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Title: Wedding Sex
Author: Exquisitelyugly
Summary: Bella debates wedding sex with a long-time friend she dated a few years ago to get over her cheating ex-boyfriend.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything belongs to S. Meyer!

*Thanks to ILuvWolves for being my beta! You're awesome!

"Ugh, I'm a freak of nature," I sighed. "I'm a bridesmaid gone horribly wrong," I added for good measure.

Angela just rolled her eyes at me as she adjusted her headpiece and veil for the trillionth time. "Bella, you are not. You just need a good hairstylist. And someone who knows how to apply make-up," she said with a snicker.

Jessica giggled as she sat on the floor with Alice, the seamstress, who just so happened to be Angela's friend from one of her classes. They were holding and pinning up the bottom of Angela's wedding dress as I stared in the mirror at my frizzy, brown hair; my wan face only brightened by the slash of pink lipstick I'd hastily applied.

"Very funny," I muttered sourly. I knew she was right, though.

I sighed and let go of the mess that was my hair, yanking it into a ponytail for the time being. I smiled as I watched Angela's glowing face in the mirror. We had met in our senior year of high school after I had moved to Forks, Washington. We hit it off immediately and I got to know Jessica in the process. The three of us had been as thick as thieves as soon as we all came to gym one day with notes to get out of volleyball. It worked out for us when we graduated, too. All three of us wanted to go to The University of Washington so we could stay together.

Angela met Alex in one of our literature classes together our first year at The University of Washington. It hadn't taken them long to fall in love with each other; when Angela wasn't with us she was attached at the hip to Alex. He proposed to her on their first year anniversary and I could scarcely believe it was now their wedding day.

Jessica came back in with drinks for all of us a look on her face that told me I wasn't going to like what she had to say. "So, um, Bella… it looks like Edward did come."

I saw them eyeing me worriedly, and I tried to keep my expression under control. "I didn't really expect Alex to un-invite him because we aren't together anymore. That would have been rude."

Jessica passed me an iced tea. "Yeah, and we certainly wouldn't have expected Edward to politely say he was unable to come. No, he knew you would be here and he would take any opportunity he could get to try and win you back."

"What did Edward do?" Angela's friend Alice asked me.

I winced. Edward and I had dated for almost as long as Angela and Alex; that is, until I discovered he slept with someone else. He had swept me off my feet when I met him. Literally. I had slipped on the floor with a full tray in the cafeteria. I managed to get the tray onto a table before going down, but then I realized someone was holding me up. Edward, with the perpetually messy, bronze hair and beautiful moss-green eyes had rescued me from falling straight onto my ass.

He had been charming for the first eight months we were together, and then we fell into the routine of just dating without the charming bits. Edward had been nice to me and the sex had been exciting for awhile, that is, until the novelty wore off. He never strayed from the tried and true and it was all more than a bit boring. I thought we had just hit a plateau in our relationship, but then I found out he had sex with a girl on my floor and according to the hall gossip it had not been tried and true.

I broke up with him immediately, but he persisted in trying to get me back. I really did believe he meant it when he said he was sorry and made a mistake, but after I slept with him again during a weak moment I just knew that wasn't going to be good for me. So I ended it again. He still tried with me, and I had gotten quite tired of the same old song and dance.

"Are you okay?" Angela asked quietly, interrupting my musings after I finished with my spiel to Alice.

"Yeah, for the most part," I said. "I just know he's going to be bothering me today and I'm not interested."

"You haven't really been interested in anyone since things ended with him," Jessica pointed out gently. "It's been too long, Bella. You should get out there and try to meet someone. Or, you know, just have wedding sex."

Angela snorted, but tried to mask it.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, because that's so me."

"Oh, come on! You need something to compare against Edward. And your drunken one-night stand doesn't count!" Jessica said.

"You mean my 'drunken sort of one-night stand'," I muttered.

I shuddered at the thought. I had the brilliant idea of trying to move on from Edward by getting a little drunk and finding a guy I was attracted to. We had just started to get to the good stuff – he was even partially inside of me – and then he passed out. The first and last time I would ever try that again!

By this point the hairstylist and make-up artist had arrived, so we were primped and poked at for what felt like forever. When we finally managed to escape their clutches, I couldn't help smiling at my reflection. My hair was now nice and smooth with a soft crown of braids held together with clips that had real daisies on them. I wasn't one to wear much make-up – if at all – but it was very natural and showed off all the better aspects of my face.

