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Chapter 7


Bella's Point of View

It has been a very nice couple of days. The Cullens had welcomed me warmly with open arms and let me stay in their household. I was staying in Edward's room for now. It wasn't hard to get comfortable but it was still slightly hard to trust me after everything that happened. But he followed my pace. Edward knew that it was harder on me to accept them all so quickly, considering what had happened, but he was willing to help in any way possible.

The Cullens had begun preparing a room especially for me in case I ever wanted to move out of Edward's room. But it would also be a guest room for the moment. Apparently, Alice had seen my decision the moment Edward had stopped the electric shocks and proclaimed his love once again to me. And so, when that decision to stay had been seen, Esme had begun working on my room. Of course, Alice had organized my wardrobe—no shock there—and both women had begun working day in and day out. I tried asking them if they needed help but of course, they had turned me down. Jasper and Edward had taken me hunting the day I arrived and, to be honest, I was a little hungry. The burning in my throat hadn't gone down but, every day, Jasper would take me hunting to try and quench the burning. Plus, he wanted to make sure I didn't hurt anyone. Truthfully, the hunting did help a little. Not a lot, but a little.

But there was one thing that troubled me since I arrived in the Cullen household.


She hadn't spoken to me since the incident in the forest. And so, Emmett had been by her side constantly. I barely got to see or talk to him but he had good intentions, I suppose. She was his wife after all. But it did aggravate me a little. What was her reason behind ignoring me? Did she still hate me? I would have figured that all the months away from me would have made her a little more likeable. Guess not… For days, I had tried and look at her but it seemed as though she was flat out ignoring me. What had I done that was so horrible to her? It was high time that we confronted one another about this subject…

One day, Rosalie was sitting alone on the couch, simply flipping through a magazine. Edward and I were sitting at the kitchen counter. Edward, on the other hand, seemed oblivious of my plan to confront Rosalie. He sat against the counter, me on his lap and held me in his arms. Frankly, I had missed that. So many months without him around me… It was horrible, apparently for the both of us. When Edward placed his chin upon my shoulder and laid his cheek softly against mine, my eyes diverted to Rosalie.

She still sat there, just looking at the pictures in the magazine. It was the perfect time to talk to her now that Emmett wasn't around. Looking at Edward, he smiled and asked: "What is it love?" He had gone back to using my old nickname. It had taken him many a days to be able to finally call me that—considering everything that he did to me before leaving—but now, it felt somewhat right to be called that, although the lingering thought of him leaving or hurting me stayed in my mind for quite a long time. The thought is still there now…

"I just need to talk to someone. I'll be right back," I said while getting off his lap and walking slowly towards the couch. Suddenly, he caught my hand and made me stop. Looking back at my hand in his then at his face, his eyes seemed to say 'Don't'. "What are you doing?"

"Don't do it Bella." I knew it. "I know you want some answers but don't do it," Edward warned, looking in my light orange eyes. "Please."

"Edward, I want to know why she hates me so much and now is the perfect time." She must have finally noticed my intentions because Rosalie shut her magazine closed, got up off the couch and began walking towards the front door. "Oh no you don't!" I warned and began stalking off towards her, wrenching my hand free from Edward's hold. When finally catching up to her, I grabbed Rosalie's hand and turned her swiftly around to face me. "Rosalie, I don't know what I did to you or what made you hate me so much but I'm sorry alright? I'm sorry! I'm sorry for everything I did to make you hate me the way you do. I have no clue what set you off but I'm sorry and I want to know what I did to make you hate me so much!"

She didn't say anything for a while but when she finally spoke, her voice seemed strained and unfamiliar. "I don't hate you."

"Then why? Why is it that you won't even look me in the eye or acknowledge my presence? Ever since that day in the forest, you've been ignoring me like I'm the plague and I want to know why!"

Rosalie's features seemed to have changed when mentioning the event in the forest when I had practically asked her to kill me there and then. She seemed to be remembering what happened and frowned ever so slightly. But the change was noticeable. Edward stood a few feet away from us but still giving us a little bit of privacy. Good man not wanting to get involved in this.

