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Chapter 14-The End

It had been a few weeks since Yugi came back without anyone's knowledge. A few weeks of utter misery.

He still hadn't got over the loss of Atemu. Even though he knew Atemu would be dead anyway if he came back home, it would've made him feel a lot better if he wasn't the reason Atemu died. If only he used his brain instead of impulse, things would've been different.

Yugi walked through the local park, desolation once again spreading through his mind. He thought he'd do his grandfather the favour of not seeing him that way, he would worry over him if he did, and there was nothing he could do for Yugi.

Yugi stopped in his tracks and looked up at the clear blue sky. It was the first time he properly looked at it, and it brought a small smile across his face.

"I hope the gods are looking after you Atemu".

Yugi felt small water run down his face so he quickly wiped it away before anyone he knew saw him.

He looked up and gasped at what he saw.

No, it couldn't…

Could it?

The same hair similar to his, the same he had seen before.

Yugi started running, his mind seemed to take over in a split minute. He dashed out of the park and ran down the street.

"It can't be. There's no way!"

Yugi reached the person and grabbed the back of their shirt.


They did, they turned around to look at Yugi and he knew he made his mistake.

"No. This isn't Atemu. He just happens to look like him".

'I-I'm sorry' Yugi apologised as he took back his hand 'I…thought you was someone else'.

Yugi hung his head. Now he was becoming a delusional idiot. Soon he was going to start imagining his grandfather was Atemu.

'What's your name?' He asked.

Yugi looked up at his crimson eyes but hung his head again 'Yugi'.

'Yugi? Hmm, it's strange but…I feel like I've seen you before'.

'I don't…think we've met before-'

I will always be with you. Through mind, soul and body…

"Through mind, soul and body. Atemu wasn't talking about memories…he was talking…about reincarnation. So this man…this man has to be Atemu's reincarnation. That's why he remembers me, and why I recognise him. Atemu was right, I will never be alone".

'Hey' He held Yugi's chin and made him look up 'Why are you crying?'

'Oh, I was?' Yugi quickly wiped away the tears that rolled down his face 'Sorry. I was thinking too much, I do that a lot'.

'Well, as long as it wasn't anything serious'.

Yugi finished with his tears and he smiled up at the man, a proper smile. It seemed like forever since he was truly happy like this.

'Err…are you really okay?'

'Of course. Are you thirsty?'


'I know this café not far. I'll buy if you want, and we can try and find out where we've seen each other'.

He stared at Yugi confused, but then he smiled, it was no mistake it was definitely an Atemu smile.

'Sure. That sounds good'.

Yugi giggled and grabbed the mans hand before pulling him away.

'Oh, what's your name? You know mine, so I must know yours' Yugi said.

'My name's Yami'.

'Yami. Nice meeting you'.

'Same to you'.

Yugi smiled again and they carried on walking, hand in hand, and Yami didn't seem to mind it. Because as it were, though he hardly knew Yugi at all, it appeared he was falling already for the little boy.

It was like he had known him all his life.

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