We headed up from the basement of the church where they'd had a salon set up for us. Jessica stuck her elbow in my side.

"Wedding sex alert at three o'clock," she muttered.

I sighed, but obliged her by looking surreptitiously. I frowned a little as I realized something about the man seemed familiar. I knew Alex had a little Native American in his blood – Makah to be precise – so I wasn't surprised some of his friends were Native, too. Yet there was something about this man's russet-toned skin, the way he moved with confidence, the way his laugh sounded, that struck something within me.

When he turned, my jaw nearly unhinged and I practically choked on my tongue.

"I know. Hot, isn't he?" Jess whispered, but all I heard was a buzzing sound in my head.

Jacob Black. It couldn't be.

I hadn't seen him since right before I left for college – when I had broken up with him because I was leaving Forks. It had been a couple years; he had been sixteen at the time and I was eighteen. We dated for four months. I could have easily fallen in love with him; sometimes I suspected I really had, but we never had the chance to continue our relationship, what with me moving away. It plagued me and I hadn't dated for a few months after I left because I felt horrible for hurting him and because I missed him. He had become one of my best friends and that friendship progressed to a relationship over time.

When I came home for Christmas I felt like such a horrible person for not going to visit him. My dad Charlie was best friends with his dad Billy, but I was kind of scared of seeing Jake again. I still had strong feelings for him and I figured a long-distance relationship might ruin the friendship we had.

I smiled a little recalling all the times we had walked on First Beach in La Push, watching movies at his place or mine, going to the tide pools hand in hand. He had been my first kiss and I was his. We used to lay on the couch, legs twined together, innocent as could be until Charlie left the room. Then our hands would roam. Jake had wanted our relationship to progress further, but I was always too responsible for my own good. I always regretted not showing him how much I cared for him in other – more physical – ways.

I was still reminiscing when I heard my name. "Bella Swan?"

I came to and found Jacob was staring straight at me, shock and recognition on his face. I felt my cheeks heat in response.

Before I realized what was happening, Jake swept me up in his arms and was hugging me tightly. When he put me down, I wheezed. "Wow… Jake… that was quite a hug. You're huge!" I said stupidly.

And he was. His long black hair had been cut shorter, but it was still enough to be a little windblown – which it was. His face had matured; had lost the roundness of youth. And he had filled out and up. Big time. His muscles were rounded and looked as hard as rock… and he had a lot of them. He had wide shoulders and a chest that tapered down to a slim stomach and hips. He had incredibly long legs, which probably put him around 6'3. Everything else was the same – the beautiful dark eyes, full lips and gorgeous smile.

"How have you been, Bells?" he asked as he walked alongside me. Jessica made herself scarce.

"Good, good," I replied. "I'm at The University of Washington in Seattle studying literature and business. Are you in school, too?"

"Yeah, I got a scholarship and landed in Seattle Pacific University. I'm studying business and Native American studies." We arrived at the entrance to the church and I had to get in line.

"Are you going to the reception?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'll catch up with you there, okay?" he said and with a quick wave went to take his seat.

I tried my hardest to focus on walking down the aisle in the three inch heels I was forced to wear. I clutched the bouquet and tried not to think about Jacob as I took my place next to Angela with Jessica on her other side. The ceremony was beautiful; I couldn't help smiling as Reverend Weber choked up a little while pronouncing his daughter and son-in-law as husband and wife. My eyes drifted back to Jacob as they kissed, and I found he was staring right back at me.

His smile was infectious; I never could resist smiling back at him. Then I realized Edward was sitting behind Jacob and was smiling at me, too. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and just shot him an annoyed look, probably confusing the hell out of Jacob in the process.

The ceremony over, we hurried outside to shower the bride and groom with birdseed as they got in their car for the drive to Port Angeles. I knew Angela wanted to get married in Forks because her dad was the Reverend there, but she insisted on driving an hour to Port Angeles to one of her and Alex's favorite restaurants for the reception. It was apparently big enough in the back to turn into a club of sorts.

Everyone followed suit and I suffered through Jessica's endless questions about Jacob. Her eyes widened when I explained who he was. "Oh, I sort of remember him. He was younger than us, wasn't he? And he went to school on the reservation?"

"Yes, he did." I stayed pretty quiet, lost in my thoughts about how I had left him behind and how much it had hurt to do so, so Jessica finally gave up questioning me.

