Oliver laced their fingers together as he walked Hermione to her next class. They were laughing and talking about how desperate Cedric seemed. It was odd because he could have any girl he wanted but yet he was fawning over some book worm in fourth year. It truly puzzled her. Why was everyone taking notice of her now. Well really, just Draco, Oliver and Cedric. Fred, George, Harry and Ron had always been overly protective of her, refusing to let her have any love life at all. Hermione felt her heart race when Oliver brushed his thumb over her forefinger. And she felt her heart flutter when he looked at her with his honey brown eyes. He didn't have to try hard to make her heart race or flutter. He was just so chivalrous and charming, it was hard to ignore. And it wasn't so easy for him either. For Oliver, just being near her made his palms sweaty and his knees week. His ears always turned red and the back of his neck was always hot. Every time she spoke, every time she looked at him and every time she smiled or laughed. And he didn't even try to avoid any of it. When they reached the corridor that lead to Hermione's next class, Oliver pulled her behind the wall. She gave him a confused expression but didn't really mind since she was still smiling.

"Sorry, I just wanted to say goodbye here instead of where I'd be an easy target for Harry and Ron. You know they'd hex me if they saw me with you" He laughed softly, tucking her hair behind her ear. His cold fingers brushed over her hot cheeks and it made her heart beat faster and faster. Hermione could hear her heart beat pounding in her ears.

"Its fine. If Fred and George saw Harry and Ron hexing you, they'd probably just stand and watch. Maybe throw in a few hexes of their own" Hermione giggled, readjusting her book bag on her shoulder. "Draco too.." She added absently, pushing her hair back behind her shoulder. Feeling her hair run smoothly between her fingers felt weird. She was so used to her huge mane. And apparently so was Draco.

"That filthy ferret?"

"I wouldn't call him a filthy ferret. He's changed! Draco apologized to me and he's trying to make amends" She said, smiling softly when her mind played a mental image of the smile he gave her after he apologized. She shook her head at the face Oliver gave her.

"Oh well, I still don't like him" Oliver whispered before biting his lip, hesitating before he leaned down and pecked her cheek. Hermione felt her cheeks flush red at his touch and he gave her a quick smile before walking away. Hermione waited until he was well out of sight before falling against the stone wall, sighing happily. Harry appeared at her side, giving her an unapproved look.

"Of all people, Oliver Wood"

Hermione almost screamed but she stopped herself, her hand flying to her chest. After she well recovered from her mini-heart attack, she looked at Harry who seemed to be waiting for a reply. Rolling her eyes, she pushed her book bag back up on her shoulder.

"So you wouldn't have minded if Cedric Diggory walked me to class. Or Malfoy, pecking my cheek?"

Squinting slightly, Harry looked at Hermione and sighed. "If you're happy, I'm happy"

Hermione grinned widely, leaping into his arms and hugging her best friend tightly. "Am I red because that kiss was wonderful"

Harry shook his head and rolled his eyes, "I hate to see how you react when he really kisses you" He said, as they walked to Divination.

"You'd probably have to take me to the Hospital Wing right away"

Hermione was looking for a good book for Potions when she felt someone take her hand and pull her into a dark corner of the library. She was about to shout when she realized she was in the library and Madame Pince would have her head if she did. Calming down, she clenched her jaw when she spotted a head of blonde.

"Are you serious? A simple "Hermione could I talk to you?" would've been more effective than hauling me away" She huffed, pushing her hair back from over her eyes. Draco gave her a grin before straightening up.

"I just wanted to ask you something"

"Something like what?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Something like meeting me at the Astronomy tower tomorrow at 9"

"You mean sneaking out and meeting you at the Astronomy tower?" She gasped, crossing her arms and looking at Draco with her judging eyes. Although he couldn't really see it, he felt daggers piercing him.

"Please. Please Hermione? For me?" Draco whispered, a hand resting on her arm. At his touch, she felt like her arm was on fire. After being so cold, she felt her body warm up. No one had this effect on her. Not even Oliver did. But she wasn't complaining.

Dropping her arms, she sighed. "Fine but this better be good"

"C'mon, I mean you're going to be with me. How could it not be good" He joked, poking her stomach softly. Hermione let out a soft giggle, pushing his hand away.


"You'll see more tomorrow"

"Bye Draco" She rolled her eyes playfully, poking his stomach before walking back to the Potions aisle. Draco beamed, running his fingers through his hair, making it messy. He walked passed Hermione, a finger sneakily poking her side as he made his way out. She turned to him, and he gave her a wink. Hermione felt something inside her when she saw his messy hair. He wasn't wearing his robe, just his dress shirt and trousers. And his top three buttons were undone. She couldn't even control herself as she felt her feet leaving the library and following him out the library. In less than a second, she felt someone grabbing a hold of her hand and hauling her away behind a wall.

"How'd you know I'd follow you out?" Hermione asked, raising her eyebrow and crossing her arms over her chest. Draco smirked slightly, rolling his eyes playfully.

"Have you seen me?" He asked, looking down at himself. Hermione nodded her head absently, silently agreeing. He walked closer towards her and by then, she was backed up against the wall.

"Now can I ask a question?"


"Why did you follow me out?" He asked, stopping in front of her. They were almost only inches apart and it was hard for her to concentrate which was hard to believe since it was coming from "The brightest witch of her age"

"I-I uhh. Umm" She began to stutter when he moved a hand to rest above her head. And before she knew it, before she could take anything back, she felt herself kissing back to the lips that came crashing down to her lips. Hermione felt him wrap his arm around her waist and she felt her hand rise up to his cheek as their lips moved together. The pulled back for a breath before continuing and she couldn't help herself but pull him into an empty classroom.

Harry ran up into the girls dormitory even though that was forbidden and jumped into Hermione's bed. She almost screamed once more but she calmed herself and sat up, looking at Harry. "This is the girls dormitory Harry" She groaned, rubbing her eyes.

"I know I know!" He brushed off before turning to the girls in the room. "Could you give us a few minutes girls?" They all nodded, leaving the dormitory and he waited until the second door slammed shut before turning to Hermione.

"How could you?" Harry asked, looking so hurt. Hermione just looked at him, still confused about why he was in her bed.

"Dean told me that Seamus told him that Neville told him that Luna told him that Lavender told her that Pavarti told her that Padma told her that she saw you and Draco in the library together and then he left and then you followed him and you both disappeared" Harry said in one huff. Hermione looked at him with shocked, a hand running through her hair.

"I didn't know news traveled that fast" She said softly, biting her lip and looking down. Harry just shook his head and looked at her with so much hurt in his eyes.

"Is that all you have to say Hermione?" He asked, praying she would say no.

"Thats all that needs to be said right now" She whispered, not bearing to look up at him. Harry just shook his head again and left the room.

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