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Alice's shrill whistle and booming voice woke me from my peaceful slumber. I could hear her shouting in French about people making too much noise. Ironically, I didn't hear them…only her. Bella thankfully slept through the scolding, breathing softly on my chest, her slender leg thrown over mine intimately. Playing with her short tumble of wavy brown hair, I listened to the preparations through the open window with half an ear.

Today was a big day, and I felt as if I had been waiting for it for a very long time.

I knew very little of what our wedding was to look like. Alice solicited my opinion sparingly— Bella put her foot down when it came to the cake and music…those I chose. Frankly, I didn't care about flowers, vellum over parchment invitations or lighting, who sat beside whom. The important things were that Bella was happy and that at the end of the night, we would be husband and wife. During this month, Alice and Bella with the help of her wedding planning fairies as she called them, put our wedding together with more ease than I thought possible, aside from some disagreements between the girls. Didn't weddings take longer to plan? But then again, Alice had been planning since I came back from England with the ring, if not before. The gleeful coos from the ladies, including my niece and sister, and Seth, were my only clues as to beauty that was to be our reception. I expected nothing less from Alice.

"Rose, those go in the room with Bella's dress. Oh, Jazzy, here, place these gently on the table in the first room on the right, off the stairs. Gently, ok? Gently!"

Jasper's placid, 'Sure thing, darlin'. Gently, I know,' proved that the man not only talented with a camera, but also a saint—his newlywed life was cluttered with wedding magazines, big notebooks of ideas with the added irritate of Ali's disco phone ringing off the hook, but never did he complain - not even when I interrupted their honeymoon with a rambling phone call and a photo of a very special ring.

As I contemplated waking my soon-to-be wife, there came a soft knock and the raspy French voice of Addie. Carefully, I slipped out of bed and opened the door.

"Addie, bonjour," I whispered, adjusting my glasses.

She greeted me warmly with a kiss on both cheeks and bustled into the room to set a tray of food and steaming coffee on the table, chattering softly about how she thought we lovers might enjoy breakfast alone before the day began. I thanked her for her thoughtfulness and asked how the house party was getting on.

Under our Provence roof, we were housing the Paris couples, not to mention the recent addition of Teresa, Felix's fiancé, but also my sister and brother in law, both their children, including Michael's new wife, Julia, Massimo and his wife, Marie, and my good friend, Eleazar, and his wife, Carmen. It seemed impossible that there'd be enough room, what with the twins running around, Alice dictating, and Charlotte wobbling up and down the halls, testing out her lungs in the open country air, but there was more than enough room. With such a large party, tensions were somewhat high though, and the comments made last night would not be forgotten soon.

Lizzie's husband outdid himself when he managed to insult practically everyone at our rehearsal dinner, on purpose or not. Only Isabella's tight grip on my thigh and sideways glance kept me from saying something.

"Assez bien, mais...," she shrugged and slanted me a look, "your sister's 'usband is insupportable." Addie emphasized the last word with a gesture full of French contempt.

I agreed with her; Lizzie could have done better, but she seemed happy with the git, so who was I to judge? "I apologize for him, Addie. He is the very British prick most accuse the rest of us of being."

She waved me off with a smile and a little quip about him being a cold fish.

Our relationship was a newly mended one. When I first returned to Paris, Addie gave me a sound verbal lashing. She flew at me, damning me to the pits of hell in her native tongue with passion and conviction. Blood or not, Addie saw Bella as a daughter of sorts, having cared for her when Aro was alive, and I had injured her daughter. I was out of favor - well, the little favor I had after meeting the woman once - and as I had to earn Bella's trust, I set to the task of restoring Addie's faith in me as well.

A French heart was not easily won back, but when Bella told her I proposed, she smiled and exclaimed that it was about time.

"Elle dort si paisiblement maintenant." Her voice shook me from the memory. I nodded, a faint smile on my lips. Bella truly did sleep more peacefully these days.