The restaurant was pretty as we walked through to the back room. The lighting was soft, dimmed as couples ate in the quiet atmosphere. There were scattered pots of wildflowers and the tables were turned certain ways to afford people more privacy.

The room we ended up in was immense, filled with tables and adorned with glass vases that held a single pink Pacific Rhododendron flower. The chandeliers were pretty, but simple, and they cast a soft glow. We sat at the wedding table, groaning at her and Alex kissing every opportunity they got. We dined on salmon, green beans, parmesan potatoes and salad. Every chance I got, I surreptitiously searched the room for Jacob, but couldn't find him. I morosely drank some more wine.

I was anxious to finish eating and find him. Angela and Alex had decided to forgo some of the more traditional events that happened at a reception, so I was able to skip the wedding dance. I was on the dance floor with Jessica, Angela, and Alice and another glass of wine when I felt a tap on my shoulder. With a quick spin that nearly sent me toppling over, I felt a huge wave of disappointment when I realized it was Edward.

"Bella?" he questioned, holding his hand out to me.

I reluctantly put my hand in his and let him lead us around the dance floor, avoiding the daggers my friends were shooting at me with their eyes. I couldn't seem to be mean no matter what.

"Bella, you know how sorry I am…" he started to say.

I raised my hand. "Edward… please. Not now. Not ever actually. I told you it was over and I meant it."

He gave me a pleading look. "But Bella, I love you."

Irritation won over and I tried to pull away from him. His grip tightened and I glared at him. "Let me go Edward. We're at a wedding, dammit, and I'm not in the mood for this puppy-dog routine."

His expression was mutinous as he refused to let go. I began yanking, trying to break free, when I felt someone behind me. "Excuse me. I think you might want to let go of Bella unless you want me to help you let go of her."

I nearly stumbled as he released me quickly while I was in mid-yank, but a pair of warm arms held me up. I turned and was met with a sturdy wall of chest. Looking up, I smiled. "You are here!"

Jake chuckled. "Yeah, I am. I just got stuck in the back."

As he took my hand and gently spun me around the dance floor, he glanced over at a sulking Edward. "So who's the asshole?"

I sighed. "My ex. He cheated on me and while I believe he's sorry, I have no interest in trying a relationship again with him. I don't trust him."

Jake's grip tightened slightly. "Why anyone would cheat on you is beyond me," he said, gently pushing me away and slowly dragging his gaze over me. I felt my cheeks heat at the obvious perusal and the intense heat in his gaze.

He gently tugged me in closer again until I was pressed flush against his body. I felt every ridge of muscle in his chest and stomach and felt my own body react instantaneously. As he moved me around the dance floor, I again thought of how we parted when I left for school.

"Hey Jake?" I said softly.

"Hmmm?" he murmured. I felt his breath stir my hair and I shivered.

"I just wanted you to know I always thought about you. I felt terrible ending our relationship, hurting both of us, when I left for college. I'm especially sorry I didn't come to see you the times I managed to come home. I told myself it was so it didn't hurt when I left again, but I should have come. You weren't just my boyfriend; you were one of my best friends."

He was quiet for a moment as he steered us into a darker corner of the dance floor. The strobe lights that had flicked on and the loud music insured we would have privacy. I felt his lips against my ear and was again flooded with heat.

"I won't lie to you Bells. I was hurt, but deep down I think I sort of knew why you did it. I missed you, but I knew it wouldn't have been easy to maintain a relationship with that much distance between us, especially with me still being in high school."

I swallowed hard. "I just didn't want you to think I didn't care. I really did – very much so. It took me a while to start dating again; no one ever really compared."

I felt him lean forward and saw his dark eyes close to mine. "I know, Bells. You know I cared about you a great deal, too."

We swayed a little to the music and I rested my cheek on his chest. As we moved I caught sight of Edward dancing with another woman, looking out of sorts. He caught my eye. "Who is he?" he mouthed.

I rolled my eyes at him. "A friend," I mouthed back and then turned my head away.

Jake suddenly pulled back and laced his fingers with mine. "Come on, let's go outside for a minute."

Surprised, I let him pull me out the door and onto a deck at the back of the restaurant. Twinkle lights encircled the railing, casting a faint glow over the pond below.

"What are we out here for?" I questioned, turning to look at him.

