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From Darkness Comes Light

By: Patattack

Gotham Awaits

"Cyborg, have you seen Gale?"

"He's doing intense combat training with Robin."

"Starfire, do you know where Gale is?"

"He is busy with the 'working out', I believe."

"Beast Boy, where's Gale?"

"I think he's with Cyborg, something about Robin's utility belt and those gadgets he uses."

"Robin, can you tell where to find Gale?"

"He's outside with Beast Boy, practicing flying maneuvers."


"He's in the evidence room with Robin, working on detective skills."


"On the roof, doing illusions."

"Beast Boy-"

"Last I checked he was doing some kind of powers training with Starfire."


"He is currently with friend Cyborg, who is teaching him the many entrances and exits of the T-Car. You were inquiring as to friend Gale's whereabouts, yes?"

Raven sighed to herself as she walked into the common room, sitting down on the couch and opening one of her books. Though not one to normally seek social interaction with great effort, she was feeling somewhat annoyed by how little time she got to spend with Gale recently.

The reason for Gale's lack of attention was that, as a result of his fight with Striker, then against his old friend Seth, he had come to a few realizations. Chief among those were that his powers alone would not always be enough and the toll that using them to great extents took on his body. Upon returning to Titans' Tower weeks ago, the winged boy had dived head first into training of all sorts. The Boy Wonder drilled him harder in various forms of martial arts, as well as acrobatics and similar exercises, began training him in how to use a variety of gadgets he himself used in combat and assigned him a workout regimen to improve his physical fitness, which would allow his body to better tolerate the drain of using his powers. And seeing his teammate's open mindedness to expanding his field of knowledge, Robin decided to educate him in other aspects of crime fighting, like forensic investigation, observation, deductive reasoning, and so on and so forth.

However, Gale did not limit himself to learning from Robin exclusively, for he also spent time flying with Beast Boy, since he was the only other one who flew with wings. As for Cyborg, the half metal teen was all too happy to have a dedicated pupil, whom he taught about the technological side of things, including the ins and outs of the T-Car, even going so far as to let him drive his 'baby'. Of course, Gale still trained with his powers, pushing them to their limits by fending off attacks from Starfire, whose incredible strength and energy blasts challenged him greatly, but he also refined his ability to make illusions, constructs and in general, use his powers creatively.

"Hey Raven," the Titans' leader greeted her as he walked into the common room, grabbing an apple from the kitchen.

"Hey," she replied, not turning away from her reading.

"How're you doing?" Raven's answer consisted of a very blunt 'fine', while keeping her nose in her book. "It's a really nice day outside," he commented in an idle manner, observing his teammate with a keen eye.

"Whatever," she said with an annoyed tone.

"Are you sure you're alright, Raven? You look like you're in a sour mood. Is there anything you'd like to talk about?"


The door to the common room slid open at that moment to admit Starfire. "Hello boyfriend Robin! A most glorious day, is it not?" she asked, floating over to him and planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Oh, I can't complain," the Boy Wonder replied, smiling at the alien princess as he slid an arm around her waist and held her close.

"Hello friend Raven! How are you doing today?"

"I'm fine."

Starfire tilted her head a little at this, a confused expression on her face. "But you seem to be rather… unhappy today."

"So I've heard."

"Please, tell us, is something the matter?"

Raven sighed as she closed the book she was reading and turned around to face her friends. "Alright… It's Gale. He's just been so absorbed in all the training he took on since we got back, it feels like he's hardly been paying attention to me. And, well, I was kind of expecting more from him, especially since we… confessed our feelings for each other."

"True, Gale hasn't set aside much time for anything other than training," Robin agreed, nodding slowly. "Have you talked to him about it?"

"No, he's pretty much been too busy, too tired, or too… whatever," Raven said, exasperated.

"It is most saddening to hear. What can we do to help?" Starfire asked.

