Chapter 1: A secret well kept

Ron Stoppable is many things. He is the oldest child of his parents, sidekick to a worldwide hero, senior in high school, formerly a mascot turned quarterback of the football team, a chef, and a Mystical Monkey power master; and, he is all these things at the mere age of eighteen.

Out of all these things the best thing to ever happen to him is to be dating his best friend—world teen heroine Kim Possible. When they had gone to junior prom, after thwarting Drakken's strangely successful Diablo plan, and had shared their first kiss on the dance floor in front of everyone the blonde was just about the happiest man on earth! And honestly, who wouldn't be with having been blessed the opportunity to date Kim Possible?

In reality, the naco loving male didn't think his life could get any better…he had someone he cared about and was in his final year of high school. However, things slowly began to change; after all, when you're the star quarterback and you're actually winning games people definitely take notice.

At first, he wasn't interested in any of the girls that fawned over him—the "Ron Man" was already taken. Plus, Kim didn't seem threatened by all the attention her boyfriend earned; she was a cheerleader for four years and knew just how much "attention" a person got. Not to mention, being a hot redhead wearing revealing clothing was bound to receive stares from both men and women alike.

So, to make a long story short, Kim trusted Ron enough to not need to come over and assert her "alpha female" status every time a girl approached her boyfriend or waved to him from the stands. He was a loyal friend which meant that he must be an equally loyal boyfriend, right? …Well, at first yeah, he was.

As the months went on though…the football star became less and less inclined to ignore the hints that other girls were sending his way and with each passing day his resistance levels dropped lower and lower. At first, whenever a girl walked passed him, swaying her hips in such a suggestive manner or biting her lower lip in a suggestively cute way, he battled against the urge to turn and watching her fleeting ass as she continued on down the hallway.

Now, he quickly and eagerly turned his head whenever he felt a female's ass was deserving of attention and sometimes he would even stop and bluntly stare. Ron was getting so bad that he was beginning to look at other women while walking to class with his girlfriend…though he'd manage to catch himself in time before she turned around.

By the time October arrived not only was Ron checking out every chick in school but he was also patting and pinching every butt that came his way; if he patted someone's ass he thought you were cute and if he pinched it, then it meant that he would keep an eye on you from now on. With every stare, grope, and wink that he made, Ron thought of Kim's feelings less and less…still, he did have the decency to not openly flirt in her face whenever she was around, which was more than the girls who liked him had.

It was mid-October when the blonde sidekick finally made a move and went beyond "harmless" flirting. It was a Friday and on this day, Kim happened not to be at school; the forest green eye cheerleader was off giving a speech at an elementary school about something or the other. This basically meant that Ron had free range to flirt without having to be aware of her presence. When he did see her it was going to be after school.

"Hey-yo, what's up Ron Man?" Brick, his fellow football star greeted. The other football players around him, seeing as how football players seemed to travel in packs, stopped what they were doing and turned to greet him as well.

Ron was just exiting the cafeteria and on his way to study hall when they called out to him; the less muscular man stopped and headed in their direction. "What's crackin' my homeboys?" he inquired, and began slapping them high fives when he was within range.

"Nothing man. Dreading going to Barkin's class to take a test on healthy food," another random player replied. "Like, how can I do a test on healthy food when there's no healthy food to taste and test?"

This caused the other males around him to laugh. "Just be glad you aren't taking the man for history," another quipped, before shutting his locker. "I'll see you guys later, I've got to get to class or I'll detention for the rest of this semester," he said before slinging has backpack over one shoulder and walking off. Several others did the same.

"So, there's a party this weekend at my house," Brick started, closing his locker in the process, and the two began walking off down the hall. As they walked, they received numerous stares from females that they passed by and of course they returned the favor. "Can I count on you to be there?" he questioned, nudging the smaller man in the side with his elbow.

The action, while gentle for the taller teen, was rough for Ron and caused him to be shoved to the side a bit, but luckily, he was able to regain his footing quickly and make it like that little mishap didn't occur. "Of course you can! I have no homework or babysitting to tie me down," he answered with a half-smile and wink, earning chuckles for them both.

"Sweet," the more seasoned player remarked. Before he could say more, he was interrupted by someone else speaking.

"Hey Ron," Tara, a fellow senior, spoke to the freckle faced teen, completely ignoring Brick. Her blue eyes shined, and she bit her bottom lip cutely. "She you in study hall," she added, before shutting her locker and heading in the direction of class.

The brown eyed male's eyed followed after her until she was lost in the crowd of students. Tara was on the cheerleading squad, a few positions under his girlfriend. Ron had learned that she had had a crush on him for a few years now, and from the way she was acting, she still did—this fact made Ron very happy indeed.

When Ron's eyes turned back towards Brick the taller blonde was wearing a knowing smirk on his face; hell, it wasn't as if he wasn't thinking the same thing while watching Tara depart either.

"What?" Ron asked innocently.

The larger of the two simply shook his head. "Nothing. Well, I'm off to class. Oh, and so you know…the party is from 10 until. Later." And with that little bit of information passing between them he was off to class.

The quarterback waved goodbye before he started making his way towards class as well. It was his final class of the day, and ironically, the only one that he didn't share with Kim; he had a feeling that he was about to be all the more thankful for that fact and that study hall was about to get that much more exciting.

(Study Hall)------

He entered into the class, which was actually held within the library, and looked around. As always, the place was barren and a few people short of being completely deserted; most people ditched because they had better things to do with their time…plus it was an easy class to pass which didn't even require showing up.

