weapons clicked to signify that they were out of ammunition, the robbers stared at the boy in shock. The barrier dissipated and he opened his mouth to say two words. "My turn."

To the cloaked boy, the fear in the two men's eyes was evident. They each took a step back and were about to bolt out the door, when the decision was made for them. A gust of wind kicked up and blew in the direction of the intruders. The door almost flew off its hinges from the strength it was hit with. The wind slammed into the masked men, sending them flying out the now wide open door and into the middle of the street. Never taking his eyes off of them during their flight, the boy walked out so that he stood on the edge of the sidewalk. The two men scrambled to get up and away from the one responsible for foiling their plan to rob the store. They managed to get to their feet and were about to run off, but suddenly they felt themselves unable to move anything more than their heads. "What are you?" one of them asked.

The boy simply ignored the question. Instead, he looked around to see if there would be anything he'd be able to use for tying up the criminals. He then noticed the canvas over the entrance of the store they'd attempted to rob. He concentrated the slightest bit and a smaller gust of wind then the previous one sliced across the canvas like a knife. The boy grabbed it in his hands as the two thieves were carried next to a lamp post by another gust of wind. He then proceeded to tie them to the lamp post just tightly enough so that they would be unable to get away until law enforcement arrived. When it was finished, the two men could feel the air around them loosen. The teenager heard the sound of an approaching vehicle in the distance. Decided to avoid further contact with anyone else, he turned around to pick up his sandwich and leave. The door had not yet closed from its impromptu opening. He quickly spotted the item he sought and not caring about getting his change as much as getting away, he raised an arm and caught the sandwich that flew to him on a small breeze. Then the boy half walked, half ran into an alleyway opposite the store, fading out of sight into the shadows.

Cyborg was in a good mood at the present moment. He was driving in the T-Car, coming back from a late night movie that he'd gone to see by himself, his friends having had different reasons for staying at the tower. The movie was about an alien invasion of earth, with the humans being beaten for a while, but predictably enough managing to end as the victors. Despite it being what Raven would refer to as 'stupid', 'pointless', or something else like that, Cyborg had still enjoyed it. Cruising along the road towards the tower, he was interrupted from his thoughts when a panel on the dashboard started to beep. He pressed a button and it showed him the location that a silent alarm had been activated. Noticing that he wasn't far from it, the robotic teen decided to head over himself and call his teammates if he needed to. The T-Car sped forward as he pressed on the gas pedal. Shortly after, he arrived on the street that the place was where the scanner had picked up the silent alarm. When he stopped in front of the convenience store and got out, Cyborg shifted his arm into his sonic cannon, expecting to see criminals in the process of robbing it.

What he hadn't counted on, was seeing two men in black, with ski masks on their heads, tied to a lamp post. "Ooookay. Guess somebody got to it before me," he said to himself. Shifting his arm back to normal, he entered the store, but not before taking the time to put the door back in its place. "Hello, anyone in here?" The young man behind the counter dared to peek over the edge and seeing the titan, decided that it was safe to stand up. "I just picked up on your silent alarm," he explained. "Mind telling me what happened here?"

"Umm, truth be known, I can't say all the details," he admitted. "Some person in a black cloak came in here a short while ago. He went to pay for a sandwich when two men came in here with guns. They told him to get down, but I ducked underneath the counter and pressed the alarm. I heard shooting, someone saying 'my turn' and then what sounded like something blowing through the place. That's all."

The teenage half machine thought about the situation, when he took notice of the security camera on the ceiling. "Mind if I check the camera's tape?" he asked.

"Sure, just let me get that for you." The employee went around the counter and showed Cyborg into a room with a television recording the store. He picked up the remote and rewound the security footage until it reached a spot a few minutes ago. Cyborg watched as it showed the black cloaked person entering the store. The first things that came to his mind, was that this person looked very much like Raven. As the tape continued, he saw them walk to the counter and spin around with what Cyborg would have to admit were sharp reflexes. He saw the two robbers point their guns at the cloaked figure and the barrier that shielded them from harm.

"Stop there," he said to them. They did as requested and then rewound the recording to the exact spot he'd pointed to. Cyborg's suspicions of this person being Raven were pushed aside upon seeing this particular scene. Having been around the young sorceress for as long as he had, it was easy for him to recognize that her powers were black instead of transparent. He signified for the tape to be continued. He was as intrigued by the blast of power that sent the two criminals flying out the store as he'd been by the shield the dark person had conjured. "I need to take this with me back to Titan's Tower to examine," Cyborg said as the last trace of the black cloaked person disappeared.

