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Sometimes time would pass, without taking Dale Denton with it. It was the weed, he knew, because often he would smoke it and wake up days later, to find several missed calls and an irate boss who was only too eager to fire him. Saul was the first person (though he suspected their were thousands more) who could sympathize. Saul knew every feeling Dale had ever felt as though they were the same person. In fact, that very phrase was one Saul had chosen to voice after the first time they had sex.

And it was precisely after one of those moments that Dale realized maybe he needed to dive back into the ocean of life.

"I'm fucking my drug dealer, man."

Saul put down the joint they had been sharing, laying it on the edge of the bedside table."Yeah? I hope you're talkin' about me." He laughed, propping his elbow against the pillow in one of the classic, I-just-had-great-sex poses.

"No, you don't get it. I've got a beautiful girlfriend at home who's fucking crazy about me, but here I am lying in bed like a fat shit, fucking my guy drug dealer!"

"What's wrong with that?" Saul's mouth was pulled into that wide, buzzy grin he almost always had, not noticing that his client was having a highly-dramatized revelation.

Dale was sitting up now, staring disbelievingly at the bed covers. "I'm not gay though. Hell, I don't even think I'm bi. I love pussy, I fucking love it!"

"Then what are you doing here?"

Dale turned, with the familiar did-he-really-say-that expression. "are you saying you're gay?"

Saul shrugged. "I don't know man. But I'm not gonna live life with one hand tied behind my back, that's all."

Trying to grasp for logic when high was like trying to find smoke in the mist. Damn near impossible, and not often attempted. And if Dale hadn't been so busy attempting this, he might have noticed that for the first time Saul had said something profound, and this actually made sense.

He lay back on the bed, groaning. When Saul threaded his fingers through Dales and leant on his shoulders, he didn't bother pushing him off.

"You're my best friend man." Sauls voice was quite. The blanket that had been slung comically around their hips was draped over both of them, and they were fighting off sleep. He reached up and kissed Dale's cheek softly, almost platonically, and Dale found himself wishing he could have friendship without the complications of sex, or worse, love. Maybe he had a topic for when he went into radio.

"Yeah Saul, you're mine too.''

A/N: I watched Pineapple Express last night and thought it might be fun to write some slash for these too, and I think this turned out ok for something that didn't take much time or planning:) actually there's also a little disclaimer that should be put at the top.

Belated Disclaimer: James Franco (Saul) was in a movie about James Dean (a cool actor who died when he was twenty-four) and when someone asked James Dean about his sexuality, I rehashed his response a little and used it in here. I thought it'd be cool, merging two of James Franco's movie roles. I hope it was subtle enough.