A/N: Diary entries happen at different points in a timeline, so they might not add up well.

Academy Kamen Rider.

Prelude to Lost Champions: School's Out.

Dear Diary,

Defeat, I found myself defeated by that traitor Frantz. First the Alternative Zero Vent Deck and now my loss to Frantz. I seem to be standing still while everyone else around me excels with new forms and powers. My whole life people have passed me by while I learned the basics. Enough is enough; I have had it with being weak. I made the Nagai Deck, so why can't I make a superior form, something that will engulf my enemies. I have an idea for a new vent.

I finished it. This form will allow me to assume a new persona. The next term here will be hell for whoever steps in this history buff's path.

I guarantee it.

Sirius Belmont a.k.a Kamen Rider Nagai.


Friday, March 25th

It has finally arrived. My reserved ticket for the entrance exams to the prestigious Academy Kamen Rider, which I may add, won't be held until another few months. Tou-sama got it (courtesy of having a huge share within the Academy) and gave it to me during dinner, in front of the whole family. He expects me to enter as a preparation for the second Tournament Kamen Rider in which I will be competing for the title 'champion', in order to "heighten the honor of the Nanaya family name" as he puts it.

Hardly anybody doesn't recognize the name Nanaya. My eldest brother, Nanaya Takeshi followed in tou-sama's footsteps in being a highly successful businessman, and is the heir of our family's conglomerate. My second brother, Nanaya Jin is an internationally recognized surgeon. My elder sister, Nanaya Akiha is a world famous actress. It seems that tou-sama wanted to further expand our family's reputation by having me, Nanaya Kyousuke, become an honor student in the Academy, and a contender in the Tournament.

Honestly, I couldn't care less. My passion is to fight for the sake of fighting, and to protect myself. Not for glory or anything else. Just like what that ojii-san taught me; he who taught me everything I knew about fighting. When I said that to tou-sama, he just scoffed and didn't reply, and kaa-sama reprimanded me for talking like that to him.

A red and silver blur just passed by me as I write. The Neo-Kabuto Zecter. Based on the Kabuto Zecter, a Zecter custom-made for me, and my bosom friend. Right now the little guy is zigzagging around me and poking me, clearly bored. I guess I had to finish this quickly.

Well, in any case, I guess I'll give it a shot. I'm still not in it for the glory or stuff, I'm just looking forward to the fights I'll be in, and the people I'll meet there. It'll be an interesting experience.

Nanaya Kyousuke... soon to be known as Kamen Rider V-Kabuto.


I'm not usually up to these kind of things, but I'll give it a shot. My name is Joseph Harbinger. I've just completed my first year as an Academy Kamen Rider student of the Kabuto dorm. Will I be in Kabuto dorm next year? I don't know... and don't care if I'm honest. It wouldn't matter to me if my dorm roommate was Dori Nobuya... although that'd be quite an interesting experience.

He's still crowing about how I have his cards. As long as he remains an absolute power-hungry moron, he ain't getting them back. And even then, I might consider keeping them. They hold such power. Plus, he needs to get a grip. He's not the best Rider on Hongo Island and he never will be. Not as long as I'm here. At the end of my final year, I'll be known as the greatest Kamen Rider... and own all the island's many treasures.

Speaking of treasures, I hear that Hongo Island contains the most interesting and powerful treasure. While I don't know what it is or where it is hidden on Hongo Island, the Kaito will find it.

Lately, another Rider has been stealing my thunder: Accel. I don't take too well to others stealing my treasure... but I'll soon take care of him. And any other Rider who stands in my way. Even Erik Caine.

Your Treasure Sniper, Joseph Harbinger.


Promises. That's what makes things special. My best friend has left the academy... but he promises to be back one day to see the Rider I have become and to see if I've matured. Augen never goes back on his promises and I appreciate that.

This coming year will be the most challenging for me. My final year, as well as Puppy & Zane's final year. I will seek out new challenges, believe in my own energy and defeat as many Riders as I can. Because I will make it to the second Tournament Kamen Rider. Believe it.

As your adopted little brother, Augen, I promise you that I'll try to not live up to your legacy... instead I'll carve my own path.

As Kamen Rider Skull.

People do not need to take care of me and watch out for my wellbeing anymore. Only I have to be responsible. And after living with you for two years... I'm sure I can do it. Because I've inherited your will.

Eddie Williams... a.k.a Kamen Rider Skull.


Another year of cases and another year of being a Kamen Rider. That's why I love Hongo Island and Academy Kamen Rider itself. That may've been my most favorite year ever... after almost getting expelled twice. But if I didn't have troubles, it wouldn't be exciting, I guess.

