Hey Faithful Readers, Reviewers, Alert-ers and Favorite-rs, (I wanted to say "Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode," but this isn't the show, and I don't own it).

This is just a heads-up that I will be posting a sequel to "Ever Present, Because Immortal." Until then, I'm going to give you the summary of that sequel. I'm still working out some kinks in the way the story will go, but I can confirm that the team and Aislinn will be there. And we'll be meeting her family.


A case in a small Northern-Wisconsin lake town has SSA Dr. Spencer Reid reuniting with a familiar face. But contact with this UnSub may change his life, and his relationship with Aislinn, forever.


I'm also working on a one-shot spanning the time between Ever Present…, and the sequel, which should be up soon.


I also have a playlist. Most of the music would be the music scores you'd usually hear during an episode, (or some tunes from any of the more recent Harry Potter movies (5 or 6) would work, too), but I had a playlist for some Reid/Aislinn moments.

Who We Are…Hope 7 (Aislinn is running late to class, runs into Reid, and runs off to class) I'll post a link to the song on my profile if you want to hear it.

Cable Car…The Fray (Reid working the geographical profile, and talks with Aislinn about the book)

Chasing Cars…Snow Patrol OR You Found Me…The Fray OR Never Think…Rob Pattinson (The scene at the pond)

Assassin…Muse (Garcia discovering the UnSub's identity to Aislinn reaching the organ balcony)

Carry You Home… James Blunt (After Griggs' death, during the hospital scene)

Chase This Light… Jimmy Eat World (At Brewberrys Coffee Shop)

Original of the Species…U2 (When Reid and Aislinn say good-bye, and on the plane while Reid and Morgan talk)


On an unrelated note, I'm planning the next chapter of Off The Tracks and On Fire… Which should be finalized soon. I will let you in on a secret… Nathan Harris is NOT the UnSub.

Thanks for your comments, thoughts, ideas, and reviews cloudgirl9, SayidRocks, dothepepperminttwist, and Noel Ardnek! I hope to hear again from you.