"For this," he whispered, his hands cupping my face gently. My eyes widened in surprise as he lowered his full, incredibly luscious mouth until it was pressed against mine. I felt as if I were going back in time, back to when everything was light and sweet, but this kiss was different. We both knew what we were doing.

He pressed soft kisses against my mouth until my lips parted in a hum of pleasure. His tongue traced my lips, dipping slowly inside, until I felt his tongue brush mine. I closed my lips over his tongue, sucking and lightly tugging at it. For a second he pulled back and our eyes met. His dark eyes were smoldering as we stared at each other and then I was sitting on the railing with Jake securely holding on to me as we kissed frantically.

His lips were incredible. Amazing.

His one arm was wrapped around my back, holding on to me as my legs tightened around his waist trying to pull him closer. His other hand was under my hair, fingers stroking, as I kissed him with all the pent-up sexual frustration I apparently hadn't realized I had. His soft groan spurred me on and I flicked my tongue against his lips, sliding inside again.

"Bells, I really want to go inside and find… somewhere… to be alone with you." His normally husky voice was even huskier and it sent thrills directly between my thighs.

I wanted to go inside, too and find somewhere to go with him, but I hesitated for a second. Was I really going to do this? I told myself I wouldn't do this again after my "half drunken sort of sex" encounter. This was Jake, though, and I wanted it. Screw it. I want him and I want him now.

I nodded eagerly. "Let's go," I said, my own voice a bit raspy.

With that assurance in hand, he nearly dragged me through the door behind him, back through the room where everyone was dancing and out into the hallway that connected our room with the main restaurant. I was laughing as he determinedly pulled me down the hall, looking for anywhere we could go.

He pushed a side door open. "Oops, sorry," he said and shut the door just as I saw a couple twined together in there.

A few giggles escaped. "Someone else had the same idea," he said with a smirk.

"Okay, in here," he commanded, hurrying me into another doorway just around the corner.

"A coat closet?" I couldn't stop laughing.

He chuckled. "Yeah, well, it'll have to do. If I don't have you soon, I'm going to go crazy."

My laughter stopped when he backed me up behind the coats until my back was against the wall. His kisses were hungry, his tongue tracing the line of my lips only to dip back inside to stroke against mine. I ran my hands up his back, moving to his chest and abdomen, stroking over the lines of muscle. My head fell back as his lips attacked my throat. I moaned at the feel of his hands sliding up my sides to the straps of my dress.

"Bella, you taste so good," he murmured, tugging the straps down and kissing along my collarbones.

I was desperate for more. I pushed my hips against his and felt his incredibly hard, large cock press against me. I hurriedly unbuttoned his dress shirt, needing to feel his bare skin under my hands. As soon as his chest was bare, I pressed my lips to his russet skin. My tongue sought out his nipple and he groaned.

Jake unzipped the back of my dress and slid my dress down until my breasts were bared. He gripped both my wrists in one large hand and pinned them to the wall over my head while he explored my nipples with the other. I whimpered when he circled them, gasped in pleasure when he pinched them, and cried out when his lips tugged at one of my nipples.

"Mmm Jake, that feels so good," I gasped as he alternately suckled each of them harder.

His hands trailed a path of heat as they released my wrists and grazed over the swell of my breasts, moving down my stomach. Then he was on his knees and I felt my heart give a lurch. I tried to rein in my breathing as he knelt before me, his hands stroking over my ankles only to gently push them apart and spread me further. I felt a rush of wetness in my panties as his hands stroked my calves and tickled my knees.

When his mouth replaced his hands on my thighs, I moaned heavily. Edward had never done this for me; he had told me he just wasn't into it. My fingers clenched in Jake's hair as his mouth brushed over my panty-clad mound.

"Oh… yes… Jake, please… I've never…" I gasped and then realized what I said. My cheeks heated in embarrassment.

Jake looked up and his eyes met mine. "Don't be embarrassed, Bells. Just enjoy it," he murmured.

He disposed of my panties and I tried to muffle my cry as his mouth touched me again. Jake hooked his hand under my knee, pushing it roughly against the wall, opening me further. As his tongue dipped inside me, little panting moans escaped my throat as I held his head tighter. As soon as his lips, teeth, and tongue attacked my overly-sensitive clit, I squeezed my eyes shut, my head thrashing against the wall.

"Oh fuck…" I managed to groan.

"Bells, you taste so fucking good," he moaned against me, sending fire racing to every nerve ending in my body. His mouth sucked and nipped at me, sending me straight over the edge with a little scream as my body arched in response to my intense orgasm.

