Chapter 1:

One Down Two To go

Right-how could I start this-I know, it was a horrible night all was horrible and creepy.......NO NO that's not right, ow yeah that's it, it was a sunny day not a cloud in the sky.....Nope but I think I'm nearly there. Ow yeah I know everyone is happy and everyone is having a nice day.

Except the house you see it's not your everyday house you find in the street nope, this house it's a creepy, nasty and pretty much abandoned. Everyone who goes there to stay or lived in the house not come back out if they go inside. So everyone who lives in the town calls the house the murder house.

There's this woman, you know your ordinary everyday boring woman who works as a sales person her name is Silvia.

One day when Silvia went to work, her boss said that he would fire her unless she could sell the house number 123 Birkenhead Road. But unfortually enough for Silvia this was yep u guessed it the murder house. Well Silvia didn't know this as she had just moved into the town. Silvia waited and waited until a lovely couple with a little girl came up to her and asked if she had any houses available and of course she said yes. So Silvia showed the lovely young couple and their little girl around the house. They really liked the house so

they decided to buy it, she gave them the keys and they gave her the money for the house.

So that's Silvia for know. Right anyway let's get back to the story.

The family that moved into the murder house was called the Johnson's or was it the May's no, no it was defiantly the Johnson's. T mum was called Jane Johnson, the dad was called Thomas Johnson and their little girl who always carries a doll is called Poppy, Poppy Johnson. The doll that Poppy carried around with her was called Alice. Alice was a china doll she had a petit face, small red lips, very big aqua eyes and a white frilly dress. So that's the family who lived in the murder house.

Poppy went out for a look around town because she was bored with unloading everything into the new house. Poppy left her doll Alice on in her bedroom. So that left her mum and dad alone to unpack the things and clean the house. Jane was inside dusting because the house was terribly dusty. She had just finished her room. So she went to Poppy's room to dust it. Alice Poppy's doll sat on her bed, it looked as if Alice's eyes had gone red and they were following Jane around the room. Suddenly whilst Jane had her back towards the doll a sudden dagger hit Jane in the back. Then that was it she landed on the floor with a thud. Alice started to pick up Jane's dead body and carry it to the window, then pushed the dead body out the window. Alice did this to make it look like swuerside. Jane's body landed on the floor outside. This was where her husband Thomas was doing

Some gardening. Thomas looked up to see were the thud came from then he noticed Jane's limp and lifeless body on the floor.....