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"Big brother, wake up…it's time for school," Shinya pressed his fingers his nose.

"No…" Takuya answered, not opening his eyes and put his pillow below him.

"I don't wanna be late because of you!" He left the room and came back with one glass of cold water. He removed the pillow on him and poured the water to him.

Takuya's eyelids popping wide open—and gasped.

"Blast! I'm awake!" He panted.

"Good," Shinya sighed. "Then good morning sleeping beauty! Rise and shine sleepy head! Breakfast's ready!" He jumped out of his room.

He went to brush his teeth. He finished his pancakes quickly then hurried to get out of the house.

"I can't wait to get into class!" Shinya stretched while they walk to school.

"School is boring."

"You better study hard, big brother, because you don't know what you're missing."

He struggled as he got to school.

Nobody looked at Takuya as he took his seat in the back of the classroom with his friends including Koji, Koichi and JP. He sat at their usual table for lunch—extreme southern end of the table. On the afternoon, Takuya received an F from his History class.

"That's so unfair, Mr. Rose!" He complained to the bold-haired man. "I mean—I totally read this about before the test. I even read it with feelings! World War I was a military conflict that lasted from 1914 to 1918. Where did I go wrong?!"

"My grade is final," Mr. Rose walked away from Takuya.

"At least I have a hair," Takuya said on his back.

Mr. Rose paused and turned around furiously. "Mr. Kanbara!"

"Yeah, I'm used to it," Takuya quickly said.

Takuya walked at detention lazily. He sat at his usual seat at the back. And waited thirty minutes till' he gets out of the room.

During English class, he was moping at his desk while waiting for their teacher who was called by their Principal.

"Stay away from me," warned Zoe, his friend of his but they usually ignore each other.

"Don't be like that, sugar," their greatest bully in class, Austin, called, and laughed.

Zoe shoved Austin away from her then he pulled her wrists beside her.

"Hey, just let it go, dude," Takuya commanded.

"Back off!" He said.

"Pick on someone's your own size, will ya?"

"Oh, step off crazy, stupid, annoying boy!"

"Uh-oh…" Koji said.

"Will you please call me that again?" Takuya bit his lips.

"Toot-Toot!" He whistled.

Takuya's arm shot out and the back of his hand smashed into the side of Austin's face. The blow was so hard that Austin's feet left the ground before the rest of his body hit the floor. His eyes rolled back in his head, and left him unconscious.

"Okay, okay," a grown-up voice said in an oddly cheery voice as she circled Takuya and faced came to Austin. "I'm here. What have we got?" It was their teacher, Ms. Parker. "A boy who smacked the bully's face?"

"Ms. Parker, let me explain," Takuya tried to say.

"Oh you will explain, later at the detention!" Ms. Parker snapped. "Now, everybody go back to your seat! And Max, take Austin to the clinic," She commanded.

After Takuya's detention time passed quickly. As he went outside of the detention room, he accidently bumped to someone. She seemed to be running but Takuya didn't fell on his feet unlike her. Takuya heard her books fell down. Before she also fell down he pulled her hand to him.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going," she quickly apologized then they met their eyes.

Zoe took Takuya by surprise, he rapidly let go of her hand. Her golden hair, waving to the side of her shoulders, her emerald eyes shining, and sweet voice.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Great," as she picked up her books. Takuya helped her and he found a guitar's pick.

"You play guitar?" he asked, interested.

"A lot at home, you know Paramore?"

"They rule," he smirked.

"Anyways, I'm sorry for getting you into trouble and thank you for standing up for me."

"It's okay, I'm used to it anyway."

"This is awkward…we've never talked this much," she chuckled.

"So I'll see you when I see ya."

No reply so he immediately went outside of the building meeting his little brother.

"Koji told me that you got detention twice this time," Shinya said while they were walking to their house.

"I know."

"Don't worry, I won't tell Mom, as usual."

"Even if you don't tell her, Mr. Rose can call her anytime."

"Wow, you've got an explaining to do later."

"It's going to be like taking a candy away from you."

"Ha. I'm laughing," Takuya patted Shinya's head.

When they got home, Shinya went upstairs while Takuya stayed down stairs and went to the kitchen.

"What is it this time?" Her Mom asked. "Mr. Rose told me that you got detention twice today."

"First, I complained him about me getting an F. And second, Austin started the fight, not me. End of story, Mom!"

"Not done. You got an F?! That's what you get for not reading your books," she scolded.

"I read my History Book all day, night long. I was sure about my answers for the first time, for the first time!" he repeated. "Austin was bullying at my classmate, I only stood up for her.

"Well, I think you should mind your own business. Your classmate's business is none of your business."

"She is my business!"


"I mean—whatever." Her mother could see him blushing.

When he got upstairs, Shinya was forcing himself not to laugh from what he had heard.

"She is my business," Shinya laughed as he mocked his big brother. "I'm Zoe, kiss me, I'm Zoe!"

"Will ya shut up?" He groaned.

"Trouble maker." He teased.

"Well, at least, I'm not a bully, little monster."

"Good point."

One night, Takuya meandered the streets, which were filling up with the end-of-the-workday traffic and hoped he was headed toward downtown. He stomped along in a southerly direction, toward some glass-fronted shops that looked promising. But when he got to them, they were repair shop and vacant space. He decided to turn east at the next corner, and then loop around after few blocks.

He saw a group of four men cornering someone. They were joking loudly among themselves, laughing raucously and punching each other's arms.

"Hey, there!" one of them called. The girl, it was Zoe, she glanced up automatically. Two of them had paused.

"Hello," she mumbled, then she quickly looked away and walked fasted toward the corner. They followed her and so is Takuya.

