Night Flying –or, What's in a Name

A HariPo fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

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----------------------------------------------------------- ^-^3

Ch.6: Something Is Finally Revealed and It's Cause to Feel Sick

My tiny little fisher heart jumped into my gullet at the sight of another Emulsifier. Numerous thoughts ran through my head:

Did the kid know what it was?

Did he know its capabilities?

Had he been the one to get it in here?

Did someone else give it to him?

Had he used it?

Was he going to use it?

What was he planning?

Was I getting WAAAY ahead of myself here?

Just as I was debating my weight against that thick glass and the small probability of breaking the glass, a cracking sound distracted me. I swiveled my head around and saw nothing but a flock of birds flying out of the forest. Weird.

Worse, though, was that the boy was gone when I looked back in the library. Dammit. I didn't even get to see which house he was in.

I might be following everyone's footsteps by being an Auror, but I'm an awful one if I can't even keep track of my suspects. On the one hand, I could try and follow the kid…except I also didn't see his face. On the other hand, I could at least tell Shrad and Reiya about this without having to lie about Lils. I could just creatively omit her…heh.

Hmmm, have I always been such a troublemaker? I think I'm taking after you, Mum. Dad must be sighing and rolling his eyes at us right now, too. :)

----------------------------------------------------------- ^-^3

Back in Hogsmeade, I swung by Puddifoot's first since it was closer than Banges all the way at the end of High Street. I stuck my head in and waved Reiya over. Madame Puddifoot let her step out, so Rei and I headed to Banges to converse with Shrad.

"Be right back, Haine," Puddifoot called to Reiya once we were out of the store.

Reiya nodded at the sound of her codename. She turned to me and gave me an inquisitive look. "What's happening this time?"

"I saw it."

"Hmm?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Another Emulsifier," I stated grimly. I looked forward; I couldn't watch her face mold into a mask of horror. I briefly closed my eyes. Yeah, this job wasn't getting any easier.

When we reached Banges, Reiya lead the way to the counter and exchanged a few quiet words with Shrad. He came outside right afterwards. His face was grim just like ours. "Another?" he asked.

We walked along the outskirts of Hogsmeade while I filled both of them in. I managed to recount my tale without mentioning Lily, so I figured I was safe. As great friends as I was with Rei and Shrad, they didn't know whom I truly loved. Actually… I haven't had a best mate in so long, so no one knows my feelings for Lily. No even Lily herself, a nagging voice tormented in my head. I ignored it.

"This doesn't feel right," Reiya stated when we came to a clearing between Hogsmeade and the forest. "I mean, two of these things? And so soon in between?"

"We've got to station at least one of us inside the school," Shrad stated. He looked at me. "It should be you, since you saw the kid. You said you didn't get a good look at him, but-"

"I could probably recognize him if I saw him again, yeah," I finished. "Well, team leader?"

Shrad rolled his eyes at my mention of his title for the mission. "I, as team leader, order you to go to the office for once and get the proper paperwork. I'm going to set up some Charms and Anti-Intruders Jinxes and Hexes. Rei, you return to Hogsmeade and canvas the area."

Reiya and I nodded and I spun on the spot, Disapparating. I Apparated to London outside the entrance to the Ministry of Magic and went inside.

I have to say, the Ministry looks a lot different when you work there –or work for it, in my case. Anyway, it doesn't seem as ominous and foreboding when you're a MoM worker. So nothing stopped me and made me cower in fear or gape in awe as I made my way to the elevators and rode up to the Auror Office.

At the Auror Office, we have several sections. There are, of course, your standard desks and file cabinets (luckily no oppressive cubicles here). But we also have a separate office for our three bosses (Harry, Ron, and Hermione, fyi). We also have a special storage room/holding cell/test chamber. We can use it for interrogations, holding things such as Dark Magic items (or ruddy Emulsifiers), or try out alleged Dark Magic items to sort them into the categories Reiya listed before. It's a handy room and was pretty much danger-proof…except for that bit of table that had melted when Hermione and Ron had tested the Emulsifier.

I popped my head into the boss office. Only Ron, our boss for this certain mission, was there. "Oi, have a request."

He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "So nice of you to say 'hello,' Teddy," Ron grumbled. He glared at me. "What's this I hear of you dumping my niece?"

I gulped. Ah, crap. I knew this was going to come back and get me when I least expected it. "We… We were just going opposite directions, sir," I answered, being extra careful to show my fear of him. Ron was one of the few guys taller than me (the only others being Shrad, Bill, Minister Shacklebolt, and –as much as I'm told –my dad), so he commanding a pretty intimidating presence.

Ron sighed, deflating. "Oh, I know… Victoire is a lovely girl, but Fleur refuses to hear that Vicky gets ahead of herself sometimes."

I nodded in agreement. "Sometimes?"

Ron grimaced. "It doesn't mean I approve of you dropping her. She's still my niece, Lupin."

I nodded. "Yessir."

"So what did you need?"

"Well…" I caught him up on today's events and Ron acquiesced that someone should go undercover or at least be making rounds at the school.

"The paperwork for that's a pain in the arse, though," he complained as he sifted through the file cabinet against the wall. He drew out the roll of parchment and skimmed it. "Agh, these stupid big words… Where's 'Mione when I need her?"

"You called?" Hermione appeared in the doorway and winked at me in greeting. She went over to her husband and kissed his cheek. "Hi. How are things here?"

"Probably better in Diagon Alley," Ron replied.

Her face fell. "We haven't had any activity there. You mean…" She turned to me and demanded the story. When I was done, she took the parchment out of Ron's hands and started scribbling away. "Ron's right. This paperwork is awful because we have to get the school's compliance since it's infiltration based on a suspicion." Her hand flew over the parchment, despite her words. "I'll see if I can finish this soon."