"I have an idea," Robin declared. "Gale and I were going to spar in about ten minutes, but why don't you go instead? If he makes a fuss, you can say I want him to get experience against different people and styles. Or tell him I said to just go along with it." The young sorceress raised a questioning eyebrow at this. "Hey, what's the point of being leader if I don't get to throw my weight around once in a while?"

Raven had a pensive expression on her face while thinking about it, before she nodded. "Okay." She then stood up and started making her way out, but stopped at the doors and turned around. "Robin… thanks."

"No problem."

Gale was walking through the halls of Titans Tower, heading towards the training room for his scheduled sparring session with Robin, when he came across Beast Boy. What caught his attention was that his fellow Titan was sporting a slight grin. "What're you up to?" he inquired cautiously.

"Nothing…" he replied, drawing out the word. "What about you? Another round of getting your butt handed to you by Robin?"

"It's not like you'd be able to beat him without using YOUR powers," Gale shot back defensively. "Besides, Robin's been a hero for years without the benefit of super-powers, under the tutelage of Batman, plus he trained with the True Master. So obviously he's way better at martial arts than either of us."

"Yeah, I guess you're right about that. Have fun sparring," Beast Boy said, still grinning.

"Why are you smiling like that anyway?" the winged Titan asked, eyes narrowing in suspicion at his friend.

"Well… let's just say I overheard something, and I think you're gonna be in for a bit of a surprise. So long, dude!" Beast Boy then ran off, laughing to himself.

Gale, though still suspicious of his teammate's behavior, shrugged it off and continued on to the training room, where he found a certain violet haired sorceress. "Raven? What're you doing here?" he asked, confused by her presence. The teenage girl in question was standing in the middle of the room with her arms crossed, cloak tossed aside, a frown on her face and tapping her foot impatiently.

"Waiting for you to get here," she answered, annoyance seeping through her voice.

"Okay…" Gale said cautiously. "But Robin and I were going to spar, and-"

"Change of plans," Raven interrupted her friend. "You're going against me instead." The winged boy raised an eyebrow in question at this. "If you have a problem with this, keep in mind that Robin said you had to go along with it."

"Alright, but are you sure want to-" Gale was again cut off mid-speech, this time by Raven leaping forward and aiming a kick at his head. Reflexes shocked him into action, prompting him to block it with his forearm, after which he leaned back as if doing limbo when her other foot lashed out at his face, missing by a narrow margin. Gale then used his own momentum to execute a back handspring to put some distance between himself and Raven. "I'll take that as a yes."

The two of them traded punches, kicks and performed all manner of moves, locked in their dance. For his part, Gale had an advantage in that he was physically stronger and had done more intense training with Robin. On the other hand, while he'd proven skilled enough to take on a few thugs at once, Raven's physique allowed for greater flexibility, she had been with the Titans longer than him, and as such, had received more training, period. However, what tilted the scales even more was that, given how close they were, Gale couldn't help but be distracted by his rather attractive friend, especially her long, barren legs. This ended up costing him when Raven managed to land a palm strike to his chest and sweep his legs out from underneath him. She then jumped onto his stomach, with her knees on either side, and pinned his wrists above his head. "So, was spending a little time with me really that bad?" Raven asked in a dry, sarcastic voice.

Gale groaned a as the reason for Raven's displeasure finally dawned on him. "Raven… I'm sorry I haven't been paying enough attention to you. I shouldn't have been so totally absorbed in training that I'd be inconsiderate like that."

"You're right. But, I can understand why you did it. And seeing how you apologized right now, I'll forgive you."

"Thanks Rae." Gale then took into account the position they were in, causing him to blush. "So… any chance you're going to let me go now?"

"Maybe," she said slowly, her own cheeks reddening as a barely perceptible smirk appeared on her face. "Although I must ask, what're you willing to do for me?"

Gale blushed further at his train of thought, but decided to act on it all the same. "Well… how about this?" He then pulled his head up and caught Raven's lips with his own. Taken by surprise, the young sorceress' powers blew up a dummy that had the misfortune of being in the same room. "I guess it was satisfactory?" Gale asked, still blushing as she got off, allowing him to sit upright.

