Ash was promptly woken up by Pikachu crying a warning. Ash quickly struggled out of his sleeping bag to rush outside. He found his pokemon growling at a single point in the darkness. Ash knew some pokemon was out there, and he prepared to order his pokemon.

Now Ash could detect a clipping sound approaching. Ash quickly strained to recognize the sound. Hooves on rock. That what it was. What pokemon have hooves. Before he could remember, the pokemon came into the light.

It was a Ponyta. Except it was horribly wounded. The flames on it were practically non existent over its completely destroyed body. Amazingly it had burns all over its boy, and electricity was coming off its body. Not to mention that almost every conceivable mark possible was ridding its body. Clearly it had been too injured and had desperately gone to the first shelter possible. Here had fire and shelter from the rain.

Ash immediately ran up to the injured pokemon. Pikachu immediately shouted protest. An injured pokemon might attack at anything within range. Ash didn't care and as soon as he got close, the Ponyta dropped. Ash grabbed it before it hit the ground and quickly lifted the pokemon next to the fire.

Ash immediately looked at Infernape and ordered quickly, "Come over and use your body heat to warm Ponyta." The pokemon hesitated before running over and making the air uncomfortably hot. Ash didn't care and ran for his backpack. He quickly fished out all the medicine and bandages inside.

With those in hand he ran back to Ponyta and looked at her closely. He immediately knew he didn't have the experienced or enough bandages to save the pokemon. He quickly sprayed the medicine over the worst wounds and bandaged all he could.

He looked at the opening eyes of the pokemon and quickly explained to the pained Ponyta, "I have to get you to the pokemon center. It is several miles to the northeast. I'm sorry, but you are too heavy to carry. I have to capture you. I won't transfer you because it will be quicker than waiting for Professor Oak to realize you are injured. I'm sorry, but this is the only choice."

When the pokemon gave even the slightest hint of acceptance, Ash quickly touched an empty poke ball to its nose. The pokemon disappeared in a red flash. As soon as it stopped shaking, Ash pushed a button in the side to prevent transfer. Ash turned to his concerned pokemon.

"I have to go now. I don't have time to take down camp. Torterra, Infernape, and Gible, stay and guard camp. Everyone else will go with me." Ash immediately returned Buizel and Staraptor before running off with Pikachu on his shoulder.

As Ash ran, he saw the sky start to light up. Sunrise was only an hour or so away. Ash sped up as he knew he had almost no time to spare. Ponyta was in critical condition.

The only thing that stopped Ash was when Pikachu jumped off his shoulder. He turned to see Pikachu get struck by an electric attack. Pikachu growled, but seemed ruffled by the shot. Ash knew that must mean it was a powerful pokemon. Ash turned to see the culprit and immediately drew back in shock.

It was a pokemon. A small stone was hovering several feet off the ground. Above the stone was a mass of pink something dotted with green. In the middle was a twisted version of a face. A Spiritomb. Ash had seen one before and it had not been a pleasant encounter. This one was a different one, but Ash now knew what had injured Ponyta so badly.

Ash knew he had to battle this pokemon, but Pikachu had already been hit by an attack. Ash quickly pulled out his pokedex and scanned it. The machine beeped for a second before saying, Spiritomb, the Forbidden Pokemon. An extremely rare dual ghost and dark type. This mischievous pokemon tends to border on naturally evil. Many myths state cases of this pokemon tormenting human villages in the past, and so most have been sealed by some means. Any that are still free, tend to be stronger than those sealed. Treat with extreme caution. It beeped for a couple seconds before continuing, Male. Height: three feet and six inches. Weight: 163.7 pounds. Moves: Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Shock Wave, Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Ominous Wind, and Pain Split.

Ash ground his teeth. This one was clearly extremely powerful to have hurt Pikachu with an electric attack, and it had a great variety of moves. The last one had been strong enough, and this one was possibly stronger.

Ash knew he had to battle it, and pulled out a poke ball. He then tossed it and yelled, "Buizel, help me out."

The water type came out and glared at the Spiritomb. The wild pokemon let out a furious wail that made Ash step back. This Spititomb was out of its mind right now. Buizel got into a battle stance and waited for orders.

"Buizel, use Water Gun." His pokemon let out a powerful stream of water in response.

Spiritomb disappeared right as the attack came close. Ash and Buizel looked around for a moment before it appeared again. It smashed into Buizel's side and launched it into the ground. Buizel slowly got up from the Shadow Sneak attack.

"Buizel, quick use Aqua Jet." Buizel surrounded himself with water before launching at Spiritomb. This time the attack connected and inflicted serious damage. Spiritomb roared before glowing black. Buizel was now smashed with a black force. Faint Attack. As Buizel got up, Spiritomb glowed yellow before letting out an unavoidable Shock Wave. Buizel howled with pain before dropping to his knees. Spiritomb started to charge up another as Buizel was struggling.

Ash felt a sprinkle of rain dropping and immediately took it into account. He yelled desperately, "Use Water Pulse." Buizel immediately created a ball of compressed water before hurling it at amazing speed to Spiritomb. Buizel's Swift Swim had kicked in.