With motherly affection, she went to the bed, kissed Bella's cheek, and covered her bare shoulders with the sheets, murmuring low. When she turned to face me, tears glistened in her large eyes, "Aro and Charlie would 'ave loved to see dis day, and I know they watch from le ciel. Our little Bella, take care of 'er, Carlisle, take care of 'er for us."

"Je vais, Addie ... toujours," I swore.

"Good, because I will find out if you don't, and I have many knives." She smiled through her threat and slapped my cheek twice, lightly. I felt my face pale; this woman terrified me. "Ahh, Carlisle…you are going to 'ave your 'ands filled with 'er. Marriage is a challenge, but marriage to a French woman is…ze most challenging, even for a French man."

"I can handle her, Addie," I laughed nervously, thinking of Bella's hot temper, stubborn ways, and passion.

She cackled a little too hard at that as she closed the door behind her.

The divine aroma of dark, roasted heaven lured me to the tray Addie brought. Ignoring the pastries I prepared two coffees - Bella's with a dash of milk - and took mine to the large window where I saw Alice standing on the chair, waving her arms around frantically. Her voice boomed up to where I stood, as did the sharp blows of her whistle.

"No! Don't grab them like that! You're wrinkling the table cloths, Emmett! Rose, help him!"

From the bed, Bella groaned and kicked the sheets off in irritation. I left the coffee and pastries and slid into bed beside her, pulling her on top of me. "Good morning, love. Happy wedding day."

"Ummm, happy wedding day and good morning, good looking," she hummed and kissed me languidly, her fingers reaching under my shirt. "Alice is too loud."

"I know, she woke me up with her whistle—I swear she's fit to direct traffic." As if to prove my point, Alice began shouting again, this time at Seth and Demetri for being late.

"She sounds busy. I should help her, but...if she's busy, she can't pull me away from you and into an all day spa retreat. Right?"

"I suppose you have a point there. Whatever shall we do with ourselves?"

Looking at me from beneath her dark lashes, she caressed my torso, lightly raking her short nails over my abs. "That depends on how long we have before someone comes knocking...or someone hears us."

"I believe most of the house party is awake and eating breakfast downstairs." A saucy look came over her face, and I knew where she was going. Breathing hard from her teasing, my fingers played with the satin bows at her hips. So flimsy, fun just waiting to be untied—she knew what these panties would do to me. I suspected my reaction was the reason she bought them. "Addie brought us breakfast and coffee, which gives us an hour or so…but I think," I started, licking the rim of her ear, pulling one tiny bow free, "seeing as it's our wedding day, we can take however long we want."

"Hmm, the promises your voice holds, Mr. Cullen."

"Well, soon-to-be Mrs. Cullen, you know I make good on every promise, naughty or otherwise." As I reached for the second tie, our steamy moment vanished with another secession of Alice's whistle.

Bella cursed loud enough for Alice to hear, stood, and marched to the open window, hair waving wildly, tank askew and panties hanging on by one little bow. As she leaned out of the window, her thighs resting on the window sill, the other satin ties hung down her legs bright red against pale skin. I couldn't help but admire her derrière; the scrolling logo drew my eye.

Agent Provocateur and I were acquainted now.

"You promised no whistle, Alice. Please stop terrorizing people. It's only six in the morning!"

"Time waits for no one, and I never promised that! I promised I'd use it sparingly. Remember that I let the whole bachelorette night tradition go, so you can give me a whistle. Oh, a peep show, Bella, how risqué of you. Breaking all the rules now, huh honey?"

I could almost see Alice smiling wickedly. Hoping out of bed, I tied the bow quickly before anyone caught a glimpse of Bella sans panties. "There you go, baby. Morning, Alice, Demetri, Seth, Lizzie," I called down before kissing her neck. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I attempted to drag her back to bed, but she didn't budge.

"Toss the whistle, Alice," Bella growled.