He walked a little deeper into the library before his name was called. Stopping, he looked in the direction that the noise came from and smiled when he laid eyes on Tara; she was sitting curled up in a chair off in a secluded corner of the library. The young athlete made a beeline right to her.

"Hey, how's it going?" Ron questioned, as he took off his backpack and took a seat in the unoccupied chair next to her.

The blonde haired cheerleader smiled sweetly at him, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear in the process. "It's going good. Glad it's finally the weekend," she informed him, leaning on the arm of the chair as she spoke.

A chuckled escaped him, not completely from her statement, but from her action. He leaned on the arm of his chair as well, so now their faces were about a forearms length apart. "Yeah you aren't the only one. I need to recover after all the pop quizzes Barkin has given this week!" he exclaimed in a low tone, still mindful of the fact that they were in the library. Heaven forbid, that he bring down the wrath of the librarian upon them.

The shorter of the two simply nodded. "So…have you heard about the party Brick throwing tomorrow?" she asked. Her smile visibly brightened when he nodded. "Are you planning on going?"

"Yeah I plan on being there…," Ron started off his voice trailing towards the end as he moved his head closer to hers. His face now only inches from hers. "…can I plan on seeing you there?"

Instead of verbally answering, the sapphire eyed female leaned forward and closed the remaining distance between them. The kiss was slow, tongues creeping out and gently stroking the other. It lasted until every last bit of air was squeezed from their lungs before they separated.

"I'll take that as a yes?" he asked, though it was really a statement.

Tara's eyes simply shined before she went back in for a second helping; Ron happily obliged. While their first kiss was slow and gentle, this one was fast and passionate. Lips hungrily attacked one another, hoping that by doing so they would somehow merge together.

As they kissed Tara released a low moan, not wanting to draw attention to themselves and what they were doing in the corner. After hearing that sound, the young and upcoming chef wanted to hear more of it and bringing his hands in on the action got the response that he wanted.

One of his hands snaked under her shirt and gently groped one of her breasts. Reverently, his hand played with the mound in its possession and tweaked the hardened bud hidden from it by her bra; his other hand had made its way behind her lower back and in one swift motion he had pulled her out of her chair and into his lap.

The action was sudden and caused a small, surprised yelped to escape her lips. Ron's eyes simply smiled mischievously at her before he continued and upped his administrations on her body now that one of his hands was no longer occupied. Their kiss ended only because Ron had began attacking her neck.

The cheerleader tilted her head to the side to allow him the best access possible; oh, she felt incredible right now! Both of her hands attached to the back of his head, gripping his locks of hair roughly, and pushing his face deeper into her neck as far as it would go without suffocating him.

Suddenly, the blue eyed teen jumped in surprise. A momentary pause was made as she focused her attention down between them; she slide closer towards his knees just so she could see better—a noticeable large bulge was visible within the boy's brown cargo pants.

With all the quickness of a viper, she reached out her hand and began stroking his erection through his pants; immediately, this caused a groan to escape his mouth and his head to roll back. Tara watched with pride at how Ron lost himself within her touch, and even began to move along with her hand whenever she added more pressure or changed her speed.

I bet good ole team captain has never made him feel this good before, she thought to herself, priding ringing in her own head.

If Ron had heard the question and been coherent enough to answer, he would have informed Tara that he had never felt this way before. True, enough, he and Kim had shared passionate kisses and had explored each others bodies with their clothes on but Kim had never allowed it to go beyond those points…feeling that it would lead them to something that neither of them was ready for. However, Ron's erection at the end of each of those "sessions" proved otherwise.

The remainder of study hall for the two was spent in a passionate makeout session; they only pulled away when the afternoon announcements came on, giving them time to straighten themselves out and look presentable. Just as they finished, so did the announcements and the bell rang signaling the end of the school day and the start of the weekend.

"I look forward to seeing you at the party tomorrow night," Tara said shyly as they walked towards the exit, ironic considering the activities she just participated in.

Ron leaned in and quickly pecked her on the lips. "It's a date," he confirmed before watching her walk off in the opposite direction that he was going.


"Ron!" Kim yelled from her car, while also honking the horn to get his attention once she spotted him entering the parking lot.

He smiled as he made his way over to her car. He hopped into the front seat while tossing his backpack into the back of the car; once he was buckled in and situated, the redhead leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips—the same lips that had not too long ago been on the neck and collarbone of one of her fellow cheerleaders.

The blonde felt no guilt once so ever over this fact and simply returned her kiss. Once it was over the car took off…using Kim's driving skills, not the ones that had been installed; they were going to Bueno Nacho as usual since Ron couldn't ever get enough of the place.

"So, how was school?" the green eyed crime fighter asked, making small talk on the way to their destination.

The mystical monkey powered male simply shrugged. "Eh…same old same old," he responded before turning to look his head out the window at the passing scenery. Really, he had just done that to keep her from seeing the smile on his face…a smile that she did not give him.

Oh, he was so looking forward to tomorrow night.


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Wow, Ron's a total dick huh?...Cheating (or at least beginning to) on the best thing in his life!!! Well, too bad for him...but he's gotta lose her folks, so yes this calls for a bit of cluelessness on Kim's parts to all the obvious signs...this is how my story works (I didn't buy nor did I like him dating Kim in S4...I mean COME ON! he's a total loser, not a fan of the guy but for sho not in this way, dating a hottie like Kim! That does SO not fit w/n the laws that govern high school! LOL).

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