Fred, George, Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny followed Mr. Weasley out of the burrow and beyond the cornfield. They had backpacks slung over their shoulders. It was 5 in the morning and Mr. Weasley decided that his kids along with Hermione and Harry; should join him in a hike.

'And Cedric caught the snitch...' Ginny trailed off.

'He's old' Hermione grinned sleepily at her best friend.

'Did I mention his hair? Oh Merlin...' she ignored Hermione and went on.

'It's honey brown, like autumn leaves' Fred,George and Hermione said mocking Ginny earlier.

'Oh, so I did mention. Ooh, last year, when I bumped into him; he said 'Sorry love' and rubbed my shoulders' she stared dazed, at the trees. Fred and George exchanged looks with Hermione.

'Last year when I bumped into him at the library, we talked and became friends. But he didn't call me love or anything. Hmm, I'd rather a friend than a nickname and free shoulder rub' Hermione poked her tongue out at Ginny.

'Why am I hearing this now?' Ginny asked as she cross her arms.

'Gin, I told you when I got back and all you said was 'Cedric's eyes are like gray clouds, so sad yet so inviting' Hermione imitated Ginny rather well.

Ginny rolled her eyes and walked on silently.

'Ron, where are we actually going?' Harry asked as he struggled with the backpack rested on his shoulders.

'Dunno…' he replied to his friend 'Hey Dad, where are we going?' He yelled out to his father.

'Haven't the foggiest! Keep up!' Mr. Weasley yelled back.

'Hermione, do you think we'll see Cedric?'

'I sure hope so, it'll stop your chattering about him. I guess we know who replaced Harry in your heart' Fred and George teased their younger sister.

'ARTHUR' the voice chimed as Mr. Weasley raised his hand with a grin. 'It's about time, son'

'Sorry Amos, some of us had a bit of a sleepy start' Mr. Weasley said looking back at Hermione and Harry.

'This is Amos Diggory everyone' Mr. Weasley introduced the children to the short old man with square spectacles and greasy gray hair. 'Works with me… At the ministry'

Cedric jumped down from the tree and winked at Hermione almost instantly. She smiled and waved, following Harry who was making his way towards Cedric.

'And this strapping young lad must be Cedric, am I right?' Mr. Weasley smiled as he reached his hand out. Cedric took it his hand and shook it as his father patted his shoulder.

'Hey Cedric' he said politely, shaking his outstretched hand.

'Hey Harry, hows it going?'

'Wonderful' Harry said before greeting Amos Diggory.

'Hello Hermione' he smiled sweetly as he shook her hand.

Before Hermione could reply, Fred and George appeared behind her.

'Nuh uh. I'm not letting your chivalry affect my good lady Diggory' Fred said as he and his twin hooked their arms with hers. Hermione, obviously speechless just looked from Cedric to the twins.

'Thats right pretty boy, we had her first. Up up and away my love' George announced as both he and Fred lifted her away from Cedric.

Hermione looked back and gave him a sympathtic smile. Cedric merely grinned and winked back at her. When Hermione was finally let down, they had already reached the portkey.

'Thanks guys, saved me alot of breath but a simple levitation charm would have been just as effective' she beamed.

'Laying eyes upon you-'

'Let alone touching you-'

'Is a great honour-'

'my dear Hermione' they finished each others sentence.

Hermione carressed both their cheeks and smiled.

'And thats why you're both my favorite Weasley'

'Hey!' both Ginny and Ron barked.

'Boys of course' Hermione added casually.

'Oh' Ginny replied, satisfied with her answer.

'Thats right Ron, we got the girl' The twins grinned at their younger brother.

Hermione shook her head and stood beside Harry who was just admiring her.

'Did I ever tell you that you are the prettiest girl ever?' he said with his famous grin.

'Sarcasm or are you trying to annoy me?' she laughed as she nudged him gently.

'Well you are my best friend so naturally it would be to annoy you' he said swinging his arm around Hermione.

'Yeah I've noticed'

'Come on everyone huddle around the portkey'

Harry smiled at Hermione as memories flooded back.

'Why are we standing around this manky old boot?' Harry asked, kneeling down.

'That isn't just any manky old boot. This here is a portkey' Fred and George chorused.

'Time to go' Mr. Weasley chimed.

'What's a portkey?' Harry asked as he watched everyone rest a finger on the boot.

'Ready after three'



'HARRY HOLD ON' Hermione yelled at her best friend.

Harry threw his finger onto the boot with shocked. Cedric lifted his head and winked at Ginny who inhaled and exhaled in order to seem normal.


They all spun in all directions, up, down, left, right. A jolt of lightning appeared and the view of the sunset twisted and turned and soon they were gasping at the sight of mountains. Mr. Weasley smiled at the young kids who all seemed terrified.

'Let go kids' Mr. Weasley laughed as the breeze swam through his body.

'What?' They all yelled over the loud wind.

'Let go' and before he could finish, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cedric, Ginny and the twins let go.

Harry's body met with the earth and he groaned.

Hermione was destined for the same fall before Cedric caught her waist and brought her down with him.

His cold hands touched her skin and he pulled her closer to him until they reached the ground.

Ron held his hand out to Harry who quickly accepted it and jumped to his feet.

Mr. Weasley and Mr. Diggory flew down with grins on their faces.

'I bet that cleared your nose aye?' Mr. Weasley laughed as he helped Ginny up. Ginny rolled her eyes and followed her brothers.

Cedric grinned and gently nudged Hermione.

'Thank you' she whispered to Cedric before bending down to retrieve her bag. He shook his head and bent down, taking her bag and swinging it over his shoulder.

'C'mon, we have to catch up' he smiled at her before following his father. They all walked down the hill to find a loud crowd of Quidditch fans. They saw people soaring around on their broomsticks and campfires that were lit around tents.

