Night Flying –or, What's in a Name

A HariPo fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

Disclaimer/Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me sadly. But I own this fic, so HA! This is for the 100 Prompts challenge by xXKissingSinXx. Using 3, 8, 12, 18, 22, 25, 40, 41, 46, 57, 60, and 79. Enjoy and review!

Ch.1: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear?

I was sick of blue.

No, no, no. Not just any kind of blue. And I most definitely mean the color, not the mood.

So what kind of blue was bothering me?

Clear blue. Clear, sky blue.

Sure, I'd become used to it over the many years. I've been surrounded by nothing but it. But I had to push it away.

Did I also mention I hate strawberries? This time, I don't mean the obvious –i.e, the fruit.

I mean strawberry blondish red hair. Yeah, that pale kind of red hair that really brings the phrase "rhymes with ORANGE" back to mind.

So when I went to visit my godfather, of course I'd be running into plenty of blues and oranges.

Oh, did I mention that I'm Teddy Lupin? So you know exactly what group of blues and oranges I mean.

It didn't help that things were going to change that night with one certain set of blue and orange –in a way more exciting that I could have ever imagined.

"Merlin, you do know how to cook, Ginny," I told my godmother (well, technically she was just my godfather's wife, but we're all like family, so I call her my godmother) as she cleared away the table with a flick of her wand.

"I'm already taken, Teddy," she joked as she got up and refilled everyone's glasses.

"Rightly so," my godfather said over the edges of his glasses. Harry broke into a smile, though. "Anyway, Teddy, you've finished your Auror training with me."

"Took you long enough," James muttered smugly across the table.

Harry rolled his eyes and we both ignored the interruption. "I was getting to your future."

"I plan on being an Auror for a long time, Harry," I said stupidly.

"I was referring to Victoire," he stated with raised eyebrows and a cough.

All the blood drained from my face. There was no getting around this. They'd find out soon enough what had happened from Bill and Fleur. Victoire always went running to her mother when things weren't going her way, and Fleur always bitched Bill's ear off.

Harry looked at me expectantly.

I dropped my gaze. "I…broke it off. With Victoire."

There were several sharp intakes of breath all around me and I could feel the color return to my face. "No. No! You are not allowed to be that much of an idiot!" I heard Ginny say.

All I could do was stare at this dark blue ink spot on the sleeve of my robes. Oooh, crap… I really wasn't getting out of this one.

"Are you that daft?" James asked. "Our cousin? Victoire? Who the bloody hell would leave her?!!"

Al frowned. "Even I agree that doesn't make sense."

Lily said nothing. I'm pretty sure she understood that I was getting enough from the rest of the family.

Ginny's cheery smile had faded by now. "Theodore Lupin… You are a ruddy git."

Harry looked at his wife. "Now, Ginny, we haven't asked why he even-"

Well, Ginny wasn't going to hear it. She just up and left the room. I actually don't think she wanted to say another word to me after my announcing I had dumped her niece. Because remember, people –I'm the godson, not related by blood. I'm expendable. …yipes.

I looked to my godfather. "It came about when –OUCH!!! WHAT IN THE BLOODY NAME OF SIR NICHOLAS DID YOU DO THAT FOR??!!!!" I bellowed when a full box of cold cereal hit me square in the back of the head. Only Ginny could have thrown that –she was the only one in the kitchen.

Despite having the age of an adult, tonight Ginny was lacking in the maturity of one. She threw her arms up, huffed, and walked upstairs.

I turned back to Harry. "What was that for?!!" I repeated.

He winced. "Well, she's angry, for one…"

"Like I couldn't have figured that out on my own," I remarked bitterly. I stood, shoving my chair back hard. "I think I'm gonna go home now. Thanks for dinner, guys." I walked out of Godric's Hollow –well, "stomped" is the more appropriate term here. I breathed in the crisp fall air of the night. Fall had come early this year; the school year had not even started yet. That's why Lily was still at home.

Merlin, it was already her last year at Hogwarts… I remembered when so long ago, I had gone there, been in Gryffindor House. Huh. James, Al, Lil, and I had all chosen the house of our parents. Yeah, so the Sorting Hat really does listen.

I was about to mount my broom under the beautiful moonlight when I heard someone running after me. They chased me, all right; I was about to kick off when the tails of my outer robes were yanked, pulling me down.

"Hold it!!"

When I realized it was the only member of the family who had not chastised me, I groaned. "Lily…! Not you, too!!"

I hovered back to the ground and she just leaped on behind me. "Fly," she ordered.

I sighed, but did as she asked. Lily was her mother's daughter; you follow her commands if you want to live.

After several quiet moments, she finally perched her chin on my shoulder. Her hair whipped back and forth and often hit me in the face. "So why are you running away?" she asked quietly.

I reddened. "I'm not running away. I'm flying with you, but I can't take you home with me. You're home's here."

"That's not what I meant, and you know it."

I gnawed on my bottom lip. Lily really had this keen sense for reading people –rather, for reading me. I felt like an open book around the girl. Not that that was a bad thing. "I didn't run away," I told her.

"Then why couldn't you tell us your reason?"

"Because it's extremely simple."

"And it is…?" she prodded.

I sighed again. "Do we have to do this?" I glanced back at her over my shoulder. "Why'd you come after me, anyway?"

"Dad, again," she stated.

"Oh." I knew this complaint.

"It's like I can't just be 'Lily' when he looks at me. If I'm not the perfect, ladylike girl that Grandmum apparently was, then I'm not living up to her name. Or if I'm not eccentric and kind like Aunty Luna, then I'm of no good in that manner either." Lily grumbled and squeezed my midsection tighter. "So, actually, this night ride is something I needed, too."

I chuckled in my throat. Yeah, that was very Lily of her. And not "Lily" as in Harry's mum; but very "Lily Luna."

"Dad's just dreaming I weren't me, I think," she mumbled. I almost didn't hear it over the sound of the cool, night air whizzing by us.

"Then how about a new name?"

"Er, no. I don't want to rename myself over something so silly."

"A nickname?"

She deliberated for a moment. "…Like what?"

"'Lilu,'" I said, not being very original. "Just a kind of combo of your first and middle name. I don't know how, but I knew her cheeks were as dark red as her hair. I suppose I could feel their heat against my back as she buried her face there. I laughed at her cute reaction.

"…maybe," came her answer when we finally headed back towards the house.

I dropped down low and lightly landed on the leaf-strewn lawn to the side of the house. We both hopped off and I gave her a wink. "So how about it, 'Lilu'?"

She smirked, but it didn't do anything to hide her blush. "I'll think about it, Teddy. Good night. I'll see you." But she winked back before going inside.

So that's how I knew that things had changed between Lily and me. Because getting away from Victoire had only been half of it. The other half was forbidden.

I liked dark red hair.

And I liked teal blue eyes.

Victoire's pale red hair and sky blue eyes were nothing compared to Lily's coloring. But I had realized I liked Lil a long time ago. Of course, even though I realized things might be reciprocated on her end now, I still had that stupid, cliché of a dilemma:

I had to ask her –tell her –to figure things out.

Aw, I like Teddy! Who doesn't?! Maybe he's my new Charlie…naw! But I think I'm definitely going to enjoy writing this new pairing! Thanks goes to Morghen for introducing me to Lily Luna/Teddy! Please review, people!

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