Chapter 6: Letting It All Out

"Thanks again for the ride Piktor," Kim thanked her pilot as they got within ten miles of Drakken's newest lair.

Piktor turned to glance over his shoulder before replying, "Es no problem comrade. Besides, is least I could for you, after you saved my village from snow avalanche," he assured her, his Russian accent thick and heavy.

Kim shrugged in modesty at his words. "All I did was get in front of the avalanche, then connected my laser lipstick to my Kimmunicator for an extra boost and then fired it at the ground a few feet in front of the snow. Creating a place for it to go," she explained.

"Totally no big," she added with a smile, as she leaned out the chopper.

They had gotten a bit closer to her destination, so she was able to make out the details better.

Drakken's newest lair resided at the top of a very high cliff; it appeared to be carved into the mountainside, with beams carved underneath it and into the rock to level the place out. Roughly 300ft below it was the ocean—with the tide slapping roughly against the jagged rocks protruding from it.

Green eyes surveyed the landscape a bit longer, trying to discern the most effective and efficient way to enter into the lair undetected, before making a move.

"Right here's good Piktor," she informed her pilot, over the roar of the chopper's blades, placing a hand on the man's shoulder.

Immediately, he stopped. "Feel free to call on me again, da?" he asked of her, though it was really more of a statement.

The redhead flashed him a smile, as she adjusted her backpack. "Sure thing," she said as she pressed a button on her wrist Kimmunicator before driving out the helicopter from over 100ft.

As she fell, with not a single trace of fear, her body was being covered in a black rubber suit. From her pocket she pulled out an oxygen mouth piece and goggles, which she then put into their proper places.

The dive the young hero made into the water, would surely have earned her a metal had she been partaking in the Olympics. She allowed the water to embrace her, sinking a few feet into its depths before she began swimming. Thanks to the enhancements Wade made on these goggles, she didn't need to have an external light source.

They had night vision, among other things, built into them.

It didn't take long for her to locate a water vent. The cheerleader rolled her eyes; Drakken was so predictable that she could break into his hideout blindfolded. Using her goggles to scan the bars and area surrounding it for any motion sensors—which there weren't—she made her way through the bars and to the other side.

Cutting through the metal was unnecessary as the bars were spaced far enough apart to where a person and maybe even sea life could get though; which had Kim thinking briefly, what was the point?

Swimming along the vent actually took a few minutes.

The only danger she encountered were several large ventilation fans that turned the water. All of which were shut down, by propelling herself onto the center of the fans and using her Kimmunicator to shut them off; curtsey of Wade, naturally.

Eventually, she found an opening at the end of the large ventilation system. Emerging and finding herself in a large pool; she assumed that Drakken was going to use it for sharks, as he and other villains she knew had a thing for sharks, but figured he'd yet to find the time to put them in.

Giving another once around to make sure the coast was clear Kim pulled herself out of the water. With another button press to her wrist Kimmunicator, her scuba suit withdrew itself from her form; she removed her oxygen mouthpiece and goggles herself, placing them safely inside her backpack.

"All right Drakken. Let's see if I can have you and Shego behind bars before halftime," Kim murmured to herself, referring to the football game that was occurring tonight. She was too adrenaline filled to think about Ron and his exploits.

She then began sneaking about the hideout in attempts to locate its mad scientist.


The roar of the crowd was loud. Ron could hear all the commotion even from within the locker room; where he and his teammates were currently residing as the game was mere minutes from being underway.

The blonde's heart was pounding in his chest. If they won this game, they'd be another step closer to the championship game. While they had been having a pretty good season this year, they were undefeated he wanted it to stay that way.

He wanted them not only to win the championship game but he also wanted them to remain undefeated for his final year of high school.

When their coach, Barkin go figure, entered into the locker room, they immediately quieted down.

"All right, listen up people," the muscular male barked at his team. "Let's show those 'Ferocious Badgers' what happens when they step into Mad Dog territory," he said, earning agreeing shouts from his players.

"So, get your heads in the game and out there and win this thing!" Barkin's short speech pumping up his players even more.

The boys put on their helmets and began banging against the lockers and one another; they jumped up and down and beat on their chest. Some even got in each other's face to raise their energy even more.

"Now, let's hear it for our own Middleton Maddddd Dogggggssssss…" They heard the sport announcer announce.