'I have to say, you and Ginny look great today' he whispered to the teens.

Ginny blushed and looked at him longingly whilst Hermione just shoved him to Ginny.

'Are you trying to make her heart fall out of her chest? Just get married and get it over with.' Hermione snapped playfully. Cedric raised his eyebrows and leaned gently against her.

'Why did I have to be dragged into your compliments? You can tell her she looks beautiful, you know. Fred & George won't bite' Hermione glared at him, pushing him to Ginny again.

'They do bite and is it really my fault you look beautiful?' he teased as he rested his arm around her neck.

'Parting the ways old chap?' Amos laughed over the cheers and excitement of the Ireland and Bulgarian fans.

'See you at the game, Amos' Mr. Weasley yelled out to his friend.

'Thank you, can I have my bag back?' Hermione asked impatiently.

Cedric grinned at Hermione and placed the bag on her shoulder.

'See you at the game Granger' he winked at her before leaving her with the company of Ron.

'What on earth was that all about' Ron hissed, looking back at Cedric.

'Nothing, Ron' she groaned as she dragged him closer to his father.

'Ahh Home, sweet home' Mr. Weasley sighed as he pointed at a small tent. Fred, George, Ron, Ginny and Mr. Weasley entered quickly, leaving Harry and Hermione gaping. She shook her head and pushed her best friend inside. The tent had been charmed so that inside, it was much larger and spacious. Ginny and Hermione ran to their claim their beds. Harry and George walked to the other side of the tent to set their things down while Fred and Ron wrestled for the food. '5 Galleons on Bulgaria' Ron muttered as he threw cupcakes into his mouth.

'10 Galleons on Ireland' Fred, George, Hermione, Harry and Ginny yelled at Ron.

'Deal' he smirked as he drowned a goblet of pumpkin juice. 'Enough eating Ronald, let's get to the game shall we?' Mr. Weasley grinned as he handed a green scarf to Ron and Ginny. 'Put these on kids, it's a little chilly outside'

'BUT DAD, I support Bulgaria not Ireland ' Ron yelled, disgusted by the green in his hands.

'Bloody Hell Ron, you know Bulgaria's going down' Fred and George chimed, resting their identical hands on his shoulder. Ron shrugged them off and threw the scarf at his brothers. He grabbed an over sized red hat and threw it on his head before strutting off to his father. Fred and George exchanged looks with Hermione and Harry before following Mr. Weasley and Ginny.

'Dad, we'll be meeting up with Mr. Diggory, right?' Ginny said excitedly, grasping onto her fathers arm rather tight.

'Yes, Ginny darling' he grinned as she tightened her grip. 'He's a charming lad, but not as charming as Harry'

Harry's eyes widened behind his moon shaped spectacles. Hermione, Fred and George erupted into fits of giggles and had to hold onto each other to keep balance. Ginny and Harry stole glances from each other which made him blush. 'Good to know that you'll be a Weasley soon' Hermione giggled as she threw her arm around his shoulder. Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head in embarrassment.

'Oh watch your head' Harry said as he ducked down under the metal pole. 'Dad, how far are we up?' Ginny asked as she crouched down.

'Well lets see, if it rains, you'd be the first to know' a familiar voice chuckled from beneath them.

'Malfoy' Mr. Weasley and Harry hissed.

'We're sitting with the Minister himself.' Draco boasted as he fixed his tie.

'Oh, who asked?' Hermione snapped as she gripped onto the railing with anger.

Draco gazed up at her honey brown eyes. 'Well if it isn't my favorite mudblood' he smiled at her genuinely.

'Hermione Granger? Draco has told me quite a lot about you. It's getting annoying actually' Lucius said as he looked up at her.

'FATHER!' Draco hissed as his cheeks turned scarlet.

'Well, we better be off, do be careful' he said before disappearing.

Before Hermione could leave, Draco caught her foot.

'Goodbye, Hermione' and with that, his icy blonde hair disappeared .

Hermione raised her eyebrows as Harry pulled her away. 'That was ...awkward' Harry laughed as he brought her closer to him.

'Yes, yes it was. He called me Hermione' she said, looking at Harry with confusion.

'Why are they noticing me now? Was it the lip gloss I used? Perfume? Eyeliner?' she sighed, not caring about the game and neither did Harry.

'What?' he replied, slightly taken aback.

'Cedric, Ron even Draco ' she sighed as she brushed a few tears away.

'It's not that bad,'ve grown into your body that's all. These boys, they're just so captivated by your they should' he grinned at her whilst wiping away her tears.

'Oh and you smell really nice' Hermione smiled and hugged Harry. '

You also have soft curls instead of the broomstick hair you had. I miss it. I miss your hair'

'You know, I miss my hair too. My bushy freakishly over sized hair.' she smiled into his ear.

'We better get back to the game eh?' he grinned as he turned around to face the match.

Harry was gripping onto the railings so tightly, his knuckles were white. Bulgaria were loosing and if Viktor Krum caught the snitch it'd been too early and they'd loose. Ron was practically yelling for the Bulgarian keeper to block the goal.

'KRUM! KRUM! CATCH THE BLOODY SNITCH I HAVE NO MORE MONEY' Ron yelled out as he waved his hat like a crazy hobo.

Hermione was just engulfing the excitement in the air when suddenly Cedric's hand brushed over her hand. He smiled at her, leaving his hands and staring at her.

'If Fred and George weren't such Quidditch fans you'd be dead' Hermione laughed over the screaming.

'If you weren't so damn beautiful in the first place no one would be heart broken' Cedric said, his voice soothing to her ears.

'Don't you have a girlfriend?' Hermione cocked her brow at him.