"Morning, Carly," she chirped, ignoring her friend. "The whistle doesn't bother you, does it? Before you answer me, remember that I was going to separate you guys last night and keep you on opposite sides of the house until the wedding this afternoon, but I was nice and tossed tradition, yet again, and left you both to your sexing."

"Alice," Bella and I warned.

"Fine, you guys win. My voice is louder anyway." She shrugged, tossing the whistle on the table cluttered with breakfast and glasses of the Provence essential: Addie's Sangria. She blew Bella a kiss and sat down beside an exhausted Demetri, mumbling to herself about tradition.

"Why you worry about tradition is beyond me, Alice. 'Er dress is champagne, not white or cream like you wanted, and completely different than what you planned. She's not the last virgin in France. Let 'er 'ave what she wants, she's only going to do this once. Four weeks of you arguing about the dress and a traditional French wedding 'as driven me crazy! The white dress—that didn't become en vogue before 19th century, brides wore whatever fucking colour they wanted, and if they were concerned with purity, which I doubt, they wore blue, not white. And Le Charivari, banging pots and pans on the newlyweds windows expecting a drink, cock block is what I call that…fuck tradition! People were crazy then and you're crazy now!"

"Someone needs a blow job. Where's BonBon? We need his services."

"Shut up, Seth."

"Some tradition is nice!" Alice huffed, "And Bella has agreed to some - she's French, after all."

It was true. While Isabella opted out on certain native customs, others were very important to her. The cathedral, Saint Sauveur, that had seen many members of her family married, was one of them, as was the veil, or Carre, that would be held above our heads as the priest gave us his final blessing—the same veil that would be used for the baptism of our child in the future. The silver wedding goblets passed down from Aro's great grandmother for our toast was another tradition Bella held close to her heart.

"E's English, are you going to throw shoes at them as they leave the Chapel, for good luck?"

"No, what a way to disgrace shoes." She wrinkled her nose and took a sip of her drink. "But we are bringing some English tradition into this wedding. Lizzie and I have been chatting. And the Banns were called out three Sundays ago…so we're good."

"Mon Dieu, 'elp us all," he muttered, unimpressed.

Demetri seemed on edge, but he smiled sweetly when Isabella greeted him. Seth, however, looked invigorated - giddy even.

"He's right, Alice. They've been fucking for a year and change; it's safe to say tradition was tossed out a while ago." Looking at me above the frames of his sunglasses and holding a coffee cup, Seth licked his lips, "Carlisle…we are looking sexy this morning. Still time to change your mind."

"Hey!" Bella protested, crossing her arms over her chest," He's mine, Seth!"

"No thank you, Seth. I have what I want." I blushed and hid behind Bella. God, one never got accustomed to the blatant eye fucking.

Bella whispered, "I'll keep you safe, Carlisle."

I doubted it.

"Ali, he's sexier when he blushes!"

They both dissolved into cackles. Demetri rolled his eyes and clutched at his coffee like a lifeline. I was rather surprised to see my sister sitting in the shade, watching with obvious mirth.

"Oi, he's only jesting, but Carlisle, I haven't seen you that red in ages! Be a dear and whisk the lovely Bellar and yourself away from the window. I'm sure you can find something to do whilst we gossip and micromanage. And do try to keep it down you two."

I nodded and pulled the doors of the window closed, then pulled the drapes together for good measure. Looping an arm about Bella's waist, I hoisted her over my shoulder and kissed her hip. Bella laughed loudly as I strode back to our bed.

"What about breakfast, Carlisle?" she asked once I laid her down on the soft sheets.

Smiling, I slipped the tank top from her body, dropping soft kisses down her torso until I reached those alluring satin bows. Tugging them both loose, I discarded the pretty panties before doing away with my own shirt and sleep pants.

Her eyes went wide. "We don't have to eat, Carlisle...I'm not even hungry."

Her stomached begged to differ. After kissing her pouty lips, I brought the tray and set it on the bed between us. Bella sat up against the pillows, taking the coffee I offered with a beautiful smile.