Immediately, they ran from the locker room, still whooping and hollering, and onto the field. The crowd's cheers and the opposing team's fans boos hyping them even more. While running onto the field, Ron took notice of the cheerleaders.

More specifically, he noticed the lack of a certain redhead, and that her usual place was being occupied by a familiar brunette.

Ron's brow furrowed in confusion. It wasn't like Kim to miss a game, especially a home game. Briefly, he wondered if something had come up, as that was really the only reason Bonnie had taken charge.

However, all thoughts of his girlfriend went out the window, when he saw Tara wave and then blow a kiss at him. Suddenly, whatever reason Kim wasn't there was no longer his concern; in fact, he was quite glad she wasn't around.


Drakken snickered wickedly. "At last, the final component of my plan is complete!" he exclaimed, as he held the bag of items which he'd sent his henchmen to acquire.

"At last, nothing can stop me!" The pony-tail sporting scientist proclaimed, seemingly in his own world—one that was ruled by him.

"Don't be so sure about that Drakken," Kim quipped with a smirk, as she emerged from her hiding space; successfully, surprising the room's occupants.

The blue skinned man let out a surprised yell. "KIM POSSIBLE?" As if this was the first time he'd ever laid eyes on the redhead.

Then, as if he just realized something, he began scanning around the room from his vantage point.

"Where's the buffoon?" he inquired curiously, when he caught no sight of the blonde sidekick and his pet mole rat.

This would be easier than he thought without the blonde male here to intervene. It took everything in Drakken not to break out with a grin on his face; he didn't want to make her suspicious of his actions.

"I could ask you the same of Shego," the teen countered, light green eyes scanning about for the plasma wielding woman. Her body tense, just in case Shego were to surprise her and spring out.

The scarred man remarked, "I don't need Shego for what I have in store for you," quite ominously, pointing a gloved finger at her.

In truth, Shego had gone on vacation not long after he had informed her of his plans. The only reason she was coming back today was because he had contacted and told her that he had dropped his idea; which of course he had not. He wanted to have Kim Possible subdued by the time his sidekick returned so that she could see how well his scheme had worked in disabling the girl.

"And I don't need Ron for taking you out," the hero stated.

Drakken then turned his attention to his henchmen. "Well, don't just stand around. Get her!" he ordered the men.

He needed a few more minutes to add on the finishing touches after all.

Like loyal lapdogs, they obeyed the command. The thirty or so men that were in the room with their employer charged the youth. She crouched into her fighting style ready to take them on.

The first one who came at her was met with a swift punch to the face that landed the muscular man on his backside before he fell unconscious. The next two were met with rapid combos to the chest, leaving them in the same state as their predecessor; the several that followed were taken out with efficient roundhouse kicks.

As Kim made her way through the sea of henchmen, in no short supply seeing as how the alarm had been raised, she realized that despite what she was doing to take them down, she was quite bored.

It bothered her how easily she was going through them; not even using her advanced fighting skills to do so. She was doing simple jumps, kicks, and punches…nothing requiring careful calculation or anticipation.

The redhead sighed internally, as she flipped over a man before reaching behind her and tossing him over her head and into a small group that was running toward her. She really wished Shego were here.

At least with Shego she'd get a real fight.

Now, Kim was by no means a person who liked violence, but fighting with Shego was always something she looked forward to when dealing with Drakken. The former superhero was practically her most deadly adversary to date; and, she pushed Kim to, and even beyond her boundaries whenever they fought.

Duking it out with Shego had a way of taking her mind off of the chaos in her life. Things like school, college, saving the world, Bonnie's bitchy-ness were all pushed from her mind when going toe to toe with the older woman; all Kim was able to focus on was the present. A single second of distraction was all it took before she felt the sting and heat of the woman's fist connecting with some point on her body.

Kim dropped the last of Drakken's henchmen with a powerful knee to the chin.

Looking around the room, she noticed the scientist was nowhere in sight. She knew he hadn't left, not without saying his trademark phrase of, 'You think you're all that Kim Possible, but you're not'. He was probably hiding in another part of the building.

Fiddling with her wrist Kimmunicator, having it do a quick scan of the building proved her theory right; her was two levels above her.

"Alright Drakken, let's get this over with," the teen said to herself as she made her way towards his location, unaware of what he had in store for her.