"Don't tell me you're gonna let it end with a measly kiss like that!" Love exclaimed within her mind.

"She does have a point," Wisdom agreed. "Given how you clearly enjoyed the kiss, and desire more, it would be illogical to pass up such an opportunity."

"Yeah, Rae Rae," Happy said. "He's giving it to you on a silver platter."

"Come on, girl," Brave spoke up. "You gotta seize the moment, get at him, jump his bones, whatever! Just do it!"

"Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!" her various colored emotions cheered collectively.

"No… it's going to take more than just that," Raven said, looking at her love interest straight in the eye before she lunged at him.

In the hallway just outside, Cyborg was walking along by himself when he heard a strong wind blowing, followed by something slamming into the wall. Upon going around a corner, he caught sight of Beast Boy sliding to the floor. "Dude, that was not fun," the green Titan complained.

"What's the matter with you?" Cyborg asked as he extended a hand to help his friend stand up. "And what just happened anyway?"

"Well, the thing about that is… I may have overheard that Raven was going to spar with Gale, and I may have tried to spy on them a little. Then I was kind of hoping to catch them in the middle of… 'sparring', with a camera." Beast Boy used air quotes at the word 'sparring'. "But when I opened the door a crack to look in on them, Gale's powers were going all crazy, whacked me into the wall and broke my camera." The green teenager pointed to his video camera, which lay in pieces on the floor.

"That's funny, I thought that Gale's powers worked like Raven's, and only went out of control when he… wait a second, you said 'sparring', right?" Cyborg asked, using air quotes. Beast Boy nodded at this, causing his friend to grin mischievously. "Well, this sounds like a fun idea."

"Yeah dude, but how're we going to spy on them if their powers are going nuts in there?"

"Hey, you're talking to a walking computer," he pointed out, pushing a couple buttons on his arm, bringing up a holographic image of the security footage inside the training room.

One possible way to describe them would be a comparison to hungry animals attempting to devour one another. She currently had her back up against the wall, while he was pressed against her, both caught in the throes of passion as they groped and kissed each other. Now, one could argue that, given their normally withdrawn personalities, animalistic behavior of the sort would be rather unlikely. But, on the other hand, they had the same issues, however repressed, with hormones and desire as any other teenager their age. Also, beyond the moments in Karakura Town before and after Seth's appearance, neither had had previous exposure to such stimuli, which prompted their bodies to demand more. "Ohhhh, that's gooooood," Raven moaned as Gale applied tender kisses to her neck.

"You're… pretty good… yourself," he spoke up, shivering with pleasure as she stroked his wings.

"I can hardly believe it took us so long to get together. If only I'd known what I was missing."

"Blame me for being thick headed," Gale replied.

"Blame me for being blind," Raven shot back.

"I was too embarrassed by everyone's teasing."

"I was too scared of being vulnerable."

"I was shy."

"So was I."

The two of them chuckled playfully at this, until they happened to take into account the state of their surroundings. "Whoa! What're we going to tell the others when they see all this?" Gale wondered.

"I don't know, but I've got a better question right now…" Her mischievous, seductive tone prompted Gale's ears to twitch, an instant prior to being tripped up and landing on his back with Raven lying on top of him. "Why are we wasting so much time talking anyway?"

"You're right," Gale agreed, a small grin on his face. "We'd better remedy that right now." He followed up by snaking his hands behind her head and neck, and pulling her towards him, until he was kissing her passionately. Raven responded with equal eagerness, though the surprise and rush she got when his tongue inadvertently slipped into her mouth caused her powers to go off with an even louder bang than before.

"… Oops," she muttered.

"I'm sorry, Rae. Was-?" Raven interrupted Gale by grabbing his collar and kissing him hard, her tongue battling for dominance with his own. "Uh… never-mind."

