Dear Reader,

I'm sorry to say that I won't be updating for long due to a lot of homeworks, projects, quizzes and exams to do. I will try to write the next chapter of the story when I have free time. Of course, I am very stressed because of bullies in my service and insane school works. My quarter exam is on thursday and friday and I need to study very, very hard. And I have a test on elective math tomorrow and I really need to get a high score because I have a lot of low grades ONLY in this subject. Well, at least it's not a major subject.

Please understand to those who are and were in high school. You know the greedy and repulsive school works? Yeah, now I know why High School is Hell. That's why it's cool! Woohoo!

It is my sad duty to write down that the next chapter is going to wait, but there is nothing stopping me from writing this story at once.

Oh yeah, before I completely forgot, don't forget to read my song fictions at 'World of Song Fics' . . .if you prefer that sort of thing.

And I have an upcoming story after I finish the story I am Your Life. . .of course I won't tell the plot. I want it to be a surprise to you readers.

Be cheerful guys. Strive to be happy.

With all due respect,