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Chapter 1-The Millennium puzzle

Yugi sat at his desk, staring out the window and tapping his pen lightly against the wood.

Yugi was an average seventeen year old, he was still in high school and only had one year left. He was very kind, and sweet, though stubborn at times. At the moment Yugi was having trouble with an assignment, they had to write an essay on a topic of their choice.

Yugi had chosen ancient Egypt. Proving to be a difficult subject.

Yugi sighed and looked at the clock on his desk. Sunday and midday, and it had to be handed in tomorrow. Proving he wasn't that smart, he ended up picking up his notebook, packing it away in his bag and walked out of his room and the game shop. He decided to visit the museum, perhaps that'll give him some ideas to what to write.

Yugi came to the museum sometime later. He walked around the ancient Egyptian exhibition and took down notes, there wasn't anything his teacher said about taking notes, so he was sure he wouldn't get into trouble

After Yugi took enough notes for his essay, he found the café and bought something to fill himself, and started his essay. Yugi rested his head on his hand.

'Egypt sounds like a nice place' Yugi mumbled before carrying on writing.

Yugi returned home a few hours later, his grandfather was in the shop and smiled when Yugi walked in.

'Have fun did you?' Solomon asked.

'Well, I got the essay done. So I should be fine for school tomorrow'.

'Ohoho, that's good. Do you want to do a little show and tell?'

Yugi looked at his grandfather questionably 'Show and tell?'

'Follow me'.

Solomon lead Yugi upstairs and back to his room where he pulled out a box. He set it on the bed next to Yugi and opened it.

'Wow!' Yugi said as he looked at the items in the box.

They were trinkets and souvenirs that his grandfather had collected from his trips to Egypt.

'I always brought something back to remember me of the good times' Solomon explained as he picked up a picture 'This was taking at Abu simbel'.

'Wow, it looks so big'.

'It was. If you looked up at it it looked like it was going to topple over'.

'That's so cool' Yugi looked back in the box and noticed a necklace. He picked it up and held it. It resembled like an upside down pyramid with the eye of Ra on the front 'What's this?'

Solomon looked up and smiled.

'We found this on a dig in the Pharaohs Valley. It wouldn't be worth much back here, so I thought I'd keep it as a little present'.

'You stole it?'

'No! Many explores have vandalised precious property like this! I have kept it in perfect condition!'

'Calm down Grandpa, I was only joking' Yugi slipped the rope over his head and played with it until it was perfectly in the middle 'What do you think?'

'I think you'd look great as a young Egyptian pharaoh'.

Yugi giggled and held the puzzle.

'That's the Millennium puzzle' Solomon explained 'It was found in a pharaohs tomb, but what was strange about the tomb was that no name was written in it'.


'Yes. It told of stories about the great pharaoh but no name was ever mentioned. It was like it had been removed'.

'Perhaps this pharaoh had enemies and they removed it'.

'That's probable, but what ever the reason he was a very powerful man. That necklace was supposedly to hold great power. Conjuring monsters, bending powers of nature, it told of stories like that. I doubt none of it happened, probably easily explained nature events and such'.

'Oh, grandpa, you just spoiled it all' Yugi whined.

'Don't worry. I wasn't the one who proved it all wrong anyway. But they must've looked up highly to that pharaoh to claim he could do all that'.

Yugi traced the eye with his finger, it seemed so impossibly unimaginable but yet, it sounded such like a dream come true. Who wouldn't have wanted great powers like that.

'Grandpa, can I keep this?' Yugi asked.

'Hmm? Just as long as you promise to take good care of it'.

'I will'.

Yugi jumped up and walked to his room, still fascinated by his necklace. He sat at his desk and went over his essay one more time, checking for spellings and adding things to parts until it was perfect. He looked up at the necklace sitting on his desk staring at him and smiled, he closed his eyes and rested his head on his hand.

'Must be so cool' Yugi muttered 'Being a pharaoh'.

Yugi then started to imagine being a pharaoh himself. Though that idea seemed highly impossible, it was nice to pretend for a few minutes.

He imagined himself, standing on a balcony, one of the many to a great palace and looking out to the large city that was his home. And the Nile sparkling in the sun as a flock of storks flew over it. People would be bustling in the city below, and people in the palace would be taking care of problems for him while he relaxed.

'Yugi! Dinner!'

Yugi opened his eyes and looked at his necklace before slipping it on again.

"Yeah. Only back then".

Yugi went to bed with the necklace still around him. He was sure it would be safe to sleep with it still on, it was far to big to strangle himself on.

He laid in bed staring up at the ceiling, still thinking what it would be like to live in Egypt. His recent topic of thought whelming: What would it be like to fall in love with a pharaoh?

At first Yugi thought it would be great, but remembering some of the more famous pharaohs and how aggressive and brutal they were, it didn't seem to be a rather an appetising thought to have.

It wasn't long until Yugi was asleep.

It also wasn't long until Yugi was awoken again.

At first he thought it was his grandfather, but the voice sounded far too young for him.

Yugi opened his eyes and saw a man standing over him shouting at him to get away.

Yugi sat up and clambered backwards only to hit into a wall. So Yugi got up and ran from him, he stopped when he reached an opening.

There were people. Lots of them, Yugi was sure he wasn't in his room anymore.

'W-Where am I?'

****************************End of chapter 1*****************************

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