Finally, Rosalie spoke. "Bella, I don't hate you. I never hated you. Sure, I didn't particularly like you but I never hated you. In fact, I envied you. You had everything I wanted as a human and it made me angry that you wanted to give it all up to become what we are. It still kind of angers me to think about it. And when Edward broke up with you, I won't deny that I was a little happier. I could be away from your constant need to give up a chance to have children and to grow old with your husband. All those months, I had tried to get that thought out of my head but I couldn't. And then, when I heard that Victoria was coming after you, it kind of woke me up.

"Of course, Edward dragged everyone back to Forks to save you, as usual." Here comes the hate fest… I knew that once she mentioned that they ran here to save me from Victoria's clutches, she would say how much she wanted to kill me. "So we went back and found you and Edward unconscious. I'd suggested that we bring Edward back alone," Edward growled deeply from behind us, making me turn abruptly for a moment to meet his eyes before looking back at Rosalie, "but Esme wouldn't allow it.

"I'd gotten into an argument with Carlisle. He didn't like my attitude at that moment, especially towards you. That, of course, lasted about an hour. You and Edward were out for nearly a day so you didn't hear our argument. In the end, he had told me that he was quite disappointed in my behaviour and now, he' barely spoken to me since. He's hoping that my attitude towards you changes. After our little fight, I'd decided to pretend that Carlisle's words of wisdom had changed me and made me a better person. When you woke up, you were getting so much attention from Emmett that it made me so mad! I just wanted to rip your head off but I didn't. I still had to keep up the charade that I'd changed.

"But you freaked out, badly. No one knew why you were acting as you did. It kind of caught me off guard. And when you ran, of course everyone followed you." She was getting angry just thinking about what happened. Rosalie was going deep inside this story that it didn't surprise me that her 'dislike' for me increased tenfold. "I, on the other hand, stayed slightly behind and ran after them in the end. When Emmett finally caught you, my distaste towards you kind of slipped and when you lied to Emmett—anyone could figure out you were lying… well, except Emmett of course—he let you go and I just took on running right behind you. I'd gotten to you before anyone else could because they were still in shock of what you had done. You didn't even see me coming."

She smiled at her small and short win. I looked away slightly as she explained my large moment of weakness. "So I jumped and fought you until I had you in my grasp. I was ready to kill you, be done with you and never feel regret for my actions. But… when you asked me to kill you, I… I just couldn't." That caught me off guard. Looking back at her, she had a small frown on her beautiful face.

"I… I thought you wanted to kill me?" I asked softly, meeting her gaze.

"I did… I had you in my grasp. One swipe and your head would have came right off and, in a split second, I could have burnt your body beyond recognition. You were such easy prey… But, I just couldn't… My whole body just froze when you asked me to kill you, because you thought that's what I wanted most of all in the world. At the time, I thought that's what I wanted, to take you out of the picture for good. But, that's obviously not the case." She actually looked sincere when saying that. It was quite the shock, to be honest. It did seem as though Rosalie Hale Cullen actually… cared for me, for another person that wasn't Emmett.


"You said that you apologize for upsetting me up to the point of hating you. But you're not the one who should apologize. I am. So here it is: I'm sorry Bella. Honestly. I've been nothing but a bitch to you since the moment we met and that wasn't right. All I'm asking is that we start over. May we?" Rosalie said before extending her hand towards me. Looking from her hand to her face, she held a small and honest smile.

She's telling the truth… I thought to myself before grasping her hand and shaking it softly. "Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way," I said with an honest smile of my own.

"Thank you for forgiving me Bella," She said with slight happiness in her voice.

This was a new Rosalie that I had never seen before. It was a good side of her that made her, in fact, likeable. Maybe this was the reason why Emmett fell in love with her, not just for her looks but also for her sensitivity towards him. She could be kind when she wanted to, simply to the right person. At this moment, I could find myself in that category, along with Alice, Edward and the rest of the Cullens. But, now that you look at it, maybe I was in a different column than them, for the time being. For now, I was in the 'friendship' column, slowly and steadily working my way towards the 'family' column where the others lay.

Looking into her eyes, I could see a new friendship bonding between the two of us… Rosalie and I would become friends, maybe sisters, in the end. It was a good start to this new lifestyle and this new family.

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