"You should just head back to the school for now and talk with McGonagall," Ron suggested. "That could make this bit of work easier and you could be in faster."

"Okay. Do you have anything I can take with me as an issue of the task? It could help me get inside, too."

Ron grabbed a blank piece of parchment, wrote something small on it, stamped it with the Auror seal, and waved his wand over it, sealing it with a sign of his magic. He handed it to me. "Take this and talk to McGonagall before the night's over. Besides that, hold off until we've gotten this done."

I did as he said and returned to Scotland. I pulled my scarf around my neck tighter to fight against the cold, winter chill. Ugh, I hate the cold weather.

I made my way up the hill to Hogwarts and neared the foot of the castle. Then I saw that silhouette –again. And, no, I don't mean that Emulsifier kid. I mean LILY.

"Bloody hell!" I cursed under my breath as I withdrew my broom from my coat. I straddled the handle and sped off, chasing after my love.

Lily didn't seem to think anything was out of place. She just flew, speeding up and slowing down in sequences. Her hair whipped wildly behind her, and I was surprised that she was fine without a coat.

"Lily!" I hissed. "LILY!!

She slowed and stopped. Lily turned around, saw me, and half-grinned. "Hiya, Teddy."

I frowned and came to a halt in front of her. "Lilu, why are you out again? It's dangerous to be flying out at night."

"Is there a reason it's dangerous to be flying out at night?" she asked innocently. Well, anyone else would've thought it was innocent. I knew she was trying to pry information.

I gave her a stern look. "Lily, you know I can't speak about my mission. And don't change the subject. Why are you out at night again?"

Her lips drew down in a scrambled line and her eyes darted downward. She looked back to me, though. "I…don't know exactly."

My brow furrowed. "How could you not know?"

Lily shook her head. "Never mind. Please forget it, Teddy." She took off at a moderate pace, so I flew beside her.

"Lily, I can't forget it. Not when it concerns you." I reached out and rubbed her ice-cold shoulders. "At least do me the favor of going inside and warming up?"

She sighed. "Yeah…I will." Lily glanced at me, her teal blue eyes sad. Suddenly, she adjusted her speed to mine and rested her head on my shoulder. "You're a good guy, you know that, Teddy?"

My cheeks warmed, but I wasn't overcome by my emotions then. I was just happy her head was on my shoulder. "Thanks, Lilu. You're a great girl, Lils."

I felt her cheeks move up against my chest as she smiled. I wondered if she could hear my heartbeat…

I saw her into the school and parted ways with her after she headed up to the Gryffindor tower. I walked to McGonagall's office and saw that the light was off, so I knew I couldn't do anything tonight. Sigh… What an eventful day.

----------------------------------------------------------- ^-^3

It was the following weekend when the paperwork was finally processed and I was set to skulk around the campus as I saw fit. That was fine and all, except the couple had me working a bit of overtime. Merlin, I was exhausted.

When I finally made my way up to the school that Friday night, I entered the school as an Auror, but I soon shifted into my fisher form. My eyes were sharper, my other senses clearer –this was one of the many advantages to having such an Animagus form. I sprang across the stone steps and kept an eye out for anything mysterious. I found something, I guess. I saw a little sliver of light coming out of Flitwick's classroom. I chased after it as the door began to completely close, but I didn't make it in time. Whatever was in there was locked off to me.

I frowned, wondering if any of my spells might work to open it. I debated performing one, but decided against it in the end. If there was something afoul, then observing it would be the better route right now. Then maybe I could learn something.

However… Seeing as that door wasn't opening any day soon, I left the hallway and monitored the rest of the empty corridors. Nothing was out of the ordinary, so I headed back. As I drew nearer the Charms classroom, I squinted. No, my beady fisher eyes had to be lying.

Lily, again?!

I ran across the floor, shifting back into my human self as I got closer. I didn't care that my footsteps were somewhat heavy and echoing as Lily walked past the classroom door. If that really was a group of Dark Wizards-in-the-making, then no way did I want Lily anywhere near them!!!

"Lily! Lily!!" I hissed. But she didn't turn her head towards me. "Lily!!!" I grabbed her arm and turned her.

Oh, god. Her eyes were so blank.

No. Had they done something to her? Or…NO!!! She wasn't involved with them!! I knew Lily would never be involved with anything like that!!!

But her eyes were so dull and lifeless and…tired? Wait a…

"Lily! Lilu, speak to me." I shook her, but that didn't work. Oh, Merlin, please don't do this to me! I hugged her tightly to me, nearly squeezing the life out of her. Slowly, I felt her arms come up and embrace me.

"T-Teddy…?" she asked over a yawn. "What's going on? And…why am I out of bed?"

It dawned on me why she hadn't heard me before. It was why she hadn't seen me before either. She hadn't ignored me. She hadn't even noticed me.

Lily was a sleepwalker. And a sleep-flier.

"Lily, you've got to return to the Gryffindor tower!" I hissed in her ear. I heard stirrings inside the Charms classroom and a chill traveled up and down my spine. No, no, anything but this awful timing.

"Teddy, stop freaking me out." She turned my face towards hers and made me look down into her eyes. "Tell me what's going on."

"I-" I choked on my sentence as footsteps neared the door. I shoved Lily away from me and told her to run. I ducked to the side just as the door opened.

A boy with curly, shoulder-length black hair stepped out. He was a Hufflepuff, judging by his sweater stripes. And he had frost copper eyes that seemed to glow red.

And he saw both Lily and me.

----------------------------------------------------------- ^-^3

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