Hey this is my second fanfic but this is the first one I'm writing for host. I hope that everyone likes it!

It has been three months since the soul wanderer had been placed in her new body even though she had decided to leave the earth for good. But because of that she now had a family with whom she belonged. After all the hardships she had found her other half, Ian O'shea. Who looked after her, protected her and loved her in such a way which is almost impossible.

It was another morning. Wanderer opened her eyes to see cerulean eyes staring at her. It was none other than the man who she loved like nothing else.

"Ian?" She whispered.

He only smiled at her & kissed her forehead gently.

"Morning." He greeted smiling and pulled her to his chest.

"Good morning. When did you wake up?" She asked snuggling to his chest. The warm heat radiating from his body was something she had always loved.

"I don't know…Time flies when I'm looking at you." He said burying his face in her golden hair.

Then someone interrupted them by knocking at their door.

"Oi you two'd better get up. Breakfast's ready." It was none other than Jeb, the old man who had trusted Wanda for the first time even though she wasn't among the humans.

Ian got up lazily pulling Wanda up without much effort. Then they started going towards the dining for breakfast, Ian having his arms round her waist.

On their way they heard a kiddish voice call out to them from behind.

"Hey Wanda! Ian!" He called out from behind them waving his right hand in the air.

"Morning kid!" Ian greeted him with a smile on his face once Jamie caught up to them.

"Good morning Jamie." Wanda greeted the boy she adored with a smile.

"Are you heading for the dining as well?" Wanda asked.

"Yeah I am. But I over slept and it looks like I'll be late for school. Sharon would get mad." He replied while walking beside them.

"As if that's anything new." Ian said laughing.

They reached the dining and after taking their food the three saw Melanie & Jared sitting on one of the tables. The three approached them and greeted them.

Jamie greeted them with a smile, "Morning Mel, Jared!"

The two noticed the trio and Jared gave them a smile, while Melanie greeted them,

"Hey! Morning you guys. Have a seat." Melanie said patting the empty seat beside her.

Wanda sat between Ian & Melanie, her previous host, who was also like a sister to her. Beside Melanie was Jared, the man Wanda had fallen in love with before because of Melanie's memories of Jamie, Jared & herself.

They ate talking and chattering as usual. Ian & Jamie would always lighten up the atmosphere. They were almost done eating when Jeb showed up.

"Hey kiddo you're going to be late for school again. Better hurry up now." He said to Jamie.

"Aww.....come on uncle Jeb can't I stay a little longer? Please?" Jamie asked with a puppy dog face.

"Oh no kid! That face ain't gonna work on me. No hurry up an get goin." Jeb said pointing to the door.

Jamie got up and left the area grumbling something about "stupid school"

"Anyway...." Jeb started looking at the four seated in front of him.

"I've decided that the four of you will be resting for today. Don't want you guys to get tired during the raid tomorrow." Jeb said smiling at them.

"Come on. We won't get tired just because of a little work." Ian argued.

"I'm not gonna hear anything. Now go and do....nothing you four." Jeb said, leaving.

"I guess that gives us a day off from work.! Good for you Wanda." Melanie said smiling and patting Wanda's back.

"Hey it's not my fault you know. It was you who got me this body." Wanda said glaring at her.

"Now, now all is well Wanda. No need to glare." She said laughing.

They stayed and chatted for a while until they decided to leave.

The couples got up went to their separate directions.

As Ian and Wand were walking through the dark corridors, Ian noticed that Wanda had been unusually quiet. He stopped and looked at her with a worried expression.

"What's the matter Wanda? Something bothering you?" He asked softly caressing her cheek.

"Well....not exactly...it's just that something doesn't feel right. I'm just worried about the raid tomorrow for some reason." Wanda said looking down.

"Don't worry about it Wanda, it's an easy raid. We'll be just fine and I'm going to be there to protect you no matter what happens." He said smiling at her and softly kissing her lips.

They continued to walk through the corridors as the dreaded tomorrow approached them.

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