"Hey, wait!" one of them called after her again, but she kept her head down and rounded the corner with a sigh of relief. She found herself on a sidewalk leading past the backs of several somber-colored warehouses, each with large bay doors for unloading trucks, padlocked for the night. The south side of the street had no sidewalk, only a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire protecting some kind of engine parts storage yard. She noticed with a shock that two men were walking quietly twenty feet behind her.

They were from the group she'd passed at the corner. She turned her head forward once, quickening her pace. Zoe listened intently to their quiet footsteps, which were too quiet when compared to the boisterous noise they'd been making earlier, and it sounded like they were speeding p, of getting any closer to her. She continued to walk as quickly as she could without actually running. A blue car turned onto the street from the south and drove quickly past her.

She risked a quickly glance over her shoulder, and they were ten feet back now, they were all staring at her. "There you are!" The booming voice made her jump.

"Yeah," a voice called loudly from behind her, making her jump again as she tried to hurry down the street. "Where've you been in my life." He grabbed her shoulder.

"I don't like being touched," she warned and jerked her knee up with a thrust. He chokes out a wheezing sound.

Takuya suddenly flew around the corner, he punched the stocky one. Next thing she knew, a cruiser arrived before they Takuya threw another punch.

"Put your hand in the air!" The policeman yelled as he got out of the car.

The group of men obeyed the officer in panic except for Takuya.

The other policemen, the stocky one handcuffed them and get them inside the cruiser.

"Just get them at the station," the stocky one followed his partner's order. He jumped into the driver's seat and slammed the door next to him. The tires squealed as he spun around to face north, accelerating too quickly, swerving toward the street.

"I'm completely fine, Dad," Zoe sighed.

"We'll talk later," he replied.

"I'm going home." He turned his back on Zoe's Dad.

"Not so fast!" As he coughed Takuya's arms and twisted it.

"Ouch! OUCH!" He cried.

"Dad! I would've been here if it wasn't for him!" Zoe cried.

"He has a lot of explaining to do later in their house!"

"Do whatever you want, I don't care, but can you please let go of me?" Takuya whined.

The officer let go of him and sent his daughter home by his partner.

When he opened his eyes in the morning, it was the same day.

During lunch, Koji had spread the news about Takuya saving Zoe's life.

"Sometimes, I regret telling you what happens to me day by day," Takuya admitted to Koji and his friends.

"And guess what? The cop that almost puts you in jail got a daughter!" Koichi said.

"I know." Takuya wasn't paying any attention.

"The one that almost puts you in jail has a daughter!" Koji threw his bag to Takuya to snapped him out.

"I know."

"You don't understand, this girl doesn't date, yet," JP explained.

"I definitely get the picture," Takuya ate his cheese burger.

"You're living in ghost town, bro," Koji spoke fast.

"I've been like this since we're in the first grade," Takuya protested.

"A rebel huh?" Koichi wondered. Takuya rolled his eyes

"You don't go out anymore," Koji added.

"I went out yesterday," Takuya snapped.

"You only snuck out without us—never mind. And I know just the thing to snap you out!" He punch Takuya's arm playfully.

"What are you talking about?" Takuya raised his eyebrows.

"You really need to get a girl," JP whistled.

"Like Zoe, Zoe Orimoto," Koichi talked when his mouth was full.

"You're talking about my lab partner," Takuya said.

"She's also our classmate in English, pal. And hey, you never said anything about your lab partner!" Koji took a bite with his lunch.

"Hey, that's her, right?" JP pointed his finger to Zoe, sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, as far away from where they sat as possible in the long room. A few seconds later, her friends left the table.

"Now's your chance, Takuya!" Koji hissed.

"Forget it, look, she's kind of interesting and my kind of type but—"

"Ask her out, that's all. Just one time," Koichi interrupted.

"No and never." Takuya replied.

"Scaredy cat," JP insulted.

"Am not!" Takuya declined.

"Fine, then go to her," As JP put Koichi's hat on Takuya's and it fits him perfectly.

"Well, asking someone out won't hurt," he mumbled then reached Zoe's table, he stood behind the chair across from him, unsure. She was reading a book.

"Can I help you?" she asked without looking.

"Uhm…can I sit with you today?" he asked, smiling.

"Sure, sure." Takuya sat down automatically, watching her with caution. She put down her book and smiled to him. He can feel his friends staring at him.

He seemed to be waiting for her to say something.

"This is weird," she finally managed. "This is the first time you came to sit with me. I mean, after three any-half years."

"How long have we been lab partners?"

"Uhm. Almost four years because we're seniors now."

"Well…" he paused. "I don't have any idea what to say," he eventually pointed.

"I know." She smiled again, and then she changed the subject. "You owe me an explanation about last night," she reminded him.

"I saved your life—I don't owe you anything."

"Then I guess I should thank you." She waited, fuming and expectant.

"Except you go out with me tonight," he changed his mind.

Zoe gulped.

He laughed. "It's okay if you don't want to, I just—stupid," he told himself and stood up.

"No," Zoe quickly said, but ridiculously. "I haven't said anything yet." Takuya sat again. "Starbucks would be cool."

"Awesome, so I'll meet you at the park at seven?"

"Sure, sure," Zoe smiled.

"So does this mean we're plain friends?"

"Friends…" she mused, dubious.

"Yes!" He jumped up then went back to his friends. "Happy?" he muttered on his friends.

"Of course!" Koji punched Takuya playfully. "Why not?"

"I can't believe Takuya had a date with the cute girl," Koichi smirked. "For the first time," he added.

"I bet that she'll like him no matter what," JP hands out on the table ten bucks.

"I bet that Takuya will fall desperately in love with Zoe," Koji hands out money as well.

"I don't wanna lose money on me," Koichi quickly said.

"Awkward." Takuya commented.