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The Kobold Necromancer's Notes - Happy birthday, Winter-Rae! That's right, I'm starting this fanon story in honor of your birthday! And I hope you really like it!

For all of you wondering what the hell I'm doing, I'm pairing up all of my Total Drama Battleground characters with the TDI characters! Every chapter will be a TDI/TDBG pairing! Some of them you can easily see in the real TDBG, some are going to be a shock!

This is also to satisfy all you fanon lovers, who wanted some in TDBG. Sadly, since it turns out it'd be harder to do the story by breaking up the canon couples, I will be doing it here more, and much more wild! Every single camper, from Alfred to Zachary, from Anita to Valerie, is getting paired up, in OC/TDI style!

Pairings - The first is Tyler/Hannah. The rest... are a mystery for now!

Rating - Rated T for Teen for sexual natures, swearing, mild violence, and other things. Might turn M later, but you never know.

Time Setting - In a very weird AU, everyone is here in the TDBG contest. This is only so we get all their reactions, and so there are no spoilers for those who are reading TDBG at the same time.

Story One - Holy Sports, Tylannah!




The contestants were all at the cafeteria, eating their breakfast. Not many were saying much, just the normal amount of making out, glaring, quiet words, and noisy body functions (the last being Owen mostly).

It was one question that got everyone thinking, and Jasmine was the one to ask it. "So what are we going to be doing today?"

"I think Chris told me something about that," Geoff said, breaking away from Bridgette for a few seconds. "Apparently, our challenge isn't until later today, so we're going to be watching a movie or some kind."

"A movie?" Sandra grumbled, snapping her gum. "How lame."

"I don't mind watching a movie," Harold said. "Always handy to watch something new to pick up an awesome new skill."

Duncan scoffed. "You're lame."

"No, you're lame!"

"Boys, don't fight," Daisy pleaded. "We haven't even started this contest yet, we can kill each other then."

"And boy, won't that be fun," Eva said, grinning.

"So how's this giant video screen work?" Heather asked as they all walked into the stadium.

"Don't call Vera that now," Joel said. He shook his head, and said, "Vera, our virtual reality machine, can play movies. I programmed a DVD feature in her."

"Nerds and their machines," Zachary remarked as he sat down. "It's so stupid."

"Oh it is not," Gwen snapped at him. "People today couldn't live if half their technological junk was gone."

"You rigged up all this to see a movie?" Arthur asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Truth be told, there's much more to Vera than a movie player and even a virtual reality game," Joel told all of the others. "She has the ability to create an Alternate Reality!"

"Say what now?" Leshawna asked, looking confused.

"See, what she can do is make a movie based off of us," Joel continued to explain, "without us having to lift a finger to make one! We've all been in a virtual reality game here at least once, so she could make a movie based off those facts, like make a random movie of us trying to survive a zombie apocalypse."

"Are zombies all you weirdoes think about?" Valerie mumbled.

"What about love?" Crystal asked.

Joel made to answer the romantic, but couldn't see her. When he looked around, there she was at the controls. "Oh Crystal," he called out, heading towards her. "You shouldn't fiddle with her, please!"

"Don't worry, my dad's a computer expert, and I get what I'm doing," she replied, smiling. "I was up all night last night making fanon pairing movies!"

"You were?"

"Yeah, and I was gonna do that today," she said, giggling. "Like we all know all the couples that have been made and everyone loves, but what would happen if they were with other people?"

"I've heard you talk about that," Bridgette said. "Are you going to just randomly pair us up?"

"Why not make this fun?" Crystal exclaimed, a very big smile on her face. "Let's see what would happen if we paired up new people and veteran contestants only!"

She was pushing buttons, and before anyone could react, a movie began to play on the giant screen...

(Ye Old and Fantasy Times)

Lady Hannah Silvergem walked through the dry hills, peering around for the dust goblins that were ravaging the land. She gripped her holy mace when she thought she saw movement, and it turned out to someone fight a dust goblin.

Hurrying down the hillside, she saw the man clad in red clothing, boxing with the creature. One punch missed, and the young man struck a rock. Though the stone broke and cracked, the cry of pain from the man was a good sign that he didn't want to have done that.

