This is my first story so please don't be hard on me if you don't like it. Well that's all I have to say.

Disclaimer: Detective Conan/Case Closed belongs to Gosho Aoyama not me and the idea of Shinichi taking care of a shrunken Ran also belongs to hollow777 not me. The only thing I own in this story is the plot of the story.

Chapter 1

He knew it had been over a year since that fateful day at Tropical Land, he just couldn't remember if it was 2 or 3 years that had past. He stopped paying attention when the first year ended. Guilt for lying to the people he loved and the torment of having to act like a little kid to fool the people he lied to was eating away at Conan to no end. He thought about how cruel it was to solve the murders that came across him and Ran and Kogoro, but never receive the credit he deserved.

Walking down the street, late at night when barely anyone was out to see him, was the only way that helped Conan keep his mind focused on other things when there wasn't a puzzle to solve or a code to crack.

Conan would've been scared of the eerie shadows the silvery light of the full moon casted upon the city if he were a true seven year old, but being outside in the cool night breeze helped him think of more positive things in his lifelike how the poison didn't kill him or that the Black Organization hasn't discovered who he really is. As he was so wrapped up in his thoughts he didn't realize he was walking down a familiar road, and he looked up at the house he once lived in. looking up at his home brought him back to the last day he spent as himself, and he wished he could've changed what he did so he wouldn't end up as Edogawa Conan.

Suddenly a bright white light invaded Conan's line of sight. He turned to see where it was coming from, but couldn't see clearly until the light faded to a faint glow in an alley across the street. Before he knew what he was doing Conan was already half way across the street and soon was peering down the alley of the mysterious glow.

Conan's jaw dropped as his eyes engulfed the image of a teenage girl with beautiful white feather wings standing in the middle of the alley. She was wearing a peach colored tank top with Bermuda jean shorts. He couldn't help but notice the glow was emitting from the girl, he also couldn't help noticing that he was approaching the with easse.

"Hello Conan-kun," she chirped when Conan was close enough to hear her clearly. "I'm here to grant your wish."

"Who are you?" Conan asked curiously. "How do you know my name?"

"Oh, I'm Vicky, a young angel," the teenage girl replied with a kind smile, "and I know everything about you……Shinichi."

Conan's face paled as pearl white as the bright shining light that drew him to the alley. "W-were you following me?!"

"If you call watching over you 'following' then yes, I was," Vicky answered shrugging. Then she knelt down to eye level with Conan and said, "You're probably wondering why I have an American name huh?"

Conan nodded slowly with a nervous look on his face.

"Well," Vicky chuckled, "I just like the name, I think it's cute."

"Okay," Conan said feeling a bit less nervous, then his face turned to a look of surprise and said, "You said something about granting my wish?"

"Oh yes!" the angel cried with her own look of surprise for forgetting why she was there, "I did but I have to warn you, something that happened before will not happen again, and…… may choose at least 2 people that will travel back in time with you."

"Really?!" Exclaimed the not-really-a-little boy excitement growing in his wide eyes, he began to think of the people to choose to go back with him, "Okay, I have my 2 people," he said at last.

"Okay, who are they?"

"Hattori Heiji and Haibara Ai!"

"Well, now that we have everything settled I guess we can move on to taking you back to the past," said Vicky standing up, "Okay here we go."

Suddenly Conan was thrown back, wind rushing past him, roaring in his ears, he closed his eyes. Then, as quickly as it had started, it stopped, and noise and sound filled the air along with the smell of the amusement park. He opened his eyes and he was back.