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Tony was in the darkness again.

He remembered talking to Ziva right before he started to cough, and the overwhelming pain this had caused. The pain had burned with a bright hot fire that consumed him and reminded him a lot of actually getting shot. This concerned him greatly.

He had no idea how long this had lasted before sweet relief came. He could almost feel the pain medication cool the fire in his gut till he was numb and then came sleep.

Soon after falling into the healing sleep he now inhabited, he felt a gentle amount of pressure on his chest. Since it didn't hurt he figured it wasn't threatening or bad in anyway. It wasn't long before he realized what it was.

He didn't know if it was just in his head or if he really did, but in his heart-Tony smiled.


When Tony finally woke up again, the pressure on his chest was gone.

At first his eyes were unfocused so he tried to refocus them on the figure he saw in the chair by his bed. Before he could clearly make out who was in fact sitting there he heard a familiar voice.

"Heard you gave Ziva a scare after I left." Gibbs, Tony thought, his eyes finally adjusting to his surroundings. Gibbs saw the puzzled look on the younger agents face before Tony himself even knew he was puzzled about something.

"Didn't want to leave but Ducky convinced me to at least get a refill," Gibbs said holding up what must have been a fresh cup of coffee, "and call Maddie." Tony heard what Gibbs said and smiled slightly. His boss had been worried about him and hadn't wanted to leave. Gibbs too realized what he had said and mentally slapped himself on the back of his head before he remembered how close he had come to losing the closest thing he had ever had to a son.

"How is Maddie?" Tony asked finally, knowing full well that Gibbs wouldn't want to dwell on his small display of his true concern.

"She'll be fine, just a little shaken up. She would have been a lot worse if it weren't for you and so would I." Gibbs said, "She's very worried about you, too." He added.

Tony was glad to hear that both Gibbs and Maddie were indeed ok. He knew he would never regret the decision he had made to run through that warehouse with no concern for his own well-being. Even though it hadn't gone exactly the way he would have preferred, everyone was alive.

Suddenly feeling very tired, he knew he wouldn't be able to stay awake very much longer. Gibbs noticed Tony's eyes start to flutter in an obvious struggle to remain awake. He needed to tell Tony something very important and he it couldn't wait any longer.

Seconds before Tony succumbed to the sleep that would heal his sick and injured body; Gibbs leaned down and whispered in his ear the same way he had when he had the plague and then again when he had been fighting for his life in the ambulance just a few short days before, but this time it sounded calm and sincere.

"Thank you, DiNozzo." Gibbs said, and those were the only words Tony needed to hear to let him know that everything was going to be all right.

The End.


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