The water connected with Spiritomb and immediately burst, causing the pokemon to roar again, but then even more pain came. The electricity Spiritomb had been gathering, immediately consumed the water. Electrifying it. Spiritomb roared in agony as is got electrocuted by its own attack. When that finished, Spiritomb looked barely conscious.

Recognizing the opportunity Ash yelled, "Run at Spiritomb, Buizel." The boosted pokemon immediately sped towards its opponent. Spiritomb then acted as Ash thought it would. It shot a Hypnosis which would then allow it to use Dream Eater. Ash grinned and yelled, "Use Counter Shield to repel that, and then combine Water Pulse and Aqua Jet to finish this."

Buizel jumped on its back and started spinning as it launched a Water Gun. The twisting lines of water trapped Spiritomb and destroyed its Hypnosis as it pummeled Spiritomb from all sides. The pokemon couldn't avoid all the attacks approaching and didn't even see as Buizel prepared to end it. After creating another Water Pulse, Buizel launched it and followed right after with an Aqua Jet. The combination attack collided with Spiritomb and caused an immediate explosion. It cleared showing Spiritomb still floating.

Ash watched as the Spiritomb grinned evilly and glowed purple. The pokemon then dropped to the ground. It disappeared inside its rock. Ash blinked for a second then saw Buizel drop to his knees and grasp his stomach in pain. Ash paled as he realized. Spiritomb used Curse.

Ash quickly returned Buizel before glancing at the stationary rock. A Curse attack is crippling to a fresh pokemon. A pokemon as beaten as it was, didn't have a good chance to survive. Ash started to run off. It had decided to do it, he couldn't be responsible to help out.

But fifty feet later Ash stopped and stared at the ground. He looked at Pikachu who slowly nodded and Ash turned around. He found the stone and knelt down next to it. He pulled out a poke ball and hesitantly touched the rock with it. Surprisingly, the rock turned to red energy and flew into the poke ball. No resistance was given.

Ash turned around and started running as he said to Pikachu, "Now we have two pokemon lives in our hands."

Ash got to the pokemon center right as the sun was peeking over the distant mountains. The pokemon center was deserted, and only Nurse Joy lay behind the counter. Ash sprinted up and quickly tried to explain as he tried to catch his breath. "Ponyta…Buizel…Spiritomb…hurt…Curse.."

Nurse Joy sensed the urgency and ordered, "Explain what happened."

Ash took a gulp of air before saying, "Last night an injured Ponyta came to my camp. I treated as best I could, but it is close to dying. When I ran here, a Spiritomb blocked my way. I battled it and defeated it with my Buizel, but before it fainted, it used Curse. Buizel was affected, and Spiritomb is close to death from that. Please help them"

Nurse Joy grabbed his poke balls, but claimed, "I can't treat the Spiritomb."

Ash took a second before yelling angrily, "Why not? It may be evil, but it doesn't deserve to die."

Nurse Joy quickly explained, "No, I can't. I don't know how to treat a Spiritomb. I don't even know of one that has been captured in a poke ball. We don't have anything to help it. I can help Buizel and Ponyta, but Spiritomb is on its own."

Ash closed his hands as he shook with anger. Pikachu looked at him, concerned, but Ash burst out furiously, "Fine, I'll help it." He then snatched the poke ball and ran out of the pokemon center.

He ran to the side and released the Spiritomb. It was still in its stone. Ash quickly grabbed it and said urgently, "You need to come out, Spiritomb." The stone gave no sign of response, and Ash grew angry again. He shook the stone and yelled, "If you don't come out, you'll die. I can't let that happen."

Finally a glow came from the stone and a paper thin appearance came out. Spiritomb looked full from one side, but was truly razor thin from another angle. Ash looked at the practically unconscious Spiritomb. He tried to touch it's face, but his hand passed right through.

Suddenly, Ash realized he had no idea how to help Spiritomb. He looked at Pikachu to see it was completely clueless also. He closed his eyes and tried to come up with something. No berries or bandages would even touch Spiritomb. No way Pikachu or Staraptor could help. That left Spiritomb, but it was as far as he could tell, fully unconscious.

Suddenly Ash had an idea, but immediately grew disgusted with himself. He wouldn't make one of his pokemon go through that. He opened his eyes to see Spiritomb being sucked back into the stone. If it went back in, any chance he had would disappear. It would never come back out.

Finally Ash snapped and yelled at Spiritomb, "Use Pain Split on me." Pikachu immediately started yelling at the suggestion, but It didn't look like Spiritomb even heard him. Ash shook the stone and yelled even louder, "If you don't then you will die. I caught you, so you have to listen to me. Now, use Pain Split on me." Finally Ash caught a twitch of Spiritomb's eye before he felt unbelievable pain strike his body.

Ash fell back as he let out a painful yell as the pain raced through him. It felt like every bone was being broken, and all his blood was being replaced with boiling water. Ash dimly heard Pikachu and someone else yelling before he felt the relief of nothing.

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