That was all special agent Anthony DiNozzo could think about doing. He had just seen his boss and a young girl drive into the river to escape a shoot out.

Tony saw it all happen from behind a fence not 100 yards away but was virtually powerless to stop the shooting and his boss's idea of a quick get-away, into the river with his deceased daughter's friend who had come to represent that daughter who had been murdered along with Gibbs' first wife Sharon only a short fifteen years before.

Just a few days earlier, Kelly's friend Maddie came to NCIS looking for Gibbs' help. Things went way worse then anybody expected and now Gibbs and Maddie were taking a swim in a car at the bottom of the lake to escape a massive firefight.

As soon as the car disappeared under the water, Tony was making a mad dash though the warehouse to get to the water to save his boss and Maddie.

There were still the two shooters at the back entrance of the warehouse with semi-automatic weapons. When the two men saw Tony running at them they quickly fired a few shots in an attempt to stop him.

Tony could feel the wind from each bullet as they soared passed him as he ran, all of them too close to hitting their mark.

Tony managed to fire a couple rounds from his own weapon, hitting one of the men in the heart, killing him instantly.

He was running fast gaining on the second man. He was just moving his arm so that his gun was pointing at the second man when the shooter sent off another round of bullets in Tony's direction.

Tony felt two of the bullets rip through his body. He could tell one of them hit him on his abdomen, right under the ribcage, while the other hit him on his chest, towards his right shoulder.

Even though the pain was intense and he was bleeding badly, he knew he had to keep going. Gibbs and Maddie were counting on him. He was able to ignore the pain in his shoulder and abdomen enough to pull the trigger twice, double tap to the heart.

Once the danger on land was taken care of he threw his gun to the side, the pain like a fire in inside him and blood lose draining his energy fast, he lunged off of the dock into the freezing water.