Title: He Loved Him
Fandom: RG Veda
Blanket Disclaimer: I write stories for FUN, not money. I don't own any of the characters or places I write with, I just play with them. Again, NOT MINE!
Author's note: I've only ever read the first two books of RG Veda, forgive any inconsistencies. Creative Work of the Day for Wednesday, March 31, 2010.
Warnings: Un-Betaed, all mistakes are my own.

He was only a babe, just a child, so small only a short while ago. I held him in my arms, felt the warmth of the little body against my chest, and watched him sleep the slumber of the young and innocent. Loved him.

He grew into a young boy. In the blink of an eye, the babe I'd found in the forest was gone, leaving a precocious child in his place. My people adored himas a baby, but feared him as a boy... they belived him to be an omen of dark times.

Then they were all killed, but it wasn't his fault. No, I was responsible for breaking the seal and starting the wheel of fate turning. By my actions, I had sealed the annihalation of my people in stone.

He was nearly overcome with guilt and grief then and I did my utmost to dissuade him of it. No child should feel responsible for so much death.

We left the land of my people and still I loved him.

He's older now, almost a man, and I continue to watch him. He is struggling with himself, fighting his nature to be evil and cold, trying to be a good person. I do not doubt he will win this particular battle. He is so very strong, in both mind and body, and it makes my heart flutter every time he comes to me for guidance or protection.

The prophecy says that I must kill him and that, if I don't, he will utterly destroy me. I do not care. I have guided his steps as well as I could and watched him grow into a beautiful young man... I could not be any more proud of what he has become.

He needs my protection less and less these days and seeks the counsel of others, but still I love him, though that love has changed.

The sky is charcoal, broken by flashes of lightning, the storm reaching out angrily to the earth.

I should get up, continue fighting, but I don't. Breathless, I lay prone on the hard ground, staring ip into the sky. It was inevitable, my end, but I had hoped there'd be more time.

The irony of my situation is almost laughable, King Yasha, a great warrior, slain by a deflected blade. Ashura was singleminded in his attack, he had no desire to allow our attackers to flee. And, if I had been just that much faster the blade would have flown past me, harmless.

I am not sure how much time passes before I hear that beloved voice.


He sounds terrified and I wish I could comfort him, hold him and tell him it'll be ok. But I can't lie to him, never could, and I can feel that my time is now.

"Yasha! Please, you're ok, right? You're always ok."

My charge, no longer a child, pulls me up into his arms and I savor the sound of his beating heart. If I am to leave this world, this is how I wish to go... embraced by the one I have loved as a son, as a friend, as a partner, and finally as a lover.


Originally, I had written more, but it felt kind of forced, so I went back to where it made sense and ended it there. Hope you liked.