The dust goblin cackled at his misfortune, pointing at him as he blow on his reddened hand. With a furious snort, the man turned back to the goblin and delivered a swift kick to the head. The nasty creature let out a cry of pain that was cut of at the end, and it fell to the ground dead.

Hannah hurried down to him, and he looked up at him, staring at her. She was a beautiful sight, in polished, mithril armor. The golden hair flickered in the wind, which was actually the force of magic flowing around her as she quickly cast a healing spell.

She saw the agony leave his eyes as his hand slowly but surely healed. Bones mended, cracked skin formed back together, and pain left his sore hand. She shook her head and said to him, "You broke so many bones in your hand there, sir."

"Thanks, hon," he said, giving his hand a good shake. Smiling at her, he said, "My name's Tyler. What's yours, miss?"

"Hannah," she replied, raising an eyebrow. She was used to a flirty smile, most people did not flirt with a paladin. "Lady Hannah. Are you out here to combat the tide of dust goblins?"

"Yep, a young kobold told me how pestering they were, and also rich," Tyler said as he walked over to the corpse. As he searched it, he found a small pouch. "Holy cow! No offense," he added as he opened it. "This sucker had about seven gold."

"Oh great, another greedy gung-ho fool," Hannah said with a mental sigh. She looked at him and decided to voice her disgust. "Is that all?"

"He didn't have anything else on him," Tyler said, not noticing her upset state. He brushed his hands and looked over at her. "I haven't had a healer assisting me in a long time. Could you help me out, Lady Hannah?"

Though she was upset that all he seemed to carry about money, she agreed to help him out. Judging from his balance, he was going to need a lot of healing. She hoped her savior above would bless her with enough mana to keep him alive.

She was right. Tyler was a coin flip, in that he either wiped out an opponent in a seriously stylish move, or he hurt himself a great deal more than the enemy had been aiming for. Hannah was using prayers, healing spells, and blessings to keep the man alive.

He was always going after the money and whatever he thought he could sell for a silver or two. This was annoying her more and more, but he was being very polite too. Also, she couldn't help but sense he was flirting with her.

"You have incredible hands," he noted when she healed away a long scrape on his arm. "Very delicate but firm."

"You're awfully quiet," he said at one point. "Are most paladins that quiet? You have such a nice, calming voice, it seems a shame you're so quiet."

When the sun started to set, the two started to head back to the nearby town of Goldenwinter, named after the fact that when it snowed around this dusty area, it looked like golden flakes tumbling down from the heavens.

"Thank you very much, Lady Hannah," he said to her, bowing respectfully. "Do you want a cut of the money I found?

"I don't need any more than I already retrieved," she said, a little more blunt than she meant. "Thank you anyway."

"Alright. I hope I see you around, my body feels stronger than ever after your touch," he exclaimed, flexing to prove it. "Well, I mean after your healing touches, that is."

"Right," she said, sighing. As Tyler went his separate way, Hannah went directly to the church of Goldenwinter City.

The beautiful church was Hannah's place to stay as she worked to help this struggling city. Between dust goblins, blood lizardkin, and the cursed spirits from the demon wars two centuries ago, Hannah had her hands full with impish devils, violent murderers, and damned ghosts.

The nun there, Sister Ocean, was a kind soul who had allowed her a place to sleep, assisted in repairing her armor, and providing food and water. She was there whenever Hannah came back from questing.

"Welcome back, sweetheart," Sister Ocean said, giving Hannah a gentle hug. "Are you okay after your day of adventuring?"

"Yes, the dust goblins have been quelled for today," she replied. "I cannot get over how quickly they take over those hills."

"It shall be alright, just have patience in our savior, and-"

She stopped when someone entered the church, and Hannah was startled to see it was Tyler. Sister Ocean, even more surprising to her, looked very pleased.

"Oh, Tyler," Sister Ocean said, approaching him and noticing the small sack in his hand. "Are you here to donate again?"

"I sure am, Sister," he said, handing her the small sack. "That was the majority of what I found and sold today, about one hundred and twenty-four gold pieces."

