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"Alice? Darlin? What do you see?" Her tiny little body started to shake and she looked at me with fear in her eyes.

By now, the entire household was in our room waiting for my wife to speak. "I saw, saw the Volturi. They were coming here. I'm not sure why, I just saw them make the decision to come here."



The day finally came where I gave up. I no longer believe Bella will seek me out; I highly doubt she even thinks of me anymore. Getting myself killed always crosses my mind, but knowing that Bella is out there I couldn't possibly do that. Even though, I won't admit it to anyone, there is a small sliver of hope deep down that I will see her again.

After returning home, I realized what a mess my home was. I made all the repairs at human speed and that took months, which I was glad for. Trying to keep my mind off Bella was more difficult than anything I've ever experienced.

I lay in my bed every night remembering our time together. The phrase bittersweet never had so much meaning before.

Bella was above me, breasts bared, stomach exposed, looking like a Goddess. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy as she chased her own release, using my body for her pleasure. Panting like a dog, I keep my hands behind my head trying not to touch her. When she's in her dominate mood, she doesn't like me taking control of anything. For her, I would do anything to please her.

"Fuck Peter!" She wails as she speeds her thrusts. As her speed increases, my eyes roll to the back of my head. Sex with her is the best I've ever had and I couldn't even imagine anything better than this.

Suddenly, she slows down and looks to me, "Take me Peter…"

My phone ringing brings me out of my stupor. Damn phone! Nobody has tried contacting me in months since I've arrived home. Looking at the caller ID, I never imagined this phone call changing my life once again…


Alice's comment about the Volturi brings everybody together for a family meeting. The emotions in the room are in high alert, but no one knows what to say or where to start.

"I can't see what's going to happen! I need to take several minutes away from the family." Alice moans. After much discussion, Alice and I take off to a clearing miles away from our home. As usual there are too many decisions that need to be made in order to see what may or may not happen.

My mind is spinning with thought after thought. I can't imagine what the Volturi would want with us. Then it hits me; Bella destroyed prominent members of the guard and they want retribution. I'd protect Bella, but Aro had to have seen that we had no control over the situation. Apparently, there is no stopping Bella when it comes down to it.

Returning my attention to Alice, her eyes are closed and her face is twisting and turning to the different images she sees in her head. After several hours, her eyes popped up in annoyance at the same time I smell the reason why.

A pack of wolves step into our field; the Alpha is in human form while the rest are in wolf form. "Cullens." He says almost civilly. "You are might close to our lands."

"Our apologies. We had a situation and had to step away from our family for a few hours." I try to be as vague as possible.

"Does this situation have anything to do with Bella?" The Alpha starts prodding into our business.

"With all due respect Alpha, that is none of your business." I had more to say, but Alice interprets me.

"They could help Jazz." Alice whispers, but of course the wolves still hear; this thought causes growls to ripple through the wolves.

"What are you talking about?" I sigh while giving Alice a very pointed look. She shouldn't have said anything in front of the wolves.

"The guard you saw with Bella is coming here for her. They don't know she hasn't been here for quite some time. The real reason Alice and I are so far from home is because she is watching all the different outcomes." I quickly informed the wolves.

"This is not our concern." The Alpha nodded at us and retreated into the forest.

As Alice and I run back home to inform the Cullens, I called Peter in hopes that we will come to help protect us.

Several weeks pass and Alice finally pinpoints a time and place. Like good little vampires, we are already in the clearing waiting for the Volturi to come. Most of the Cullens are worried or scared, but not me. Aro is coming and he will see in our thoughts that we do not know where Bella is. They'll realize that we have no control over this situation.

All the couples are standing by one another. Carlisle and Esme and Edward and Tanya are at the front of our line. Rosalie and Emmett and Alice and I are off to the side behind, but still clearly visible. Peter is off to the side, right beside me.

Finally, the Volturi enter the field and are surprised by our appearance. The Guard holds and Aro steps forward.

