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Wanda woke up when she heard a knock on the door.

"Wanderer it's almost time for the conference." It was Swaying Leaves calling her.

"I'll be right there." Wanda said as she got up and washed her face with water, fixed her hair a little and got out. She saw Swaying Leaves and Flaming Tornado waiting for her in the halls.

"There you are. It's a good thing you didn't take long. Let's get going." Leaves said and she followed the two souls took her to wherever the conference was supposed to be held. They stopped in front of what looked like an elevator. They got inside and Wanda realized it was a transporter that would transport them to the conference hall.

She could feel her heart beating rapidly against her chest. The elevator doors opened and she was accompanied by two other souls from there on. As she was leaving she saw Leaves giving her a smile and mouthing a "good luck" to her.

She came in front of two giant doors and they slowly opened and Wanda shielded her eyes from the bright light coming from inside. She entered and was amazed by what she saw. There were souls in different host bodies; humans, plants, bats, spiders and more. They all became silent as soon as she walked in. She could feel everyone's eyes on her. She looked down at the ground and quietly followed the two souls. They escorted her to something that looked like a seat in the middle of the room. She sat down and heard a soul whose host was a human announce that the conference would begin shortly. She looked around the room and realized that the majority of the souls were humans. The souls started whispering to each other once they recovered from their shock after seeing Wanda.

She heard another pair of doors open and saw that another soul walked inside the room. The room was silent once more as the soul took his place at the front of the room. The soul stared at Wanda with a serious look plastered on his face.

"So you're the one. You're Wanderer. Well then, it is time to start your judgment." He spoke with a deep voice.

Wanda could feel her palms sweating in tension. Two more souls took their places beside the judge or whatever the soul was called.

"So you've sided with the humans am I right?" He asked.

"Yes sir." She simply answered.

"And do you regret helping them?" He observed her reactions carefully. Wanda was silent for a few seconds and finally answered, "No, they needed me and I am happy and proud to have sided with them." The crowd started whispering as she said that.

"Silence." The judge simply said and the whole room was quiet.

"I see, now tell me why you sided with them. Did they force you? Or did you have pity on them?"

"It's neither sir. I sided with them because they don't deserve to be treated this way." She said confidently although inside she was trembling. The judge didn't say anything and she took that as a response for her to keep going.

"They're living breathing creatures just like us and they deserve a life. It's something not for us to take. More importantly they're fighting for what rightfully belongs to them." The judge noticed the determined look on her face as she spoke.

"What about us then? We need a host body in order to keep living. Without doing that our existence would mean nothing."

"I understand that sir. It's just the humans I'm fighting for. Please, can't you just let this one species go?" Wanda pleaded.

"If we leave earth then it wouldn't be fair on the other worlds. We'd have to leave them as well which means we'll perish and I cannot let that happen. Besides, we are saving the human species. They were monsters in war among themselves." The judge spoke as he stared at Wanda.

"But what about what we're doing? We're monsters too aren't we?"

"That is utterly ridiculous. What do you mean by that?" The judge couldn't understand what she meant by that.

"I meant what we're doing is no less from any monster. We're destroying millions of innocent lives; we're wiping off a species from the face of the universe. How is that any better than war?" Wanda felt water coming to her eyes but she held her tears back. She couldn't let them see her at a weak stage. The judge was silent for a minute thinking about what she said.

"Tell me Wanderer, what do you think will be best for the humans?" The judge asked after a minute of silence.

"Well, there's a way to separate a soul from a human body. I was hoping we could do that and ship the souls to another planet. That is, only if the real human mind responds after taking out the souls. Not all humans are strong enough to respond. This way humans and souls will be able to live together on this planet." The judge observed her and finally smiled a wise smile.

"Wanderer, I really respect your courage, strength, determination and love for the humans, even though you're one of us. The souls are known to be a harmless, nice and friendly species and you have showed us what all of us are truly supposed to be like." The judge stopped talking and looked around everyone in the room.

"Everyone here should learn something from you today. You are a perfect example of a soul. You're kind, loving, caring and peaceful Wanderer. I am going to do as you've suggested." The judge stood up and cleared his throat.

"Everyone, I'd like to hear your decision as well. I think what Wanderer says is right. If anyone has any objections feel free to say so." He spoke and waited for a response and to Wanda's surprise no one objected. The judge gave her a smile.

"Well there you have it Wanderer. I thank you for coming here. You have made a wonderful link between humans and souls today."

"And thank you for taking your time to listen to what I wanted to say and for supporting me." She was truly grateful and very happy. Relief flooded through her. Her friends would be safe to go wherever they pleased; she could start a normal life with Ian. She couldn't wait any longer to return home and see all their happy faces.

She was sent back to earth the next day and on that day her life changed.

Six months later

Wanda opened her eyes and found herself wrapped in Ian's arms. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at her.

"Morning sweetheart." He kissed her and she kissed him back and buried her face in his chest.

"I still can't believe it's actually over." She whispered.

"It is over and it's all thanks to you. Thanks to you we're all alive, well and happy. I'll say it again, thank you Wanda." Ian smiled at her and then sat up on the bed.

"I know I'm being selfish when I'm saying this but I'm glad the human in your body didn't respond when the healers called out to her. Otherwise you wouldn't be here right now." He gently played with her hair.

"I know Ian, I'm glad too because I can't imagine what my life would be right now without you." She slowly sat up and got off the bed.

"Better hurry we were supposed to help Mel and Jared moving stuff to their new place." She said and headed to the washroom. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her name was Wanderer, one of the many souls living on this planet alongside humans. She had finally done it, a world where humans and souls were able to live together peacefully. She was happy, her friends were happy and safe. And was finally able to get the life she always hoped for with her Ian.

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