"Aww man! What're we going to do now?" Beast Boy whined at the loss of the security camera.

"Don't worry, Grass Stain, we're not finished yet," Cyborg reassured him, looking at the vent above their heads.

Sometime later that week, the Titans were all out on patrol in teams of two, those being Cyborg and Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy, and Robin and Gale. The latter were patrolling on foot, Robin using the opportunity to evaluate and help improve his teammate's form. This involved improvising how to climb up onto rooftops, jumping across from one to the other once up there, and also finding ways to get back down to street level, all without using his powers. "Not bad," Robin commented as they stood on the roof of an apartment building, resting for a short moment while keeping their eyes and ears open for any situation that would require their attention. "That last jump was the hardest yet, but you pulled it off nicely."

"Thanks," Gale replied. "I have a pretty good teacher."

"No doubt about that," Robin shot back with a bit of a smirk. "So… I guess it must have been a pretty eventful spar against Raven the other day, eh?"

"I suppose you could say so," Gale said cautiously.

"I'm also guessing that something very particular happened while you two were going at it, considering how the training room looked like a bomb had been set off, not to mention that I could swear the tower was shaking a little at one point."

"… Yeah."

"And judging from Cyborg and Beast Boy's behavior, and the way you and Raven were just a little disheveled afterwards, I can only assume that that something would most likely be embarrassing to have others know about, possibly even worthy of being blackmail material."

"Well, master detective, looks like you have everything figured out, don't you?"

"I don't know the exact details of what happened, nor do I need or want to know, thank you very much."

"Wait a second… Cyborg and Beast Boy, you said?"

"Yeah, it seemed pretty obvious they were onto something. Not sure how, but it wouldn't surprise me if they'd been spying on you guys."

"Putain de merde de sacrament de tabernacle," Gale swore under his breath. "I think I'm going to have a word with those two when we get back. Mostly Cyborg, since he's the more tech-savvy of the two and probably used that to spy on us, although Beast Boy undoubtedly came up with the idea in the first place."

Robin chuckled a little, clapping his friend on the shoulder. "Come on, we're not finished our patrol, so let's keep moving, alright?"

"Okay, fine," the green skinned teenager muttered, before they took off again. "By the way, I've been thinking-" An alert from their communicators interrupted whatever he'd been about to say.

"What's happening, Rob?" Cyborg called in.

"Jewelry store robbery," he answered. "Gale and I are close by, we'll take care of it."

"Call if you need help."

"Will do. Robin out." The Titans' leader clicked off his communicator as he and Gale started running across the rooftops. "So, what were you going to say a moment ago?"

"Just that I was thinking about changing my uniform to go along with everything else I've been doing."

"Not a bad idea. I could help you with that if you'd like."

"Sure, thanks." Both made good time and soon arrived at the site of the robbery, where Mammoth was walking out of a jewelry store with the cash register under one arm, and various necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry on his person.

"Come on, let's get him."

Following their patrol, they'd all gathered up in the common room of Titans' Tower, simply relaxing and telling each other what had happened on their respective ends. "So, how'd you guys handle that robbery?" Cyborg inquired after Beast Boy finished explaining about Raven having gotten annoyed to the point of dumping him into the water.

"Mammoth was involved, but he was all alone, so it didn't turn out too bad. Actually, Gale managed to take him down without even having to use his powers," Robin spoke with a certain measure of pride, akin to that of a teacher for his student.

"Really? Dude, how'd you pull that off?" Beast Boy demanded.

"Please, do tell," Starfire spoke up. "I am anxious to know how this happened."

"To be perfectly honest, Robin did the most of the work, I just happened to get lucky." The others stared at him, silently asking to know more. "Let's just say that he ticked me off a little, so when Robin gave me an opportunity, I took advantage of it and hit him hard."

"I still don't get how you could've taken him down without your powers," Beast Boy said, confused.

"You kicked him in the crotch, didn't you?" Raven butt in.