"You made it just the way I like, thank you."

"You're welcome."

We ate in silence for a minute or two before Bella cleared her throat. "What about sex, Carlisle?"

Smirking around my cup, I looked up at her and winked. "We're eating now, Bella, but I was thinking we could take a bath before going downstairs." Her lips curved up, and a free finger began walking up my leg, "Without sex, love."

Her look of astonishment was too comical; taking the cup from her fingers and setting it on the tray, I slid closer to her until our thighs touched. Her skin pebbled and flushed pink as I ran a finger up her arm. With so many guests and so many things to do, we hadn't found much time to be intimate. While it was maddening to wait, I thought it might be prudent to do so.

Sex was a language we both spoke fluently - and frequently - but tonight it would go from a sensual conversation with Bella to one with my wife. It was monumental, private. Though we had been together countless times before, it was our first time as husband and wife, and I didn't want to be overheard.

"What happened? I thought we were going to...before…why are we naked, then?"

"Do you not enjoy simply being naked with me? Besides, Isabella," I whispered huskily in her ear, "tonight is our wedding night, and I want you tonight. Anticipation is mounting—do you feel it? I want to savor every second, every sound, and swipe of my tongue on your body—I want worship my wife all night."

" O-oh...God." I smiled against her neck as she shivered with pleasure at my choice of words. "O—ok. Promise?"

"Yes," I kissed her neck. "I promise. Finish up while I go draw us a bath."


"Hello, Bonsoir!" I spoke into the microphone after fiddling with the tuning. The clinking of cutlery and goblets settled down along with the soft din of the our guest's conversations. Slinging the soft leather guitar strap over my head, I took a seat on the stool. "I hope none of you mind, but I have a little something planned for my lovely bride, and I ask that no one film this for personal enjoyment and or ridicule later—Emmett."

From his seat, he grinned and shouted, "Fat chance, Carly!"

The laughter of our friends and family rolled in waves across the garden. Emmett took out his camera and pointed it at me.

"How did I know you'd say that, Emm? Make sure you push record this time," I chuckled into the microphone, gripping the neck of my old friend. "Now, where is my beautiful wife? Where is Mrs. Cullen?"

I searched faces, grinning, hoping to catch sight of her before anyone else.

Alice had outdone herself transforming Fleurs Sauvages' magical garden of lavender and lattice. Everywhere I looked pale yellow lights twinkled, from candles in mason jars hung from trees and in votives, to opal bulbs strung up and draped above the tables and dance floor. Champagne clothed tables were set up in a large u-shape, with a smaller intimate table for Bella and me to sit at the helm - so to speak. Dark peacock-blue accents popped from beneath lush floral runners of deep purple poppies, irises, sprigs of vibrant lavender, and a flower Bella was quite fond of called a windflower. The air was warm and fragrant; the atmosphere around our Garden of Eden was light with joy as the purple sunset painted a romantic scene. But if I was being utterly honest: everything paled in comparison to Bella.

"There you are, mon amour. Thank you, Jacks, Nikki." They smiled proudly and tugged her along.

Isabella trailed behind the twins, holding their hands as her eyes focused on me. She looked at me with questioning eyes, but once she caught sight of the beat-up green Batwing on my knees, her dark berry-stained lips curved up. My breath caught in my throat as she came to where I was seated.

"Hi, hubby," she whispered, kissing my ear tenderly and cupping my cheek regardless of our audience. "What are you doing?"

Normally, she was a vision, but today, her beauty was magnified to a level I could hardly comprehend. Her face was bright and euphoric, her skin dusted with iridescent shimmer, hair wavy and adorned with a wreath of small purple flowers and sprigs of lavender, my rings sparkling on her dainty finger. The wedding dress only added to her appeal - soft, whimsical, and alluring. Out of every dress I'd ever seen her in, this one was one I'd never forget as long as I lived. Not because it was sexually tormenting, teasing, or because she looked like a goddess, but because it was the one she became my wife in. The title was only hours old, and I couldn't get enough of it.