"Yes, yes, of course," they said as they took out the requested item and passed it to him.

"Right, you should call the cops to have em pick up the two guys tied to the lamp post outside." They simply nodded. "Bye then." Cyborg walked out to interrogate the two robbers. "What can you tell me about the person with the black cloak," he asked in a no-nonsense voice.

"We just got in and they made up some impenetrable shield, then blasted the both of us out of the place. We tried to get away, but we were couldn't move, then he tied us up here before he ran off into that alley," one of them explained franticly.

"Good of you to be this cooperative. Have a nice trip to jail," then he went back to the T-Car and continued on his way to Titan's Tower. As he drove, he picked up his communicator and called Robin.

The Boy Wonder answered almost instantly. "Hey Cyborg! What's going on?" He had a relieved expression on his face, as is he'd been looking for an excuse to get away from something.

"You sure look happy to see me," he commented.

"Yeah, about that, Starfire just made some sort of pie from Tamaran and regrettably I had to pick up my communicator when it rung." Cyborg nodded in agreement. He assumed that Robin's way of speaking would be because of the alien teen being nearby and his unwillingness to speak truthfully about what he thought of her cooking in her presence. "Anyway, what's with the call?"

"I picked up a silent alarm coming from a convenience store with the T-Car's scanner. Except when I got there, someone else had stopped the two guys robbing the place already. I asked the clerk behind the counter a couple questions and he showed me the security camera's recording. I'm on my way back and I think you'll all be interested to see it as well. Especially Raven."

"Greetings friend Cyborg!" Starfire's smiling face showed itself on the communicator's screen. "How was the mooovie? Did you have a pleasant end of the day by yourself?"

"Yeah I guess so. I'm just coming back now. Don't mean to be rube or anything, but can you put Robin back on? I mean give Robin his communicator back?" He hastily corrected himself before her misunderstandings could cause any harm to come to the team leader.

"Very well, I shall await your return with great impatience." Robin's face reappeared on the screen.

"I'll be back in a few minutes. Try to get everyone to come to the main room, if they aren't there already. You all need to see what I've got."

"Right then. Later Cyborg."

"Be there in a flash."

The cloaked boy had by now stopped in the midst of a darkened alleyway. Certain that no one would come and disturb him, but remaining alert in case someone did, he sat down to eat his meagre meal. He tore open the packaging and took a bite. "Ham and cheese," they said to themselves. "Better then what I've had in the last while." A couple of mouthfuls later, he heard the sounds of feet coming in his direction. Keeping his cloak wrapped around himself, he could barely be seen by anyone, unless they came too close. As it turned out, there was nothing for him to worry about, as the sounds he'd heard belonged to a young girl about ten years old he estimated. He watched in silence as she opened the lid of a trash can and riffled through, presumably for something to eat. Looking at his half eaten sandwich, then at the girl, he got up and walked next to her. "Hungry?" he asked her.

She let out a small 'eep', but did not run away from him. "Yeah," came her reply. "What's it to you?"

He passed her the remains of the food he'd bought. "Here, this might taste better then whatever you find in there," he indicated the trash can. She grabbed the offering and deciding to throw caution to the wind, swallowed the whole thing in a few bites.

"Thanks," she said as she finished eating.

"You're welcome." The girl then proceeded to wander off somewhere else, while the boy went his own way in an attempt to find someplace to sleep. He walked about for a minute, when he found an old beaten up mattress lying in front of a dumpster. Feeling no need to seek further comforts than such, he picked it up and dragged it into a secluded corner and then lied down on it, falling asleep soon after.

The six Titans, minus Cyborg, were all in the tower's main room, waiting for his return so they could see what he wanted to show them. Beast Boy and Robin were sitting on the couch, playing a racing video game. Though not quite the same level of competition as when the shape shifter played with the half machine, it was still quite heated. Raven was sitting by herself, reading one of the many books she owned and at the same time, generally paying no attention to anything else. Starfire was standing behind Robin, watching the two boys competing against each other. As for Terra, she was doing the same as Starfire, but while sitting on the couch beside Beast Boy. "You go Beasty Boo," she encouraged.

Noticing his distraction, Robin took advantage of it and sent his vehicle beside his friend's. Then he commanded it to slam into the side of Beast Boy's, sending it careening off track, allowing him to claim the victory. "Huh? Wha? How?" The green teen asked, stunned at his loss.

The Boy Wonder simply gave him a self assured smirk. "It's your own fault for not paying attention."

"No fair, I want a rematch," he replied.