"Dear Cullens. What are you doing here?" Aro questions with distrust in his eyes.

Carlisle steps forward to handle the brothers he used to stay with. "My daughter Alice saw your departure and we thought we would meet you. Although, I thought you would call me if you were coming for a visit." Carlisle finishes softly.

"If I were coming to visit you, I would have called, friend." Aro stated starting to get impatient.

"I don't understand Aro." As Carlisle finishes his sentence, I put it all together. They are here for the wolves.

Bella let Alec and technically Jane go. I know Aro saw everything through Alec and the morbid thought of whether he could see Jane's thoughts enter my brain; which means they also saw the wolves

"From what I saw in Alec's mind, they are werewolves in the area and we intended on exterminating and then returning home." Peter and I both tense up at this.


For the first time in my vampiric life, I'm torn between my own kind and the wolves. Bella loves those vile creatures and I can't imagine not protecting them for her. I can see the same thoughts have crossed Jaspers mind, he looks the way I feel.

"Aro, extermination seems cruel. They have done nothing to you." Carlisle tries weakly to defend the wolves.

"They exist. That's enough!" Caius shouts abruptly.

"Maybe you can come to some kind of an agreement with the wolves-" I start, but am interrupted by wolves growling.

Jacob in his human form speaks, "We do not need vampires to defend us." He states looking at the Cullens and lastly, me. "We can defend our own and we shall." Jacob bursts into his wolf form, growling at the Volturi.

Tensions are high and I have no idea what to do. I want to stop this for Bella, but the only thing that this will accomplish is my death.

With speed I didn't know I possessed, I moved to the wolves' side. If anybody survives, at least Bella will know that I choose her in the end. I wish I could see her face one more time. It's been over four years since the last time I saw her and she still is the only thing that fills my thoughts.

The Cullens, expect Jasper seemed shocked by my decision. Even the wolves are looking at me funny.

"Aro, please! Stop this. The wolves do not pose a threat to our kind. They protect their reservation and Forks. They do not seek us out as you are them." Carlisle pleads.

"Honestly, friend. What did you think we came all this way for?" Aro sounds curious.

"I thought you were looking for Bella after what happened to your Guard." Most of the guards frown at the reminder including the brothers.

"That was an unfortunate event. I know the power that Bella holds and I instructed my guard to back down if she refused. Unfortunately, it was their own faults." Aro finishes with a stern look at Alec, who looks quite empty. "Despite what she thinks I know her well. I know she wouldn't stick around here long after she took out my Guard." Aro concludes his thought.

Aro's attention goes back to the wolves. "Now to the matter at hand; you all can go the easy way or the hard way." The wolves' growls are shaking the ground and I wait for someone to make the first move. The wolves move first; as Jacob charges the vampires move.

The moment I move my foot, all of us are thrown to the sides of the field. Then the most beautiful creature drops into the middle of the field. Bella is standing there in thunderous glory.

"Caius, what is it with you are werewolves?" Bella smirks looking towards the Volturi.

"Damn girl! This is not of your concern!" Caius shouts at Bella and I can't help but let a growl out. I can't help but drink her in. She is a vision. With all my will power, I stay where I am, but I pray that she looks my way.

"These are my wolves and they will always be my concern. Back off them Caius!" The wolves' growls stop at that statement and if wolves expression can look bewildered; that would be how they look. Jacob shifts to his human form and doesn't bother with clothing. "Just a side note gentleman, they are shape shifters, not werewolves! It's the middle of the fucking day; do you see the full moon hanging around?"

"What are you doing, Bella? We don't need to be defended by a vamp!" Jacob yelled into her face. Bella completely ignored him which him to start shaking uncontrollably.

"You can't defeat them on your own, you stupid child!" Bella yelled back. At that last word, both became quiet. Without any kind of warning Bella and the wolves attacked the Volturi. Just as quickly, the Cullens and myself sided with Bella and the Volturi were taken care of quickly.