"Repeatedly, and as hard as I could." Cyborg and Beast Boy cringed at this, leaning away from their teammate, smiling nervously due to the look he was giving them. "That reminds me, you guys wouldn't happen to-"

"Hey, look at the time! Placestobethingstodogoodbyenow!" Cyborg blurted out, disappearing from the common room in a flash, Beast Boy hot on his heels.

Raven turned her attention towards her winged teammate, a questioning look at her face. "What did they do this time?"

Gale looked at Robin, who quickly caught on to his friend's silent message. "Come on, Star, why don't we go outside on the roof?" he suggested, leading the alien redhead away.

Gale waited until they were gone before speaking up. "You remember our last… sparring session, right?" Raven nodded, though not without blushing a little. "Well, from what Robin told me, Cyborg and Beast Boy were spying on us at that time, probably through the security camera."

"What!?" Four overhead lights were encased in black energy and shattered. "You mean, they… us…"


Raven stood without moving or making a sound for a few moments. "I suppose we'll just have to be a little more careful and discreet next time."

"I suppose we will."

"You know… when we got back from patrol, Robin told me you were thinking of changing your uniform."

"Yeah, I've been re-imagining myself lately, and I figured a new outfit wouldn't be amiss."

"Are you going to change your name too?"

"It did cross my mind, but I haven't given the matter any serious thought yet. Plus, I can't think of anything that works."

"Well, why don't we sit down together some time and try to come up with a good one? I'm sure I'll be able to help you find something appropriate."

"Thanks, Rachel."

Raven gave him a small smile in response, which he returned, another quiet moment passing by before she spoke up again. "Amicus… do you suppose we've given them enough of a head start?"

"Of course. Besides, we don't really want to let them get away, do we?"

"No, we do not."

Over in Gotham City, a few days after Gale and Robin had foiled Mammoth's attempted robbery, Bruce Wayne was in his 'basement', eyes fixed on the screen before him, which showed a recording of thugs getting soundly trounced in what seemed like a fairly well to do club, damage notwithstanding. The one responsible for beating up said thugs was a rather well endowed girl in her late teens with short blond hair, eyes hidden behind a domino mask, and beyond that, wearing nothing but a red bra and panties.

"I know that how I'm dressed can make a guy think a certain way, but this wasn't my idea," she said, knocking down one thug with a roundhouse kick to the head, then grabbing an incoming fist and throwing the body attached into another. The rather one sided fight continued on like this until she jumped at one of the stripper poles, grabbed it, spun around and slammed her feet into the last mobster, who crashed into the wall.

"I see you're busy observing Catwoman's new protégé," the wizened old butler known as Alfred commented as he walked up to his employer. "And here I thought that Ms. Kyle had, *ahem*, persuaded you to allow her to operate in Gotham."

"That may be so, but there's still more to learn about her," he replied, keeping his attention on the screen as a still conscious mobster lying on the floor behind the young woman managed to get up on one knee and grab a gun from inside his jacket, only to have her spin around and rip it out of his hands with a line of webbing, followed by a second which took part in introducing his face to her elbow.

"Indeed there is. Although I would think it wise to keep Ms Kyle in the dark about just how much attention you've been paying to her protégé, especially in this particular state of dress."

Bruce turned around to shoot a dark look at his butler, who seemed ever so slightly amused at his reaction. "Was there anything else, Alfred?"

"I merely wished to inform you that the Teen Titans are set to give a press conference in a moment." The aged butler stood still as his employer turned his attention away from him and added 'possible precognition', to the list of powers and abilities on the Jade Spider's profile that he'd assembled. "I also thought that you might be interested in watching it, if for no other reason than to get a glimpse of how Master Dick is doing these days."

"Fine," Bruce replied, typing in a few commands, before bringing up a new window that showed the Titans gathered on a podium outside, with media and other spectators waiting.

