The behemoth plowed into the cold silt plains at the bottom of the ocean, sending up clouds of murkiness and small organisms alike as it drove its body into the sand. It writhed, mindless of how its thrashing alarmed the smaller creatures in the vicinity while attracting larger predators. Here at the bottom of the ocean, where no light reached and the temperature was just a few degrees above freezing the behemoth exhibited an energy foreign to these depths. In the silent darkness, the behemoth was hidden, but the pressure waves it created attested to its great mass. The infrequent faint illumination of a stray bioluminescent organism caught up in the turbulence, offered the only hint at the behemoth's size, meeting a weak reflection of itself as it drifted past the broad side of the creature. An ancient six-gill shark fourteen feet in length entered the area just as the erratic movements ceased. The largest predator of the abyssal zone, the shark continued to drift silently towards the epicenter of the disturbance, its tail barely moving.

With most of the bothersome barnacles now removed from its hide, the behemoth righted itself and ascended swiftly, pushing the archaic shark aside with only the envelope of pressure created by its passage. The behemoth paid as much attention to the large shark as it had the microscopic creatures it had disturbed, which was none. It ascended into the twilight zone and began to encounter more familiar populations of marine life. In the deepest level of shadow were the cumbersome and slow-moving grouper, above those, deep-running schools of tuna, followed by swifter snapper and bonita. These fish gave the behemoth a wide berth, unnecessarily so, since it was not hungry.

Now the water was growing brighter and warmer and colors were returning to the visible spectrum. Strain was beginning to express itself within the behemoth's body, incurred by the swift ascent, but it did not slow. The fish became smaller nearer to the surface, residing in schools that numbered in the hundreds or thousands, all to create the impression that they were not as inconsequential as they appeared. They were also fast and colorful, in great contrast to the drab slower fish of the depths. The behemoth cleaved through these living clouds and the hapless fish tumbled in its wake. The discomfort of the changing pressure was now so strong as to border on pain. It could taste the increased salinity of the photic zone, where the sunlight was strong and cast brilliant streaks into the water. An instant before it surfaced, the behemoth felt the ghostly touch of the blankets of algae and seaweed.

The large creature rose high out of the water, then crashed back with a terrific splash that sent the tiny fish nearby into flight. At the ceiling of its domain, the behemoth rolled over on its side to view the void beyond while the water settled and the foam disappeared. The expanse of sky was as great as that of the ocean, stretching unbroken to the horizon. The blazing sun that could not be looked at directly and a few swaths of cirrocumulus clouds marked the heights of the aerial gallery, but otherwise, it was barren. A lone cormorant glided overhead and banked to circle the small dark island below. It considered landing, but chose otherwise and continued on its way.

The behemoth's iridescent skin shimmered under the dancing sunlight that entered the water while it regarded the two worlds with one eye. Too heavy to rise and fall with the swells, the behemoth floated practically motionless and as it rested, it could feel the radiant sunlight infusing warmth into flesh chilled by the depths. The strain of its rapid ascent had reached its utmost and was now beginning to fade. Exposed to the air, the spots of skin that had been previously covered by barnacles now began to itch. The behemoth could see nothing more than the sky and the constantly advancing and retreating boundary of the ocean.

A thick tear was elicited from the eye by the cauterizing air and the behemoth's exposed skin was beginning to feel uncomfortably dry, so it rolled back into the seawater, the touch of which was welcoming and cool, and submerged. Beneath the waves, the shadow of the submerged behemoth resumed moving, swiftly enough to impress a muted wake upon the surface, some twenty feet above. Northwest it swam, towards the North American continent.