Distant thunder broke the staggering silence that was the English countryside. Lightning complimented it somewhere in the distance. A collective groan could be heard through the light chatter that now filled the graveyard. Another storm was on the way, and the entire group knew that they would not be shying away from it. Slayers did not hide from rain. They were kind of like those post office delivery guys. Neither rain, nor sleet; and whatever other miserable weather they needed to go through to do their duty. The bunch of teeny-boppers that she was watching over tonight needed to get that through their gel covered heads. "Alright! Guys, listen up! We're gonna try hand-to-hand again tonight. Anyone got issues with that?" Faith stared into the crowd, planting her hands on her hips. A few of the girls looked like they had been about to say something, but decided against it. That was good, she could live without being questioned. These were about as new as the trainee's got. B, of course being the golden girl; got the more experience and broken in ones.

"You're gonna watch and actually learn this time." Faith spoke to them sternly; she had to. Needed to keep their attention. They were training in what Giles called a more 'controlled' environment, but when they went out into the real world it wouldn't be as controlled. These vamps were nothing compared to what they could and probably would come up against. As previously predicted, the dirt on top of the grave that she had been watching since they arrived began to shift. "Fresh ones will either be disoriented and slow or totally in the game. They're stupid, but strong." The group slowly backed away when a pair of dirt covered hands broke the surface. Faith just grinned. She crouched down, grabbing one of the hands and pulling the occupant of the grave out. This drew gasps from the group and a very confused look from the vampire.

"Hey, what are yo-" The stunned creature couldn't finish off his sentence. He was sent flying backwards before he got a chance, he landed with a thud; but managed to regain his ground in seconds. "You gotta keep 'em on their toes." The girls watched as the dance begun. This particular vampire wasn't as stupid as most were. He wasn't sloppy with technique, which made every drop of sweat worth it. The fight was what she lived for.

"Why don't you just like, y'know, stake it?" One of the girls called out. Faith laughed, burying her fists into the un-dead mans gut. She was enjoying it. No issue there. She had a whole lot of frustrations to work out. Her 'job' provided the perfect outlet for it. "There's two ways to do everything," Faith replied with a grunt. "The easy way, like the Queen B does it." The vampire pitched forward. Literal dead weight and gravity worked against her, Faith's back hit the damp ground. One of the girls nearest her jumped. A few gasped, and others covered their mouths to keep from screaming. "Or there's the hard way. My personal favorite." The brunette did what looked like a back bend, which work quite nicely with throwing the vampire off balance. The thunder drew closer, lightning criss-crossed the cloudy night sky. The rain was coming now. "Stake!" Faith called out to a red haired girl near the front.

The girl threw a carved peace of wood at her "That's my technique. Any questions?" Faith searched their faces. For once, they were all dead silent. Staring off into the distance with a horrified look on their faces. Faith rolled her eyes, letting out a loud sigh. She twisted her arm back, embedding the stake into the now-standing vampires chest cavity. It exploded like they usually did, dust everywhere. Faith re-set herself into the usual position, dusting off her coat and pants.

"So, Now you've seen how it's done for the tenth time. Blondie, City and Glasses. Grab a stake." Three girls separated from the group, crouching down so that they could rummage through the old duffel bag that served as their handy-dandy- weapons holder. Faith motioned to the blond girl, she couldn't be bothered with names just yet. They took whatever she called them. Luckily, she kept her mood's in check around the girls, so it was never anything too questionable. "You stand there, You! Far right, last row. Last but not least. City, middle row - third grave in." Rain drops were falling now, it wasn't anything too serious. The girls would live. Faith did a quick circuit, making sure that they were in position. Now for the fun part, the waiting game.

Hopefully tonight would be better. It was literally the tenth time she'd had this particular group out. They never seemed to get it. Really, what was so hard about Slayer? The idea was basic. See vampire, hit vampire, dust vampire. Glasses let out a yelp and cried out for help and all the girls tensed. Except for Faith, she was leaning back against a headstone with her arms crossed over her chest. A hand had wrapped around her ankle. Faith had warned them about that the first night, and all the times after. Oh yeah. It was going to be another long ass training session.