I started strumming as I picked up the melody that I heard in my head. It was full of life, just like her.

I hadn't been able to get over those tears as they rolled down Bella's face that night, and every night after, my dreams were haunted by the sound of her weeping. I felt like a dick and nothing I could do would get rid of that feeling of regret.

"It's true.
He never made it through a day of school.
The only thing he studied was you.
He knows your body better than you do.

Maybe I'm your Mr. Right.
Baby, maybe I'm the one you like.
Maybe I'm a shot in the dark,
and you're the morning light.
Maybe this is sad but true.
Baby, maybe you've got nothing to lose.
You could be the best of me,
when I'm the worst for you"

I strummed lightly, singing as quietly as I could in my piano room. I didn't want her to hear how I felt about her. I was only going to complicate things, and if I never heard her sobbing again, I would die a happy man. I don't think I could take the pain of that again. I thought about her for a little more before adding another part to the song.

"It's true.
The moment he laid eyes on you, he knew the only wish he wanted came true.
He knows he's lucky that he met someone like you."

I slowly put down my guitar, shaking my head slightly. I knew this song was good and I would love to play it for her, but it was never going to be good enough for my Bella.

Things had been awkward between us recently. I hadn't seen her much after that kiss. She had avoided me at school and hid from me in the house. She had finally gotten her learner's permit, and she drove with mom and dad to school everyday. She sat with Angela, Damien, and Ben everyday, pointedly ignoring me. She had gone to Damien's party without me, and had come home smiling and gossiping with Alice. When I had told Alice to lay off because she knew nothing about romance or high school, she reminded me that she was in 7th grade, and she certainly knew more about Bella than I did. And trust me, that stung.

But I knew something else about Bella.

She was in total and complete agony.

Maybe I was acting like a stalker, but I heard her cries out in the night, and I went to investigate. She cried almost every night in her sleep, and I found the bloodied razor in the bathroom, quite accidently. When she was asleep one night, I rolled up her sleeves. Nothing was there. I rolled up her shirt slightly and the evidence stared me right in the face. She was cutting her stomach.

My heart sped up as I saw that and I flipped out. I went upstairs to my safe haven and yelled as I broke things. I couldn't take her cutting. That girl was going to be the death of me.

So the next day, I snuck downstairs extra early and explained to my parents that I needed to work something out with Bella when it came to schoolwork and that I would take her to school that day. They quickly agreed. I was in.

She walked downstairs sluggishly with Alice bouncing in tow. I cringed as I noticed her in Daisy Duke's and a black long sleeved, cotton button-down shirt. She looked as normal as possible, with no signs that she had been cutting at all. My parents always looked for her scars on her arms, and they checked her that morning, as always. They just didn't know where to look.

Her hair was different that day. I remember the red streak that ran down one side of her hair and the thick eyeliner. My parents stared for a few seconds before embracing her and making her sit down for breakfast. I looked at Alice, but she only stared back at me.

"Edward, can you help me with my math really quickly before breakfast?" Alice asked as she pulled on my arms. I looked down to scold her, but she gave me a look that shut me up instantly. Emmett looked concerned at the two of us as he trailed behind us. I didn't try to stop him. He deserved to know about his family.

"I saw them Edward! She's doing it again. They're all over her stomach and under her shorts. She wouldn't let me help with her hair today or her makeup. Look at her! She looks all goth and I don't think she's doing very well." Alice said as she teared up. I put my arms around my small sister's shoulders.

"What's going on?" Emmett asked, confused. Alice just started to wail louder.

"Cuts, Emmett, cuts. She has them all over her body besides her arms." I hissed as I heard a scraping of a chair as it was pushed away from the table. Emmett's eyes went wide as we heard her coming down the hall. Emmett grabbed up Alice and held her tightly as he looked very scared. Alice just cried.

Bella walked down the hall towards us, a kind look on her face. She had on a hard exterior but acted as sweetly as ever. I noticed her tall black lace up Converse boots. She looked hot as hell, but she also looked like she could kick anyone's ass.

Emmett just put down Alice. "Bel.." He started, but I cut him off quickly by shoving my elbow into his stomach. He groaned as he looked at me.

Bella looked inquisitively at us but passed us and headed into the bathroom in the middle of the hallway. When she came out again, her eyeliner was even thicker, she had on fake eyelashes, her eyeshadow was dark blue, and her lips were blood red. She seriously was looking like a hooker.

She stomped off and smiled at us each, especially at Alice. She bent down to Alice's level.

"You okay? Sorry I didn't let you do my hair and makeup today, but I just really wanted to wear this. Got to let Damien know how I much I want him." She winked and I felt sick to my stomach. Alice wiped her eyes on her sleeves, a habit I hadn't seen her do since she was about eight years old. Alice gave her the best big girl smile that I thought she could give, but we all saw past her watery eyes to see the pain she was trying to hide.

"Ready to go, Edward?" Bella asked as she motioned for me to come with me.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Let me just grab my keys." I said as walked away from Emmett and Alice. I needed to talk to Bella before this got any worse.

I climbed into my car and Bella automatically plugged in her Ipod and turned it up.

"So one day, he found her crying
Coiled up on the dirty ground
Her prince finally came to save her
And the rest you can figure out
But it was a trick
And the clock struck twelve, well make sure
To build your house brick by boring brick
Or the wolf's gonna blow it down"

I cringed and shut off the music. Bella glared at me, throwing me a glance that could wound Samson. I frowned.

"Bella, we need to talk." I started but she just looked out the window and stared. She huffed but I could see out of the reflection that she had a single tear rolling down her cheek and I knew I couldn't do this now so I closed my mouth and we drove in silence.

When we got to school, she jumped out of the car as quickly as possible and ran inside. I followed behind her, sighing as I went.

I wish I had gone a little bit slower because I certainly didn't want to see what I saw next.

Damien had Bella pressed against a locker, one hand holding her up by pushing her ass up and the other hand on her breasts. They were making out and I sincerely regretted getting there extra earlier.

Ben passed me by as I started to see red and a whirring in my ears started.

"When did that happen?" I asked Ben as he stopped in front of me, eyes wider than I had ever seen them.

"Last Friday, at the party. I was surprised you weren't there, but they hooked up. I thought you knew." He stuttered out. I felt bad but my anger boiled over.

"What the fuck? What do you mean 'hooked up'?" I growled at him, grabbing him by the shirt. He just stared at me.

All of the sudden, arms pulled me back suddenly and I was being pounded in the face.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY BROTHER!" I heard Damien screaming as he beat my face to a pulp.

"Oh God." I heard someone whisper and I looked up and saw Bella. Ben was trying to pull Damien off of me, and Bella was staring at the drops of blood on the ground, looking very ill. I threw my arms up to protect myself and I blacked out as I saw Bella fall to the ground.