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She came. She saw. She took revenge upon her foe.

But her revenge would be in vain.

The fiery-haired huntress had been searching for her prey for many months now. And all of her patience had finally paid off. The moment she stood in front of me was the turning point of my suffering. Heaven would be close. I'd be able to end all of the suffering my heart had endured for months on end.

The huntress circled me, cooing menacing words that sounded very childish. Of course, her voice didn't help the situation. As she circled me, I remembered the first time that my eyes fell upon the red set of hair and pasty white skin. It was as if my fate had already been sealed when our eyes first met. Both of us knew what would come of today. She had seen it. I had seen it. And it was official the day her mate died vigorously. There would be no way of stopping what was to come.

She stopped in front of me, her eyes blazing with fury and, most of all, revenge. She had many tactics planned. And killing me would be slow and deadly. In that moment, all I saw was red.

This was death. But death wasn't peaceful or easy. It was painful and a difficult process.

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