As a detective, I saw a lot of peculiar things during my first year... but the past year just takes the cookie. It seems a lot of the strange phenomena is connected to that Erik Caine... or more accurately, it's connected to Kamen Rider Yusei.

Erik once explained to me that Yusei was the first of the Kiva powers used by the Fangire race back in the '50s & '60s, but they were outcasted after their power was used in the creation of the Aozora's IXA System and replaced by the regular Kivat family.

I actually saw this power up close, as Erik's nightmares began to become real and it drove him to darkness. It was the result of the first King of the Fangire race trapping his soul in the YuKivat family when he was killed by his own son, who would become Dark Kiva.

Erik was controlled by this King's dark power, almost succeeding in destroying everyone. But Erik's righteous heart won out in the end, expelling the King from YuKivat and claiming the power of Yusei's Castling Form as his own.

As for me, I'm quite looking forward to my last year on Hongo Island and I'm also quite intrigued by this dorm reshuffling they're doing. But mysteries will have to wait. I'm quite enjoying my break. So is my trusted companion, the Fang Memory.

Detective Raz Hybrid a.k.a Kamen Rider Double.


A week ago, my little bro and I received a letter from Academy Kamen Rider stating that we were chosen for the next entrance examinations for the next school year. Terra, though he didn't show it, was really happy and I know that that he wants to use his rider powers for good. I think if it wasn't for Kivala, I wouldn't even have been considered for the Academy. Terra would sure have gotten the letter no matter what since he's been training & mastering the powers of Avelon. Terra gained his rider power when Kirevat saved him from an Imagin attack, I was close by when it happened and saw him transformed. I am really proud of his hard work and I know he won't disappoint me or mom and dad.

For me, I was happy that I got chosen! I can't wait for it! I studied alot about Kamen Rider History and the Kaijins that the Riders fought against over the years so for the written exam I should have at least a good chance of joining. But like Terra, I'm going to master Kivala's powers. You see, I only met Kivala a month ago after Terra found the little white bat in woods where he trains. Somehow Kivala and I managed to become partners when a Moose Fangire and many Rat Fangires came soon after. When Terra was too busy dealing with the Rat Fangire to fight the Moose Fangire but then Kivala came in and saved me. The rest was well history.

Well, since I am the older sister, I should be taking care of him and make sure he doesn't get into trouble. That and also that Yusei guy is really cute. I was watching the match between Yusei and Makai and he was full surprises, he's caught my interests. All that's left for me and Terra is to train for the exams and hopefully I might be able to meet Yusei. I know it will be a blast!

Kayla Williams/Kamen Rider Kivala.


I can't believe it! Academy Kamen Rider! The best of the best! The entrance was great and interesting also. I've made two new friends, the shy but skillful Matt 'Terra' Williams/ Kamen Rider Avelon and strong but cold Keisaku 'Ven' Sakai/ Kamen Rider Envion. For the entrance exams, the three of us were randomly picked to go for a three on three battle for a sure pass against the Riotrooper suits that the examiners were using. They said to be in Academy Kamen Rider, you must learn to work as a team even if you don't know anything about your teammates. It was hard but the three of us won in the end.

Well during the fight, Terra had change from one form to the next in his arsenal while Ven was just slashed his way through. I was in a bit of pickle and was about to lose until Terra swiftly came by in his blue coloured Ryu Form and pulled me to safety. Ven then came in slashed the examiner that appeared behind us. Well it does show he cares. After we defeated them, they were saying that they were proud of the teamwork we showed and called us Trinity for some reason.

After we finished the exam, we went to see how Terra's sister was doing in her examination, which was to finish off the Fangires within a set time. She was actually really quick, and her finishing move looked so beautiful. Wings of Light! I was in awe. When she transformed back into her human form, she was really beautiful! Beautiful and strong, I wish I could be like that. But anyway, I can't wait to join Academy in the next school year! I know that it will be a great time!

Alice 'Aqua' Harford/Kamen Rider Luna.


Today was BRUTAL, in a huge sense of the word. Erik was expelled today, and of course, like my friends and brother, were really pissed off about it. That, however changed later on today, which I'll get to in due course.

My arrival to Hongo Island was an exciting one. My brother, of course, came with me since he thinks I can't do things alone. My attitude changed when I met another Den-O dormer by the name of Amanda Kyle. I don't know but, something about just seemed to click in me so, naturally, as Riders, we had a fight and we hit it off. Of course, neither one of us admitted we liked each other until later on in the year.

