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Chapter 15

The bright, golden, late afternoon light of the sun shone through the window of a hospital room. The occupant of the room was sound asleep in the bed. His head wrapped in bandages, his right leg in a cast. An IV was injected into his arm, connected to a bag of medicine to help relieve the pain for when he awoke.

The unobstructed light from the window touched upon the patient, waking him from the deep sleep he was under. As he came to, he could feel nothing that would be out of the ordinary to him, except that his head felt heavy and light at the same time, making him almost feel like he was sitting at the bottom of the ocean and the waves were pushing him around.

He lifted a hand to his head and felt where the piece of rubble crashed against it. A pounding pain erupted from the wound and the poor teen hissed from the unwelcomed feeling. He dropped his hand back to his side and decided that it was time to sit up. The stress of the movement gave him a headache and he laid back down to relieve the pain and decided to use the button on the side to lift the head of the bed higher.

Seconds later he heard voices outside his door right before it opened and a little girl with three teens behind her walked in. The girl had her head turned toward one of the teens as she came in and when she turned around to face forward, her eyes lit up when they fell on the patient in the bed, and a smile broke out on her lips.

"Shinichi you're wake!" Ran ran to the side of the bed and pulled herself up. Sitting with her legs tucked under her, she reached for Shinichi's head laying a gentle hand upon the bandages. "How do you feel?"

"I feel good, thanks for asking," he smiled. He turned to everyone else in the room and asked, "What about you guys?"

"All got out fine," Heiji answered.

"Save for a couple cuts and bruises," Kaito cut in with his usual grin.

"How long was I out?"

"All morning and most of the afternoon," Hakuba replied. "It's almost three o'clock."

Shinichi nodded then turned to Kaito, an important question in mind. "Did you get it?"

Kaito's grin grew wider as he answered: "Sure did! It's hidden at HQ. I made sure that no one would be able to find it!"

"Good! Now how are we going to get rid of it?"

Two weeks later Shinichi was out of the hospital and on crutches for another week or so until he could wear a boot. Kaito, Heiji, and Hakuba waited until Shinichi was out of the hospital and back home before they destroyed the gem. This moment was much too important to leave anyone out.

Shinichi was resting on the couch in the living room with his leg propped up on pillows. He was growing bored by now and was wondering what was taking so long. Kaito was retrieving the Pandora from his hiding place, while Heiji and Hakuba were setting all the equipment needed to destroy the gem in the library (and also making a comfortable chair for Shinichi to sit in and prop his leg up), Ran was in the kitchen preparing to make lunch. Hakuba offered to help her but she politely refused by saying:

"No thanks. I may be the size of a six – year – old but that doesn't mean I can't still do the things I used to as my older self. And besides, I've been slacking off since I changed and I need to get back into doing these things."

Shinichi wanted to help too but he knew better than to walk in his condition. Obviously. Fifteen minutes went by before he grew bored and decided to move to the library. So he grabbed his crutches, struggled to a stand, and hobbled out of the room. He made it to the entrance of the library and found it empty. He also found that the couch was made up for him, with two pillows on the farthest side against the arm and one on the arm closest to him, making it easier to lie down and become more comfortable. He made it to the couch and was about to lie down when he heard someone walked through the door and Heiji's voice said:

"What do you think you're doing out of bed, Kudo?"

"I wasn't in bed," Shinichi gave an annoyed look.

"You know what I mean." Heiji came up to Shinichi and took the crutches so the other teen could sit and support his cast covered leg on the pillows. "You need to rest."

"I am resting!" Shinichi exclaimed, irritated. "I'm just bored from laying around with nothing to do." He slouched in his seat to make himself more comfortable. "I need to move around."

Right at that moment, Ran walked in carrying some pain killers and a glass of water. Hakuba held the door open for her as she walked through. At the same time, Kaito appeared in a puff of smoke with an office chair clutched in his hands.

"Then maybe you'd like to use this?" A toothy grin spread across the magician's face at his own words.

"No," came the short reply. "That's impractical."

"How so?"

Shinichi ignored the thief in favor of takin the glass and pills. Shinichi was hoping for food and voiced his concerns. "What about lunch?"

Ran scowled at Shinichi before taking her seat in a chair beside the couch. "You're supposed to take these pills an hour before eating. Otherwise they'll make you sick."

Shinichi grumbled a little, but swallowed the painkillers anyway. The faster he took them, the faster he could eat. He set the glass on the coffee table and squirmed a little to be more comfortable. "Okay let's get this over with. Where's the gem?"

In response Kaito sat in the office chair and began spinning. "You mean this lovely Lady right here?" he asked. When he stopped, he was facing the group with the Lady Magenta held gently in his hands.

Kaito stood and stepped up to the coffee table, setting the jewel gently upon the wood surface. He then sat in an armchair and leaned back casually. Heiji reached for the hammer and nail that laid next to the stone. But before he could make the first blow, Kaito leaned forward with his arm extended toward Heiji, his hand open palm up and a playful scowl upon his features. Kaito's whole body language read 'gimme'.

"I'm the one who devoted his life in order to find this thing and avenge my father!" he exclaimed when the tanned detective didn't hand over the tools.

With a look from everyone else in the room, Heiji reluctantly gave the hammer and nail to Kaito while mumbling something about how 'the thief gets all the fun'. Kaito ignored him in favor of concentrating on his aim.

With one swift swing, the hammer came down. The nail went through completely, hitting the center, and from the nail head, cracks had been created. They spread quickly as if they were breaking through ice and not through rock. Then suddenly, the jewel fell apart into smaller pieces, each small enough to be held in the palm of your hand.

"There. Now that that's done, let's bury the pieces," Kaito exclaimed

So after each piece of the gem was buried in the backyard of the Kudo mansion, the five friends went inside to have some well-deserved lunch. The Lady Magenta or should it be the Pandora was no more.

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