My legs felt like jelly and I slid down the wall right into Jake's lap. He chuckled softly, pressing his lips to mine, his tongue probing. I tasted myself on him, which turned me on even more. I impatiently tugged at his pants and he helped me rid him of them.

My eyes widened a little at the sight of him; thick, long, and hard. He was a woman's dream come true. He leaned over and began nipping at my earlobe, and I moaned as he lightly swirled his tongue along the inner curve of my ear. I reached down while he nipped along my jaw and cupped his balls in my hand. I was rewarded with a soft moan in my ear.

I gently squeezed, testing him. His hips bucked a little and his breath caught. I gripped the length of his cock, stroking the full length, alternately squeezing hard and soft. "Oh Bells," he groaned. "I want you more than anything. I'm going to bury myself inside of you so deep… you are so wet I'll just slide right in."

I whimpered at his husky voice whispering promises in my ear.

We heard talking outside; he shifted us further back, pulling me onto his lap in the process. The fear of being caught scared the hell out of me, but made the ache deep inside worse. I needed him inside of me; the people outside be damned.

He whispered in my ear, telling me he couldn't stop now, that he would be fucking my brains out even if the door opened. His voice was doing incredible things to my body. My nipples tightened, the area between my legs gave a hearty throb, and my heart was pounding. I still heard talking outside, though it now sounded more like an annoying buzz in my ear as Jake grasped my hips and positioned me over him.

"You're on the pill, right?" he asked pleadingly.

"Yes," I managed to gasp.

As soon as I answered, he yanked my hips down and thrust up into me. I tried to muffle my cry as Jake filled me entirely. I re-adjusted my hips to accommodate him and then I began rocking my hips eagerly. He held me close as his hips thrust up to meet mine.

Suddenly I was flat on my back, Jake hovering over me. He scooped his hands under my thighs and lifted them until my legs were bent and pushed back towards my chest. His hips thrust against mine, going even deeper. I barely recognized the sounds coming from me as his cock stroked my inner walls.

"You feel incredible," he groaned his lips against mine. "So tight, so wet…"

"Jake, faster," I pleaded.

His hips thrust so fast and hard I was sliding inch by inch over the ground. His hand slid down between us, where he gave my clit a pinch. I felt myself stiffen, reaching up to pull his mouth down to mine again. One more pinch and thrust and I cried out into his mouth as my body convulsed with the force of my climax. I clamped down on him and felt him release into me as he gasped and moaned into my neck.

We lay there, dazed, as our bodies trembled.

He gently slid out of me, moving back and pulling me with him. He stroked his fingers over my bare back as I snuggled into him.

"That was amazing," I whispered. I could barely believe I had wedding sex. And I had wedding sex with someone who was incredibly amazing.

"It was," he murmured. "That asshole ex of yours never deserved you, Bella. Your body was meant to be worshipped, your personality was meant for someone to love and cherish you."

I blushed a little as I pulled back and kissed him gently. "Thank you, Jake. I feel the same about you," I said a little shyly. I felt regret at having to leave this little closet, to go back to the reception, but I knew we couldn't stay here any longer. Plus I was beginning to panic over the occasional voice outside now that things were over.

He helped me up as we quickly pulled our clothes back on and into place. He listened at the door as I smoothed my hair. "Come on, the coast is clear," he whispered grabbing my hand.

Once safely outside the coat closet, we headed down the hall.

"What the hell? Why are there a bunch of coats lying on the floor in here?" I heard a female voice say as we walked down the hall.

We both broke into quiet laughter; apparently we had gotten a little too excited at some point. I saw Jessica near the entrance to the restaurant and her eyes widened at the sight of me. Jake caught my hand and I tried not to giggle as Jessica's lips turned up in an "I-told-you-so" smirk.

I felt deliriously happy, but deep down felt a nagging tug that Jake would be going back to his school while I went back to mine. I tried not to let it bother me, but before we went in he tugged me to a stop. Right there in front of Jessica and a few others that had just come out he kissed me slowly, over and over.

"Bells? I hope you realize this isn't the end of us," he said with a little grin. "I'm not letting you get away again."

I was completely ecstatic with that idea, so I smiled right back at him, thrilled that this little sexual escapade could turn into something more lasting. I had my best friend, my first and definitely best boyfriend back… with the added promise of a future brighter than I could have hoped for.