I covered the microphone with one hand and reached out for her hand. Brow arched, lips smiling, she placed the hand with her new jewelry in mine. "Isn't it obvious? I'm serenading you."

I dropped a kiss on her hand and uncovered the mic.

"Bella, please, if you will sit down," I gestured to chair Jasper had pulled up for her. She sat, intrigued and anxious. "I have a little present for you, and I hope you like it."

She looked around and caught Alice's eye, asking whether she had known about this. Alice nodded, and said I wanted it to be a surprise. "I don't normally like surprises, Carlisle, but any involving you and a guitar…I love."

"I'll remember that for the future," I chuckled. "You've never heard me play, and I know you've wanted to since you learned I could. Lizzie, my sister," I added for those who did not know, "can attest to the fact that me and this guitar spent many hours together - long and loud hours. I fancied myself a bit of rock star." Lizzie and Rose laughed somewhere to my right. "But you, of all people, know my deep, intimate obsession and love for Led Zeppelin."

I let my words hang, so Bella could realize what was coming. She gasped a low merdeand blushed furiously.


"Isabella, we share that love, don't we?" She nodded slowly, and I continued. "We also share a special Led Zeppelin song, you know the one, and every time I listen to it, I think of us and that moment in your flat. I didn't know how important it would become to us then. I do now. To me, that song has always been about a journey, a spiritual and soul-searching journey home…and now it's ours. My journey begins and ends with you, love. You are my Kashmir."

Taking my old pick from my pocket, I placed my fingers where they hadn't been in years - pinky playing A on the fifth fret, index on the second, playing G - took a deep breath and played the rift, walking my fingers down. As I began to play, tears sprang into her eyes, and she mouthed I love you.

"Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams," I sang, a small bit of that seventeen-year-old boy from so many years ago shinning through. "I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been."

Unlike that boy, I thought of only Isabella - her eyes, her love, and then there was only her. The same thing happened with the walls of Saint Sauveur. The chandeliers cast a soft glow about the simple Roman nave, and the entire church smelled of France, of lavender, as was customary. Jasper stood beside me, Emmett and Felix beside him, giddy, grinning, whispering in my ear how he could not wait for me to see her.

"The girls are here. Carlisle, soon you'll be a married man. She looks…amazing."

The pews were filled with friends, both new and old, family that had adopted us into theirs. Alice's father and stepmother were smiling and waving at Jasper and I. Emmett's mother was dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief beside Rose and Jasper's mother.

When the organ began to play, my heart pounded along with it. The second I saw her coming down the adorned aisle, I yearned to go to her, but I waited, bouncing on my feet slightly as I counted the moments until she was close enough to touch. Her grandfather's oldest friend, Massimo, placed her hand in mine, symbolically placing her in my care, giving her to me. Before God, family, and friends, I tied myself to her, vowed to love her, honor and cherish her eternally with every fiber of my being.

I wiped tears of joy from her cheeks as she choked through her vows, vows that spoke to my heart directly. They were spoken softly, for my ears only, as if we were completely alone. Je vous promets de vous aimer, honorer et vous chérissez, dans la maladie et dans la santé, pour les plus riches, pour les plus pauvres, peu importe ce qui se trouve sur notre chemin, tous les jours de ma vie.

The weight of the words when we were pronounced husband and wife brought tears to my eyes. I could barely slow my hands as I lifted the thin veil from her face. Her deep brown eyes looked into mine, lovingly. One small hand sank into my hair, and mine cradled her head while the other snaked around her waist, bringing her to my chest. When our lips met, we both let out a satisfied sigh, at last…after what felt like an eternity of waiting…we were married. We were half of a whole.

"Je t'aime de tout mon cœur, Mrs Cullen," I breathed in her ear.