At the end with fires surrounding us, I ended up next to Bella. We were staring at each other both heaving with excitement from battle. The look in her eyes was unreadable; I couldn't guess at what was going through her mind. "Bella-" I started, but was cut off by Jacob.

"You didn't have to do that." Jacob stated harshly.

"Yes, I did. Even if they left today, they would have been back. Either personally or sending others to do their job. They wouldn't have stopped until you were gone. Obviously, I didn't care when they were exterminating the rest of the werewolf population, but I couldn't let you all have the same fate." Bella stated passionately.

"Why? Because of Jacob?" Jacob got straight to the point. Bella nodded her head and started walking away.

"Wait!" Edward, Jasper and I all shouted. I glared at Edward, what he could possibly want with her I don't know. Bella turned toward all of us with boredom in her eyes. Without hesitation, Jasper approached her first by handing her a card and then walking away.

Edward was next and he didn't say anything. They just stared at each other. It bugged not only me but also Tanya the intimacy and tenderness in this staring contest between the two. Eventually, the two looked away and Edward walked back to Tanya, kissed her on the lips, grabbed her hand and walked away.

Finally, I stepped up to Bella and before I could speak Bella started. "I'm sorry Peter. I'm not what you need. I know you want to believe I am, but I'm not. You deserve someone that can open up and I'm not that person." As she finished she turned away from me.

I knew there was nothing I could do to change her mind. My decision to stop chasing her around like a love sick puppy was made long ago. I'm a man and I need to start acting like one. When she first crashed into my life, I couldn't help but to want to follow her everywhere she went.

"I'm sorry for what I did. Before you leave, please know that I have never hit a woman like that before. Learning that you killed Charlotte was shocking and I reacted wrong. If I could take it back, I would." By this point, she had turned around and looked at me. "I never left you. I was upset and I needed time to myself before speaking to you. I came back to the Cullens house." Rushing all that out, I had hoped that something would make her want to stay and at least talk to me.

"Don't worry yourself Peter. I've been hit before; my jaw isn't made of glass." She said with a sad smile on her face. "Take care of yourself."

Once again, Bella walked out of my life and this time I didn't stop her. It hurt like hell not to follow her, but I'm a man and I will stand my ground. She knows I'm here for her. After she left, the Cullens and I finished cleaning the clearing of all the vampire debris. The wolves also helped and then headed home.

After all the thank you's and goodbyes, I finally headed home. Jasper and I speak often, he's the only reason I don't stay in a depressed state year round.

Being home for a couple months, everything was back to normal. On this particular day, I was talking to Jasper about taking a vacation with just Alice and Jasper. Which didn't sound half bad, I was actually thinking about moving also. I've been in Maine way too long and if I'm honest with myself I stayed hoping that Bella would come and find me. I always tried slipping in where I lived so she could always find me.

Jasper informed me that he had a package arriving for me and to stay home. We hung up and I of course stuck around to receive his package. I decided to start looking for a new home. I was thinking Montana would be a nice place to settle. As I was clicking on the housing link for Montana my door bell rang.

Finally Jasper's packaged had arrived. As I opened the door all thoughts flew from my mind. Standing in all her glory was Bella. I couldn't speak, I couldn't think. She smiled a genuine crooked sexy smile and I swear my heart started beating like a teenager in love. "Hello Peter."

"What are you doing here? I mean, hi." I smiled shyly. Before I could gather my thoughts, she walked into my house and into my face. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. My eyes kept lingering on every inch of her face. I didn't know how long she would be around and I wanted to memorize every inch of her face. "Bella." I whispered into her mouth.

She finally opened her eyes and stared straight into mine with a look I have been longing for. Her eyes were open and I could read them. She was letting me know she was ready. Then she said the last thing I expected, but the only thing that would make my heart burst with love. "You smell like home…"


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