"Good day, everyone," Robin spoke into the microphone while his friends stood back. "Now, I'd like to say that there's going to be a small change in the lineup of our team. First, as of today, Gale will no longer be a member of the Teen Titans." A surprised and intrigued buzz arose from the crowd as they all started talking/whispering loudly. Raising his hands to ask for silence, he then motioned for his winged friend to step forward and stand next to him. "Second, I'm happy to present our newest addition to the team." A feeling of confusion passed over most of the people at this statement.

Gale turned his head towards the Boy Wonder, who gave him a brief nod. He then willed the illusion he'd put up around himself to dissipate, like a set of invisible curtains being pulled up. Everyone could now see that his uniform consisted of a black shirt with red sleeves, a white crest with a black 'A' centered on his chest, red pants, black gloves, black combat boots, and a utility belt around his waist that was almost identical to Robin's, except for being silver gray instead of yellow. "Please welcome… Aeolus."

Following a session of questioning from members of the press, the Titans had finally gotten back to their home. At the moment, Aeolus and Raven were meditating on the roof, Cyborg and Beast Boy were stalking each other through the halls of Titans Tower in a game of stankball, and Robin and Starfire were on their own in the common room. Both halves of the human/tamaranean couple were sitting on the couch, Starfire with her back to Robin, who was brushing her extensive mane of hair.

"This is a… pleasant activity," Starfire commented. "Would you not agree, Robin?"

"It certainly is," he said with a smile. "And it's nice that we've been able to…"

"Robin?" Starfire said, confused that he'd trailed off and stopped brushing her hair. Turning around, she saw Batman's face on the screen.

"What do you want?" Robin asked curtly, a frown on his face at the sight of his old mentor.

"We need to talk."

Over on their end, Raven and Aeolus were calmly engaged in their meditation, eyes closed, relaxed, and chanting their respective mantras. For her part, the young sorceress was hovering with her legs crossed, while her companion was in the same position, albeit sitting on a disk of air. They remained like this, in almost complete silence all along, until the point where, without a word, they mutually decided that they'd had enough and ceased their meditation. "Just curious…" Raven spoke up. "but why did you put up that little show back at the conference?"

"It was actually Beast Boy's idea," came the reply. "He said it'd be good showmanship and making use of special effects, or something like that. Plus, it sounded kind of cool."

"It was well done, and certainly did catch the audience's attention. Still, I didn't expect the damn questions to take so much time. You'd think that after being a Titan for this long, I would've gotten used to it."

Aeolus shrugged his shoulders at this. "I guess it just goes with the job. At least it wasn't the worst thing that's ever happened."

"True enough. So, did Robin have a hand in choosing the design for your new uniform?"

"Yeah, he came up with some pretty good ideas. And what do you think about it?"

"It looks good on you," Raven said with a small smile.

"Thanks, Rae." Both of their communicators went off at that moment, taking their attention away from each other.

"Guys," Robin spoke up, a serious look on his face to match the tone of his voice. "I need you all to gather in the common room as soon as possible."

"Is there something wrong?" Cyborg inquired.

"It's not an emergency, but just come here right away, please."

A brief moment later, Raven, Aeolus, Cyborg and Beast Boy had arrived in the main room. Robin looked at all his friends for a couple seconds, before he let out a sigh and began talking. "A few minutes ago, a call came in from Batman about a potential new recruit for the team." The Boy Wonder held up a hand to forestall Beast Boy and Cyborg's questions, then turned around to type at a keyboard, bringing a close-up image on screen of the blonde heroine with spider powers in full costume, swinging from one of her webs. "Her name's the Jade Spider. She's relatively new to being a super-hero, started operating out of Gotham while we were still away in Japan, and her mentor is Catwoman."

"Uh, Rob?" Beast Boy spoke up. "Since when is Catwoman into mentoring superheroes?"

"She's mostly been on the brighter side since before Jade Spider showed up. Anyway, Batman said Jade Spider's expressed her interest in joining the Titans, and he has recommended her. So, once she's here, we'll have her on trial basis for a while, then decide whether or not to make her a full member of the team. Are there any objections?" Raven and Aeolus shook their heads at this, while the others voiced their approval of the idea.