"…and Rick Farmer, number 37, runs it in for a touchdown," the announcer commented. "Making the score 42 for the Badgers and 17 for our own Middleton Mad Dogs, right at half time.

Hopefully, the coach will have some words to fire the team up and they'll come out on fire in the second half."

Barkin was furious. If the chair that he threw across the locker room was any indication of his anger.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" The oldest among them snarled, glaring at the seemingly tired players.

He noticed. "I don't know why you're tired. You haven't done anything. Seems to me that you all are just lying down and taking it," he stated.

"Defensive line, do your job and defend! They ran the exact same play three times in a row to break through the line.

And, if you can't break through their line to get to their quarterback, then watch the field to see where their wide receivers and tight ends are so you can be all over them and keep them from getting their hands on that ball," Barkin told them, to which the young men nodded.

"You all had numerous opportunities for interceptions…I don't want to see you missing those opportunities in the second half."

The floating teacher/coach then turned his attention to his offensive line.

"Same goes for you offense. You guys aren't even on the field three minutes before the defensive line is back out there.

We see that the ball can't be ran their defensive line is too strong, so the option we have is to throw the ball. But, the quarterback can't do that if his blockers aren't doing their job.

Brick," Barkin said, now focusing solely on the blonde. "When you saw that you couldn't find an open man, you should have thrown the ball away instead, of getting tackled and pushed further and further from a first down."

"Hope your arm's warmed up Stoppable, because you're gonna be in for the second half," to which the sidekick nodded.

"Good. Now, get out there and start playing like you know how…or you'll be under 10 research papers due by this time next week," he threatened his players.

The young men shivered, not wanting to find out first hand if he were bluffing or not.


"So much for me being back by halftime," Kim muttered to herself, glancing at the time, as she entered into the new part of the lair. "All right Drakken, time's up. Game's over!" She told her enemy, who was on the other side of the room.

Drakken did not seem deterred by her words, considering she had taken out his lackeys' singlehandedly. Instead, he simply held his ground and grinned like the cat that ate the canary.

"Not quite Kim Possible. I still have an ace up my sleeve," he announced, as he reached into his jumpsuit and produced a remote. With the press of a button, a large door in the center of the room began to open up, white smoke pouring out of it.

The redhead's body tensed, immediately going into her fight stance. She had no idea what Drakken was releasing; but, given how confident he was that this latest invention of his would defeat her, had the youth on her guard.

It was rare that Drakken ever gave off the level of confidence he was now, especially when his hired muscle—aka Shego—wasn't around.

Green eyes focused on a dark silhouette emerging from the smoke and exceptionally bright light of where it was contained. Well, at least now she knew it wasn't something that was 50ft tall; Drakken did have a flare for the dramatics at times.

Slowly, the shadowed figure drew closer, allowing Kim to make out distinctive features. It was human, that she knew for certain; and, giving its outline, male. With each step, the faceless figure became more illuminated.

The teen hero released an auditable gasp when Drakken's ace stood in the center of the room, fully lit; her eyes wide and her mouth agape as she stared at the person before her. Her reaction was enough to have Drakken snickering with glee.

"Behold, Kim Possible, your ultimate weakness!" The older man declared with absolution.

There, in the center of the room stood Ron Stoppable.

"KP!" Ron shouted, when he spotted the redhead and ran towards her. "I've been looking all over for you," he informed her.

Kim was too stunned to do anything as "Ron" wrapped her in warm hug. When "Ron" didn't feel the embrace returned, he pulled back to look at her; concern showing in his brown eyes.

"Is something wrong Kim?" he asked her, looking her in the eyes.

"R-Ron…" was all the fair skinned teen was able to force out of her throat. Her brain had simply frozen.

The freckle faced teen flashed a smile. "It's okay Kim, no matter what I'll always be here for you," he said. "I love you."

It was those words that jump started Kim's mind.

As she stared at the imposter her mind began to race. Even though she knew it was not Ron, that didn't stop the feelings that were being stirred within her. Her heart pounded in her chest as her veins pumped blood and were rapidly filling with adrenalin.

Looking at him, everything she had learned about her boyfriend came crashing to the forefront of her mind.

"So, what do you say we leave Drakken to his devices and go home and—" The blonde never got a chance to finish that sentence, as he received a hard punch to the nose, sending him flying several feet across the room.

