1. What was the last message you sent, and to who?

To jasper, saying" bedroom. now. naked."

2. Where is edward?

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?! he's in the woods... with a wood to.... ARGH! WHO CARES?!

is Jasper?

He's sorta tied up... if you get what I mean....

4. Last time you went shopping?

About 4 hours ago.... maybe less?



6. Favorite brand?

i dunno.. it changes.. like yesterday it was Dolce Gabanna then today it's GUESS

7. Favorite Band?

Whatever Jasper listens to ^^

8. Any plans for later?

YES!! To put jasper's cock in a toaster and press it onto "strong"

...... what colour is your watch?

Which watch are we talking about? i have about....... say... 23 watches?

10. Favourite number?


11. Do you like camping outdoors or rather sleep in a hotel?

Anywhere Jasper is.. though i Do like POLES .. especially BIG and LONG ones

12. what's your favorite animal?

WAIT... you mean as in food or like animal pet type? i LOVE pandas!! they're sooo adorable!

13. How much is in your wallet now?

About a few millions only...why are you asking this?!

14. look to your left, what do you see?

I see..... i see emmett making out with ...... rose?

15. How was your wedding like?

OMG we skipped the ceremony and went straight to the honeymoon... for only about 4 years!!

16. Miley Cyrus. Love it or hate it?

can i choose "or" ?

17. Favourite food ?

Jasper's man juice

18. Phone?

iphone.. duh?

19. favorite instrument?


expected shipping in the volturi?

it would be felix/demetri or Aro/marcus.....ugh... gross

21. favorite pair of shoes?

" the rose" by Roger Vivier

22. When was the last time you talked to esme?

erm..... few days ago... esme went carpet hunting since edward and bella tore theirs in their " fits of passion"

23. Favorite scent?

J-Asper de la Whitlock

24. fastball time! i'll say a name and you say the first word that comes into your mind.

Edward - pessimist

Bella - brown eyes

Emmett - hunk

Rosalie - Ice Bitch

Carlisle - The only person with common sense apart from me.

Esme - Flowers?

Jasper - the love of my life

Aro - black

Jane - shorter than me!! HA!

Felix - tall?

Heidi - breasts?

Caius - grouch