"Alright, when's she coming over here?" Cyborg inquired.

"She's not. Batman asked that one of us come to Gotham to pick her up. Of course, by 'one of us', I mean me specifically, and by 'asked', I mean he pretty much demanded." Robin frowned unhappily as he added the last part. "And honestly, I was hoping you wouldn't mind going instead," he directed toward Aeolus.

"Why me?" the winged boy asked, slightly confused.

"You've been in Gotham before, and I'm confident you'd be fine on your own. Plus, I'm tired of Batman's controlling ways, I want to mess with him and his 'No meta-humans in my city unless I say so' rule, and I want to remind him I'm not going to jump every damn time he tells me to jump!"

The Titans remained respectfully silent as they mulled over their leader's words. Aeolus looked next to him at Raven, neither saying a thing as they stared at each other, before an agreement was apparently reached and he turned to face Robin again. "Okay, I'll do it if Cyborg lets me take the T-Car." At the half metal teen's surprised expression, he merely raised an eyebrow and said "What? Not like I'm going to carry her all the way back. Besides, it'll go a lot faster than flying."

Cyborg relented a few seconds later under Robin's insistent gaze. "Alright, alright, keep your tights on, I'll let him take the car. But first, we're gonna set some ground rules," he spoke directly to Aeolus. "Number one: Take good care of my baby. Number two: Take extra good care of her. And number three: Make sure you bring her back in one piece. Also, we should get you a license. Even though you're not really old enough to have a full license, considering I've trained you with the T-Car, and that you'll be on Titans' business, we can get you a special permit."

Having completed the business of going into the city proper to procure a license, along with packing a single piece of luggage, Aeolus was standing next to the T-Car, ready to leave. "Here's the key, and a little remote control I put together, just in case," Cyborg said as he handed his friend the key, and a small black remote. "Now, when you step out, close all the windows, lock all the doors, check the security system, and remember-"

"Take extra good care of her, right?"

Cyborg let out a hearty laugh as he clapped his friend on the back. "You got it."

Beast Boy then jumped forward, saying "If you happen to meet Superman, Wonder Woman or any other Justice Leaguers on your way there or back, be sure to get their autograph, or a picture."

"Okay, I'll try."

Immediately after this, he was set upon by Starfire, who engulfed him in an overbearing hug. "I hope you have a most pleasant time, friend who I will be missing soon."

"Star… too tight," Aeolus piped up, prompting her to let go and apologize.

"Thanks again for doing this," Robin said as he shook his hand.

"Hey, what're friends for?"

"By the way, in case you come across any of Gotham's rogues while you're there, which I bet my utility belt WILL happen, I've downloaded a few files onto your communicator, and I'd recommend going over them when you have the time."


Raven walked up to him once Robin was out of the way, then took his hand and gave him a genuine smile, which he returned. "Come back soon."

"I will. Just try not to kill Beast Boy when I'm gone."

"Hey, I've managed to put up with the idiot all this time, a little longer won't make a big difference."

"Good point. Well, best be off," Aeolus said as he got in the car and started it up. "I'll be back as soon as possible, with our new recruit." And with one final wave goodbye, he drove away from Titans' Tower.

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So, there will be at least two chapters compromising Aeolus' adventure away from the Titans (one for when he's in Gotham, and another for the journey back, if not more). I already have an idea of the general plot of what happens while Aeolus is in Gotham, which involves a certain god-complex villain as the main antagonist (can anyone guess who that might be?). But if anyone has any ideas/suggestions for what else he might run into, then fell free to tell me.

For example, I have this idea unrelated to the main plot where Clayface would put Aeolus through the window of one of Wayne Enterprise's laboratories, he'd see a tank/canister of liquid nitrogen, then use his powers to throw it into Clayface's body and blow it up, thus freezing him solid.