For those who have forgotten, May is Keyoshiri's little sister.

"Neh, Key. It hurts."

I rushed to her, encircling my arms around her, silent tears running down my face and into her hair.

"May?" I whispered, rocking her back and forth.

I felt a hand rest on my shoulder.

I ignored it, focusing only on brushing the hair from May's face, looking into her big brown eyes.

"It burns."She murmured, trembling.

"What burns?" i frowned.

"My throat."

The hand on my shoulder started to play with my hair, twirling it through their fingers.

"What did you do to her?" I growled, My fangs elongating with my fury.

The person bent over, and a seductive voice purred into my ear, "As long as you particiapate, nothing will happen to her."

In an instant, I had my whip out, and had lashed him across the face.

To his credit, he didn't cry out, although the lash must burn like hell after that.

He spat on his hand, and wiped it over his cheek, healing the gash, and as he pushed back his black fringe off his pale face, there was a wicked glint in his red eyes.

He didn't even move, just stood there, when an invisible force slammed my into the wall, pinning me there.

"You're even more beautiful then the rumours say you are." He murmured, his eyes ravishing my body.

I wish I had a hundred yen for every time I get mind fucked.

"Thanks." I spat in his face, writhing under the invisible bonds.

He grinned as he wiped the spittle off his face.

"I'd watch out if I were you, or something might happen to the dear little girl..."

My whip was painstakingly slowly cutting through the phsycic barriers containing it. Just a little bit more, then I can flay the skin off him.

Just a little bit more.

"I wouldn't if i were you." The teen with the Raven black hair said.

Shiki, or Rido I should say, was standing with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall.

I glanced over at May, and noticed she was holding a knife.

"Stab him May!" I shouted at her, "In the eyes!"

But, instead of moving forward and stabbing the bastard that had me pinned, she slowly brought the knife up to her wrist, and cut. Blood dripped out of the wound and onto the floor, and May, poor dear little May, who would usually feint or shy away from the sight of blood, stood there, unflinching, as she slowly slowly ran the knife blade across her wrist again and again.

"May! May!" I screamed at her, kicking and desparatly trying to free myself, to wrench the knife from her, but the barriers just constircted more, so I put all of my willpower into cutting my whip through the barrier, as it seemed the only bodypart that could get free.

"Which part of 'I wouldn't if I were you' don't you get?" the raven haired boy said, smirking. "May might get hurt."

Just as he was saying that, May stopped cutting herself, and was slowly lifting the knife to her neck.

"STOP!" I snarled, "I'll do whatever you want!"

May froze.

Rido turned to the boy. "You were right, Damon. She would do anything for the little girl."

Damon bowed his head. "I usually am."

Rido chuckled.

"It's time I payed my dear nephew a visit."