Drakken's ace released a groan as he sat up off the ground, holding his nose which was oozing synthogoo.

"Ow! KP, what was that for?" "Ron" demanded to know, giving her a hard glare. Something the real Ron wouldn't dare do—but, Kim really didn't know what the real Ron would and wouldn't do these days.

His only response was a near feral growl from the redhead. Her green eyes burned with anger as she looked at the imposer; with the way she was feeling, he may as well have been the real thing.

The emotions that she had carefully forced beneath the surface had now found themselves above ground, and would be ignored no longer. All restraints were lost as she charged her "boyfriend". As Kim unleashed her fury upon the Synthodrone, Drakken simply stood frozen in awe…and fear.

He had never seen his enemy as furious as she was now. He could sense the pure anger—pure hate—radiating off her as she attacked his drone. The blue skinned scientist couldn't say which surprised him more, that his plan to use her emotions to his advantage didn't work or the way she attacked the man that was supposedly her boyfriend.

For a moment, he wondered if this was how Kim was during the Diablo Incident.

Drakken was taken from his musings when the sound of fighting, if one could call it that, no longer filled the air. Coming back to reality he noticed that a good chuck of the room was now covered in synthogoo; what didn't cover the walls of the room covered Kim Possible.

She stood over her fallen enemy, and her green eyes locked and loaded onto the mad scientist.

"Ohhh…Drakkennnn…" she called in a mock, sing-song voice, that had the man visibly trembling in fear.


"Dr D, you in here?" Shego called out for her employer, as she entered into this new portion of the lair.

She had just arrived back minutes ago. Upon her arrival into to their hideout, the pale skinned woman had sensed something was…off; entering into the central bay and seeing her co-workers unconscious about the room confirmed that feeling and sent her into high alert.

As she searched for her employer, the former heroine wondered had they been raided by Global Justice. It was unlikely, seeing as how people were still there. Still, it left her wondering to the person behind it.

Shego was taken from her musings as her ears picked up slight whimpering.

Cautiously approaching where the sound was coming from, hands ignited as a precaution, she made her way across the room. She paid no mind to the goop she stepped in, aside for an internal groan. Reaching her target—a turned over table—she slowly reached out and began to move it, preparing her body for any surprises.

"Ahhh! Please, don't hurt me!"

Shego stood there baffled, as her employer cowered like a babe. "Dr D?" she called his name for lack of anything better to say.

Realizing that his was his henchwoman, Drakken immediately launched himself at her. "She-Shego!" he cried as if she were his savior, which she was.

The black haired woman frowned. "Let go," she ordered. When Drakken made no attempts to obey her order she added, "Now," in a deadly tone.

He listened and released her with haste.

"Now, mind telling me what the hell happened while I was away?" she asked, but as always it was a demand, gesturing with her hand not only the state of the current room they were in, but also the mess two levels below.

"Oh Shego, it was terrible!" The scarred man proclaimed. "I've never been so scared in my entire life! …Well, minus all the times you've threatened me that is."

He then began going off on an unwarranted rant. To which, the forest green eyed woman rolled her eyes. She decided to just learn what happened through the security cameras—that they had in order to see if someone were coming in to their hideout.

Funny, how that never seemed to work with Kimmie, despite the fact that she worked with a bumbling sidekick.

She walked to the upper level and made her way to the computer. With a few keyboard clicks she accessed the security footage for earlier that day. Nothing too interesting had happened…up until Kim showed up.

She watched as Drakken sicked his dogs at her. Silently, Shego approved at how easily Kim took them out; as if they stood a chance at taking out her Princess.

The next interesting scene came when Kim came into this room after Drakken and he unleashed his secret weapon. Shego frowned when she saw Stoppable appear on screen; it would seem that the good doctor lied about abandoning his plan to come at Kim emotionally.

Yet, what happened next wiped the frown from the pale woman's face, replacing with a look of awe.

The mercenary watched as Kim viciously attacked the Synthodrone that looked like her boyfriend. It was just…surreal. From what she had seen over the years, Kim cared deeply for that loser but, from what was caught on camera was the polar opposite.

"Whoa…what did the sidekick do to Pumpkin?" The plasma wielding female asked herself. She did not know but…she was going to find out.

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