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"Please let me have it! It's very important with what I have planned!"

"I can't let you do it. It's too painful."

"PLEASE! It's really important and I promise, I can handle it!"

"Okay, okay, I'll give it to you!"

"Oh thank you so much! How long will it last?"

"It will last 24 hours so use it wisely."


Everything was set and ready to go. The cake was finished, beautifully decorated and waiting in the kitchen. The dining room was set up with table settings on both ends and two short candles, marking the center of the table, just ready to be lit.

Kaito had helped with making the dinner that was now still sitting in the oven staying warm. He was the only one whom she could trust for though she knew Hakuba by now she didn't know how well he could keep a secret, and from what Shinichi had told her about Heiji, he was a blabber mouth when it came to keeping secrets. After helping with dinner, Kaito had run off to fetch Shinichi from the wild goose chase the thief had bestowed on him earlier, to keep him busy.

Now that she had finished checking everything off the list as done and Kaito was almost back, all Ran had to do now, was go upstairs and change into something more true age appropriate. Maybe something to make her look taller?

Shinichi was shoved through his front door annoyance emanating from his being. The one whom the annoyance was aim at, came in a few steps behind, a Cheshire cat grin spread across his lips.

"What is this all about?" Shinichi expressed, irritated at being led all over town just to be dragged back home. He toed off his shoes as he gave a sideways glare at the former thief.

"I can't tell you just yet or the surprise will be ruined!" came Kaito's reply. After pulling off his own shoes, he quickly pushed the teen detective towards the dining room.

Once Shinichi was shoved through the door, Kaito disappeared. Shinichi turned around to yell at him and chase him down but a voice stopped him.


The detective looked behind him to see a full grown teenage Ran wearing a pale blue knee length dress, with her hands clasped behind her back, and standing next to (in his opinion) an overly decked out dining table. He turned to face her, questions racing through his mind. What's going on? Why is she all dressed up? If she took the antidote, how long does she have? Does this have anything to do with the goose chase Kuroba sent me on? But the first question to come slipping from his mouth was: "What?"

"I wanted to surprise you," Ran giggled with the tilt of her head. "I wanted today to be special!"

"Why? What's special about today?"

"It's your birthday today!"

Shinichi blushed with the realization. Once again he forgot his birthday and once again Ran went out of her way to remind him. She even went through the pain of the antidotes effect to do this for him. Thinking of the antidote reminded him of a question he thought of earlier.

"How long do you have before it wears off?"

"24 hours."

Without wasting anymore time, Shinichi closed the distance between them, wrapping his arms around Ran in a tight embrace. She in turn did the same. They held each other for a few seconds before pulling away.

"Happy Birthday Shinichi!" Ran said.

And with that they kissed!

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