"As I love you, Mr. Cullen."

Ce que Dieu a uni qu'aucun homme déchirer.

Hand in hand, we walked down the aisle, amidst well wishes and sweet sentiment, tears and kisses. Outside, laurel leaves lined our path to the car, as they did for many a French bride and groom. Church bells rang through the village announceing our union, and the native Provence people smiled with genuine pleasure, offering congratulations and good luck. I couldn't have imagined anything better.

As my fingers moved over the strings, the moan of my guitar filled the air thickly. I could feel Isabella's breath on my face, and I noticed that she'd moved from the chair to standing right in front of me. The warmth of her finger tips on my skin centered me, as she always did and always would.

"My Shangri-La beneath a summer moon, I will return again, Sure as the dust that floats high in June, When moving through Kashmir."

Through the rest of the song, while my fingers moved the the fret board, while I disgraced Robert Plant's memory with my lackluster singing voice, my wife's gentle hands never strayed from my body, my shoulders, my neck. Her eyes were wide with awe, her breathing fast. I wondered if this was what she felt when she did things for me, when she shared her talents with me, this feeling of absolute glee.

"Ooh, my baby, ooh, my baby, let me take you there."

The twangy DADGAD outtro sang its last note into the night, my finger tips burning. When I opened my eyes, our friends, family, and guests nostalgically held lighters above their heads. I smiled at Alice's wink, knowing this was no stroke of luck. Bella stepped between my legs and kissed me soflty, almost shyly, at first. Passion won over her delicate approach, and she began kissing me with eager and hungry lips. With my guitar between us, I gripped her hips and returned the kiss with equal fervor.

"That was amazing, Carlisle...thank you...so much!" she panted between breaths, as our lips met again and again. "I never knew...Oh God that was so sexy...and romantic...I love you so much."

Behind her, there were cheers and some playful hazing regarding our display. I almost forgot about them with Bella's lips bruning mine. Leaning into the mic, I cleared my throat. "Excuse us for a moment. Nous excuser pour un moment. We'll be right back."

I led her to the pool area, pressed her against the nearby tree, and took her into my arms again, kissing her without an ounce of restraint. No one could see us, but the noise from the party we left behind could still be heard.

"Did you like it?" I asked breathlessly as Bella rested her head on my shoulder. She nodded against me, playing with the hair at the nape of my neck. "I'm so happy you did...I was nervous and I'm not much of a singer."

"You sounded perfect to me." She hummed softly. "Carlisle?"


"Say my name, please."

"Isabella." I laughed, amused by her odd request.

Pushing me away gently, she shook her head, the scent of violets, jasmine and lavender swirling around us. There were tears in her eyes again, but the smile painted on her lips told me they were tears of joy, of pure happiness.

"Non, mon nouveau nom."

Her cheeks were soft in my hands as I bent down to kiss her tenderly, swiping my thumbs gently across wet lashes. I whispered her name in her ear, like a secret, nuzzling my nose into her hair.

"I love you, Mrs. Cullen."


Next, I will write the sexy honeymoon Carlisle talked about but I'm also working on my other fic, Wandering Star, so it might take some time. If you haven't checked it out, please do. It's very different from this one but, in a good way, I hope. Dark themes, love, vampires...mystery.


Elle dort si paisiblement maintenant...She sleeps so peacfully now.

Je vais Addie ... toujours...I will Addie...always.

Je vous promets de vous aimer, honorer et vous chérissez, dans la maladie et dans la santé, pour les plus riches, pour les plus pauvres, peu importe ce qui se trouve sur notre chemin, tous les jours de ma vie...I promise to love you, honor and cherish you, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, no matter what lies in our path, all the days of my life.

Je t'aime de tout mon cœur, Mrs Cullen...I love you with all of my heart, Mrs. Cullen.

Ce que Dieu a uni qu'aucun homme déchirer...what God has joined let no man tear apart

Non, mon nouveau nom...No, my new name.