Kay, first Chapter of You Are My World. Hope Ya all like it!

(Keyoshi pov.)

I was in a limo. More like a hearse if you ask my opinion. My parents and my younger twin brothers had died lastyear, and all the foster homes weren't really working out for me, so I chose to get a grip and come to Cross academy, where my families friend, Kaien Cross, was the headmaster. I looked out of the dark tainted windows and thought of my family. I didn't really spend a lot of time with my parents because they were so busy working, hunting vampires and all. But to my younger sister and brothers, I was a stand in mother. We were inseparable. And now…

WHAM. I'd whacked my head against the window.

"Keyoshi-sama," the driver said wearily, he'd probably been told about my problems back in the other homes.

No, not told, Warned more like it.

They had to inject me to send me to sleep after I'd broken one guys nose, and another guys neck screaming for my sister when they took me away from her. They didn't want me to hurt any one else.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't have the urge to hit something every 5 minutes." He asked.

So, what's it to you? It's like you own it.

In response, I kicked the seat in front of me with a loud BANG.

He then learnt to shut up and that every word coming from his mouth was pissing me off.

"Mumm- I mean, Key?"


"What do Mother and Father do all the time at work?"

"They help people."


"By taking away the bad people."

"Who are the bad people?"



"The ones who you should keep away from……"

"Keyoshi-sama? We're here."

"Mm." I answered.

I got out, and was then suddenly greeted by two teens, 16-17, my age.

"You must be Keyoshi-san!" Greeted one of them, a cheerful brown haired girl with big brown eyes.

"I am Yuki Cross, and this is zero Kuryuu." She nudged the boy next to her, who had silver hair and gray and purple eyes.

"Yeah." Zero muttered.

Not one for conversations? Fine by me.

"Welcome to Cross Academy," continued 'Yuki.'

"Yeah, thanks…" Personally, I didn't want to be here, but Kaien promised he'd help me find my sister.

Then suddenly, I notice a level E controlling tattoo on Zero's Neck….

"Level E?" I muttered.

Zero looked shocked.

"Did you say something Keyoshi-san?"

"Oh, no, nothing, and just Keyoshi would be fine." I replied. This girl probably didn't even know what a level E was,…. She probably didn't know what 2x10= by the looks of her….

"Chairman wishes to see you. We'll lead you to his office."

"okay." Lead the way weird people.

Look, I haven't met Kaien Cross in person, I've only ever talked to him by phone. I was eager to meet him. The worlds greatest Vampire Hunter of all time.

But on the phone, he sounded a bit…squealy. But I guess it was just bad reception.

One look and I thought, Maybe this guy has killed too many vampires and not in a good way.

"Keeeyyyy-cchhhaaannnn!!!!! It's been soooo loonnngg!!!!" He said, prancing around like an idiot.

Who is this guy???

"OoooOOOoooo!!! You've grown sooo much! The last time I saw you, you were still a baby!!!"

"Uhhhhh…. Yeah… it's good to see you too…"


"Sooo, how do you like my school?"

"Tis o'kay."

"Ah, ah good. I'm uhh,very sorry to hear about your family."

I looked at the floor. My hands clenching. I wouldn't be burdened with the loss of my family, and I was gonna find out who did this too them.

"I was thinking…" Kaien or Chairman, said.

"Yeah, what?"

"How would you like to become a prefect? Guardian of the night class?"


"You see, we have vampires in this school…"

"And you want me to kill them, right?"

"Well, no, not exactly…"

"He has Bloodsuckers attending the school, the Night Class." Zero said from behing me.

OKAY. This guy was outta his mind. And I was outta here.

"I'm sorry but, I can't."

"I know how hard this would be for you, considering the unfortunate event that has happened, but, well, you have to help protect the night classes identity. These vampires are good, they don't drink humans blood. They drink blood tablets, artificial blood."

Good Vampires? Are there such thing? I had to check it out.

"Well, If that's the case.."

"Brilliant! You have patrol at 3.15 this afternoon. Here is a prefect arm band. Yuki and Zero will show you to your room." Chairman concluded.

As I walked out, Chairman had one last thing to tell me.

"Oh, Keyoshi?"

"Yeah," I turned My head to face him.

"You might want to watch out. Today's Valentines Day."

Zero groaned and Yuki looked faint.

"Why? What's wrong with Valentines Day?" I asked.

"You'll see," was all Zero gave.

What was wrong? Did vampires have more of an urge to kill on this day? Did they go crazy? Did they lose it?

Little did I know.

Sooo, the room was good. I had my own, bonus.

I chucked my stuff on the floor. I'd clean it up later.

I grabbed my double edged blade. It had two blades on each side with intricate designs on them. With a space in the middle for you to put your hand. It was about the length of my hand to my elbow. The blades shape was unusual too. Unusual but beautiful. I guess because of the anti-vampire magic on it. Specially hurts a vampire if they're sliced.

It was a gift from my parents when I turned 8.

"Use this to protect yourself my dear girl." My father had told me.

"Train with it and be one with it."

"Thank you Dad!" I'd told him as I held the beautiful weapon in my hands.

"It's not a toy, be careful with it." My mother warned. Mother instincts.

"Key's a big girl now, I'm sure she'll be fine." My dad said.

I looked at my watch. 3.10. If I didn't hurry. I was gonna be late.

But next to my watch, was a 24 carat gold bracelet with a diamond flower.

"You're my world." He told me as he gave me the bracelet. "No matter what I promise that, I'll always remember you."

I will never forget you, even if you have forgotten me and broken your promise, Takuma Ichijo.

Sooo… Whaddya think? This isn't a one shot b.t.w.