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"Alright. I get it; the interrogator in you is coming out." He scowled at her smirk, "But not now. I need some alcohol for this story to come out."

"I know of this bar." Olivia started.

"No, O'Neill's. 9 o'clock. No rain checks." He turned away, casting a glare at the staring agents surrounding them as they tried to hurriedly find somewhere else to be. Walter shot him a knowing glance as he zipped up the black body bag.

"I'll meet ya back at the lab. Walter, you can ride with the body, just don't..."

"I know," was the resigned answer, "Don't try any of the medications."

Peter managed a tight grin as he continued off to the old station wagon.


Olivia sat alone at the bar. She had arrived early, trying to pull her head from the case, though the mystery of Peter was seriously intriguing. She swirled the glass of ice water around when she heard the door open behind her.

"So yer didn't get stood up." Mumbled the bartender with his thick brogue.

"Of course not," Peter answered as he took a seat next to her. "Shot of whiskey, please."

"Certainly." He pulled a shot glass up onto the counter, filling it skillfully.

Olivia could tell Peter had already been drinking by his loose posture as he slouched on the barstool. She decided to go an easier route, "So your father found a connection with the car accident here and a recorded collision in Baltimore."

"You don't have to talk about the case. I said I would tell you, and I'm ready to." His face spread into that goofy grin on his that didn't reach his eyes, his defense mechanism, as he spun on his seat to face her.

"I'm listening."