"You are too kind. The orphans will be so pleased."

" 'Orphans'?" Hannah repeated.

"Oh, the gentleman here has been donating money to the orphans being watched over here at the church, hon," Sister Ocean said to her. "You've met them."

"I... I have," she said, looking at Tyler. She remembered how charming those little kids looked: sweet little Paige, tough but charming Colt, and the very passionate Wolf. The large combination of all the difference races of orphans, from dwarf to rabbitkin to human, made it seem like deep down, everyone wanted the same thing, and that was someone to love.

When she looked more at Tyler, she wondered how she could think he was some bulky barbarian. Maybe it was the way he stood, which seemed to be a cocky stance, but his boyish and cute smile trumped that.

"Oh, have you two met?" Sister Ocean asked, looking between the two. She smiled as if knowing something. "I'll leave you two be then."

She walked off to manage to money she had just, while Tyler and Hannah faced each other. The paladin girl scratched the back of her hand and sighed. "I... had misjudged you, sir. I must apologize."

"I'm sorry?"

"I thought you had been greedy out in the dusty hills, and I treated you badly," she said, bowing to him apologetically. "Can you forgive my treatment towards you?"

"I didn't even notice. You are too sweet to mistake that, m'lady," he said, smiling at her.

She felt her face grow hot from a blush, and looked away. Then she smiled and said, "If I may ask, um, why are you working to get money for the orphans?"

"My parents were killed in a war a few years back, so I wanted to make the life of those who have felt the same easier," Tyler said. "I think the money I earn will help them with food, water, clothing, and maybe even toys. I have a few kobold contacts who help provide a trade with this city."

"You are too generous," she said, clasping her hands. "Though I think the divine elves who run this city are more concerned with the war than the people, so I've been doing nothing but fighting. I hadn't thought about the people in that way."

"Don't be so hard on yourself, you do so much better in combat than I do," Tyler said. He scratched his arm as he said, "I know I got a wicked kick, but my aim is not the best. I'd love to get some magically enchanted gloves to help me punch more powerfully or accurately, but those are horribly expensive."

"Tell you what," Hannah said. "From now on, we shall work together, and earn enough money for not only the orphans, but ourselves."

Tyler looked surprised, then excited, but hid how pleased he was at that idea. "That sounds good, Lady Hannah."

"You can call me Hannah, Tyler," she said, smiling at him.

He felt his heart skip a beat when he looked at her. "Wow," he couldn't help but say. "Whoa now, are paladins allowed to flirt like that?"

She giggled. "Of course, silly. You're thinking of nuns. Paladins are allowed to flirt and date," she then felt a surge of impishness as she added, "and we haven't taken vows of chastity."

Tyler swallowed a lump in his throat, and then managed to grin right back at her. "Never on the first quest, m'lady."

The two worked very well together, but it was awkward at first.

Tyler was still clumsy, and more so now that he knew Hannah was watching him. An orc almost decapitated him when he was watching her fight another one. At night, when camping out together, kept having to remind themselves that they were in dangerous lands, and couldn't get into any tomfoolery.

Hannah was getting close to perfecting her healing spells with him, and felt very grateful for this. Tyler was always complimenting her, telling her how wonderful she was. This kind of honest praise made her feel warm, just like how he felt when she healed his broken bones and gashed skin.

One day, they approached a large tribe of dust goblins. The evil beings hadn't seen them, and they were planning a surprise attack.

"Okay Tyler, here's what we should do," she whispered to him. "You charge in there, drawing all of them towards you. Use your spinning kick attack to drive them apart, and I'll use Sacred Flare to blind them."

"I'm so glad that doesn't work on allies. But are you sure you want to do that? They always come after you when you cast that."

"I'll be fine, sweetheart," she said. Leaning forward, she kissed him on the cheek, the first time she ever had. "You just be careful, I know how strong you can be when you concentrate."

Tyler felt his heart beat faster, and pumped his fists. "Alright! Let's get those punks!"

He charged in, roaring at the dust goblins. The creatures saw this, and panicked.