As if fate itself had decided that Beast Boy had suffered enough of a defeat for the time being, Cyborg chose that moment to enter the main room. "Hi yall. How's it going?" he greeted them joyously.

"Hey Cyborg."

"Greetings friend."

"Hi Cyborg."

"Nice of you to drop by, I was just about to beat Robin this time."

Cyborg laughed at his friend's words. "Dude, you couldn't beat him if he was blindfolded, or me for that matter." The green changeling's jaw dropped at the insult. "But it'll have to wait. I've got the security tape from the convenience store. You all need to see this. Meaning you too, Raven." The sorceress closed the book she was reading, placed it on the counter and walked over to the rest of her team mates.

"This had better be important," she said in her usual monotonous voice. "I was reading a good book."

The Titans all gathered, he went to a console on the wall and inserted the tape into the appropriate slot. He then typed a few touches on the keyboard and the television screen came to life as it showed the recording from before Cyborg had arrived. They watched in silence, until he froze it at the moment the black cloaked person entered. Robin, Terra, Starfire and Beast Boy all turned their attention toward Raven. She failed to notice this as her attention was fixed on the image in front of her. "Is that...?" Beast Boy dared to ask.

"I've been in the tower the whole evening," Raven said flatly. "There are a lot of things I can do, but being in two places at once isn't one of them. Besides, in case you didn't notice, my cloak is blue. Theirs is black."

"Oh… right."

"Can you get a closer look at this person?" Robin asked.

"I can try, but with them covered like that, you won't be able to see much more than you can now."

"Just do what you can."

Cyborg then proceeded to further type at the keyboard, in an attempt to know more of this mysterious individual. The screen zoomed in to show the person's face, safe that it was hidden in their cloak's hood. One thing that they were able to see, was that their eyes were golden. "Whoa!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "That's not something you see every day."

"I'd say," Terra agreed.

"So would I," Starfire said.

"This is the best you can do?" Robin asked Cyborg.

"Fraid so. Doesn't get any better than that."

"Can you move it on?" The image returned to normal and the recording continued at Cyborg's command. They saw as the cloaked person walked around the store and to the counter. Robin looked with interest as he saw their reaction to the two robbers. Then came the instant where the bullets were stopped dead in their tracks, followed by them being blown out by a blast of power than clearly originated from the cloaked individual. By now, all of them, with the exception of Cyborg who had already seen it, were looking attentively at the television screen. The footage was cut when there remained nothing to be seen of the mysterious person.

The six titans sat in silence, contemplating what they'd seen. Then Robin deemed it appropriate to speak up. "Anything else you can tell us about this person Cyborg?"

"Sorry, but I only got there after they'd left. The guy behind the counter didn't see enough to help and the only thing the two crooks said the camera didn't show, was that he somehow froze them in place after blasting them outside."

"I see. Anyone have an opinion on the matter?" Robin asked in a serious tone.

"I don't know. This person, whoever they are, seems to be a good guy," Cyborg said.

"Although, they act pretty secretively and manage to keep everything of themselves covered except for their eyes," Raven stated.

"Which happen to be a color that not many people have," Terra added.

"Maybe they have some horrible deformation and don't want anyone to see it," Beast Boy suggested.

"Ooh, deformation. You sure expanded your vocabulary."

"Yeah, so, why is that surprising?" he replied to Raven's comment.

"Back to the subject please," Robin interceded. "Anyone have something else to say about it?"

"I believe that this individual may be one of good nature," Starfire said. "But as we know little of them now, perhaps it would be best to wait until we can better judge them."

"Fine," Robin replied. "We don't know yet if this person's good or bad, so we'll wait. Let's just keep an eye out for them in case we see them again. Ok?" No one disagreed with him. "Good, you can all go back to doing whatever you want. Beast Boy, I believe you said something about a rematch?"

"Oh yeah! "Oh yeah! Mind if I join in fellas? I wanna be part of the action when Beast Boy gets his butt kicked, again," Cyborg taunted.

"You just wait and see. I'll win for sure this time."

"Keep on dreaming," Robin said. The three boys started up the game station and were soon absorbed in the game. Starfire dragged Terra to her room, wishing to engage in the 'girl talk' with the geomancer.

Raven went back to her book in an attempt to continue reading, but the noise coming from the video game competitors kept breaking her concentration. Deciding that she needed time by herself, Raven closed her book and walked back to her own room. When she arrived, she sat down on her bed and tried reading more. Fate seemed to be opposed to the idea of the young teenager doing such a thing, as thoughts of the dark person from the security recording kept intruding in her mind. "Just who are you?" she asked herself.

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