Chapter 1 What seems to be the beginning

Thirteen captains were gathered. This was a regular, normal meeting. They stood two rows facing each other and the commander was at his usual place. No one knew whether he was sleeping, the old man. It was just very silent.

"I have unfortunate news."

There was no reaction. Captain-commander Yamamoto hardly put emotion to what he just said.

Eighth squad captain, Kyoraku, sighed and scratched his hairy chin. "This is getting very awkward," he groaned.

It was a regular meeting, but there were too many dramatic pauses.

Fourth squad captian, Unohana, cleared her throat. "Let me say it. At around 2am this morning, vice-captain of the first squad, Chojiro Sasakibe died of serious injuries while fighting a Vasto Lorde in the Living World."

There was real silence. The news did come as a shock to the captains, but they knew their jobs required sacrifice. Shinigami fought a lot of battles. They had to spill blood. It was their duty. So death was normal.

Sou-taicho straightened up. "My vice-captain was a great warrior and his death was not in vain."

Most of the captains nodded.

"But I still need a vice-captain to fill his position. I have chosen my great-grandson."

"But sensei," Ukitake began. "Isn't the boy a little young? He didn't attend the academy."

Some were rumors, some were truth. The young Yamamoto was never seen by anyone before. He appeared in conversations once or twice, but was quickly dismissed as there was hardly any information about him. Most Shinigami doubt the existence of the youngest child in the Yamamoto family.

"I did refuse to admit the child into the academy. However, I trained him myself and I have to say he has surpassed my expectations."

There were murmurs of agreement. Most captains were curious, actually. The captain-commander never said anything about his family. Political reasons. A boy with the blood of Yamamoto could be used as a hostage, assassination, and all sorts of complications.

They were all curious.

And the doors opened and a black haired youth wearing Shinigami kimono stepped in. He had a sword at his waist which had a blue hilt. He bowed lowly at the captain-commander.

"My great-grandson will take up the position as vice-captain of the first squad starting today."

The boy rose and gave a goofy smile. "Thanks, Jiji." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm Yamamoto Takeshi and I look forward to working with you."

Sou-taicho somewhat smiled. "Meeting adjourned. Captains dismissed."

There were a lot of thoughts, gossips. A lot of muttering was about the new first squad vice-captain. Did he have the skill? Who was he? Is he really the grandson of their commander? The Vice-captains had their own opinions, imaginations, about the 'new kid'. Maybe he was snobbish, annoying, a brat. They missed Sasakibe. He was strict and all, but a nice guy.

Then they found out that he was very friendly, very sociable, nothing like what they expected from a noble. He tolerated Omaeda, cheered Kira up and made Isane and Nanao blush. Renji liked the kid. Matsumoto wanted to glomp him. And he could successfully 'play' with Yachiru.

It was supposed to be a normal Vice-captain meeting. Takeshi was talking, smiling like nobody's business. Omaeda was eating. Everyone was normal, even though one was not present.

Nanao tapped her watch. "He's late, as usual."

"Who?" Takeshi asked.

"Fifth squad vice-captain."

He was very different from the Sou-taicho. Takeshi was always happy. Even though being a Shinigami was…bloody, it looked like he could smile it off and lighten the mood and think that it was all a game.

"Get away from the door!" Nanao said, as the fuku-taichos scattered. Renji smirked. "Five, four, three, two…"

And the door flew open and a brown-haired boy tumbled into the room. He fell face-first onto the ground.


"You're late, Sawada fuku-taicho."

"Tsutsu went splat!"

Takeshi went silent. His mouth was agape as he stared at the boy slowly getting up, rubbing an awfully red nose.

Renji patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, this is normal."

Their eyes met.




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