{Shit,} one of them cursed in the goblin language, {that guy's inspired by love! We don't stand a chance!}

{RUN AWAY}, they screamed, beating a hasty retreat. {RUN AWAY!}

All of the dust goblins ran off, screaming in terror. Tyler stood in the middle of the abandoned village, blinking his eyes. "Whoa," he muttered. "Didn't know I was that terrifying."

Hannah took to searching the village, and found something that took her breath away. "The Sacred Wawa Statue," he exclaimed, lifting a golden relic that looked like a state of a duck holding a gnomish rifle. "Frig!"

"I've never heard you swear," Tyler said as she approached her.

"Technically, it's not a swear word, just a replacement for it. But I cannot tell you had wonderful it is we found this! It was stolen from the Goldenwinter church a year ago, and Sister Ocean had given up hope in finding it."

Hannah approached Tyler, holding the statue in one hand. "I cannot thank you enough for being with me. I couldn't have handled all those dust goblins alone."

"You give me too much credit," Tyler said, fiddling with his head band. "Sure, my skills may have intimidated those punks, but you're the one who motivates them."

Hannah blushed, but managed to keep looking him in the eye when she added, "Well, I think I want to stay around with you more, and not just to inspire you. I rather... like you."

Now it was Tyler's turn to blush. "Wow. I really like hearing you say that."

Hannah decided to make the next move, because when being trained by a paladin, you were taught to fear nothing, especially not something like affection. She shifted the Sacred Wawa Statue into one arm, and reached around Tyler with her other. Gently pulling his head to hers, she gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

Tyler was very surprised, but smiling when she slowly pulled away. Looking into his brown eyes, she whispered, "I've grown very fond of you, Tyler. Will you continue adventuring with me?"

"I'd be more than happy to, Hannah," he replied, wrapping his arms around her. "I was going to ask you the same thing, if I could work up the nerve."

"You're so funny," she said, giggling. "You'll charge into a village of vicious goblins, but you have trouble asking a girl out."

As the couple continued to sweet talk and share even sweeter kisses, some of the dust goblins watched from afar.

{Man,} one grumbled, punching the ground, {how's a guy get a girl like that?}

{Oh shut up, I think they look cute together,} another added.

{Frig! I had that statue in my hut for months,} a third angrily cursed. {How was I supposed to know women liked that kind of stuff? I blew it big-time!}

After sharing one more passionate kissing, Tyler and Hannah stared into each other's eyes and smiled. "Shall we return the statue back to Sister Ocean now?"

"Oh yes, she's going to be so happy!"

(Maclean Stadium)

As the movie faded out, everyone was watching with mild interest to absolute fascination. Hannah had been blushing the entire time, but a slight smile on her face. Tyler, who had his arm around Lindsay, looked embarrassed but also rather amused.

"So...," Lindsay said, making him blush and look at her nervously. To his surprise, she looked very amused. "That would be what you'd look like in a fantasy movie!"

"You too," Mandy said to Hannah, raising an eyebrow. "Mithril looks good on you!"

Tyler chuckled nervously, then shrugged. "Well, that was all fiction. I'm still seeing my wonderful Lindsay."

"But you did look cute with her," Lindsay noted, tapping her lips in thought. "So if we break up, are you going to ask her out?"

Tyler looked over at Hannah, and they both blushed and looked away. From the console, Crystal started to giggle. "Oh, this is too good," she said to herself. "I need to play with this some more!"

"Now hang on," Joel said, approaching her. "You cannot just have more ways to show off Hannah and Tyler dating."

"You're right, I gotta do more TDI/TDBG couples," Crystal gushed, pressing more buttons. "Now, who's next?"

End of Story 1.




More of these stories will come in due time, mostly depending on fan reactions. Since Winter-Rae loved Tyler and Hannah, but they are seeing other people in TDBG, it couldn't be... except in another fanfiction!

I also added the fantasy theme to it because Winter loves her new game Dragon Age, and I figured a little paladin, warrior, and monster-feel to this story would make everything more interesting! Heck, with Vera, anything is possible!

Next Up - Ha! Fooled you! I spoil nothing!