In order to fulfill my promise to Amanda to protect her, I unlocked my suit's most powerful form, Hijack Form. I used it to an extent, almost breaking every bone in Kamen Rider Lucifer's body until Amanda stopped me. After that, I haven't fought with Lucifer since. I hear that Dax and Phil had fought him, with no luck beating him yet.

Now onto today, was the HARDEST to bare, that being Erik's expulsion. That drove a lot of people, including Christina, Erik's love interest.

Augen, also known as Kamen Rider Kagemarou had just released Kiva The First from Erik's body, and after that whole battle, he was expelled right in front of us by Professor Ryker. After they hauled off Erik, we instantly went to Professor Ryker's office to try to convince him to let Erik stay.

Long story short: That didn't go very well. After we heard that Frantz were tearing apart the Agito dorm, we decided to help out against Frantz and his army of Masquerade Dopants. Things were looking a little hopeless when Erik came back to help. We were overjoyed when he came back, but were also disturbed when he went into his Dark Castling Form, the form of Kiva The First.

After a battle with Frantz and destroying Kiva The First for the time being, Erik had undone the darkness of his Castling Form and reformatted it into Yusei's true Castling Form, with bronze armor and everything. Bronze might not be a nice color on some Riders like Ketaros, who was an asshole, but Yusei just make the color shine like the sun.

Well, that about wraps up this journal entry for now, but my wishes for the new year? That I get to stay with my friends in the same dorm along with my girlfriend.

Well, until next time, adios.

Shiro Ryozaki, Kamen Rider Yu-Ki.


Man this is gonna one great year. Frantz is gone, Yusei's back, and with Kagemarou graduating I can't wait to see who takes his place at the top (though Augen-sempai will be missed).

Weirdest thing happened yesterday though: I find this blue Kamen Rider with a what looked like a DenGasher getting his ass handed to him by a crocodile Imagin and his Mole buddies and he was laughing as if he were having fun. I was about to go help out when out of nowhere this other Imagin that looked kind of like a wyvern or dragon jumped in and started helping the blue Rider. When the two of them were done clobbering the Imagin, I got down there and asked the who they were. They said their names were Ryuju and Hibino Tsurugi and that together they were Kamen Rider Ryukendo. I asked the kid if he wanted to hang out with me, my bro. and King in the Pack. And he asks if that was fun or not. What have i gotten myself into?

Connor Hughes, a.k.a Kamen Rider G.


Genki here! Some of my classes may be boring (one of the professors is a lunatic) but the other places rock! So I was venturing around the place till i found 2 Den-O dormers fighting creatures calling themselves "Legendorga" and from the looks of those things, those students were toast! So I helped abit, and after beating the crap of the Medusa ripoff literally, one of the students called Shiro blew a gasket on me! I mean I just helped the dude! Sheesh! Here's me signing off!

Genki Tamashii, a.k.a Kamen Rider Genki.


Dear Diary,

This past year's been brutal, but a heck of a lot of fun for me. I enrolled at Academy Kamen Rider, partnering with YuKivat-bat the Fifth to become Kamen Rider Yusei. I was chosen to be placed in the Den-O dorm under the tutelage of Professor Takeru Muro. He's a heck of a teacher, as are most of them. But since the day I enrolled, there's always been one constant thorn in my side: Professor Markus Frantz... or more accurately, the Dragon Dopant. I never got why he didn't like me... but to each their own, I guess. I found out that he hates everyone under dorms other than the elite Ichigo dorm. No matter: I defeated him twice and if he's ever stupid enough to return from the dead, I'll destroy him again.

I've met a lot of new friends too: Augen, Puppy, Zane, Eddie, etc. The list goes on. Augen just graduated with honors from the Academy and was named at the prom as Academy Kamen Rider's greatest ever Rider, a title which is richly deserved. It also brings pressure to me because Augen has told me to take care of things while he's gone. I thrive on pressure, so that's no problem. I know he doesn't want me to miss having him around... but I can't help it. He was a great help to me and I'll be forever grateful to him. Won't stop us from throwing down when I see him in the second tournament, though. The title of champion is mine!

Dax & Amanda... god bless them. They've had to put up with a lot this past year because of me. I'll always be sorry for that, guys. But at least they've managed to keep themselves occupied throughout the year. Dax has a close friendship with Philip Friendly, who's quite a character. The Spiderman of the academy, you could say. Amanda met and fell in love with Shiro Ryozaki, and ironically, they didn't start off on the right foot because of Amanda's hot temper. Luckily, the relationship's helped her mellow a little bit. I've also become very good friends with Shiro's brother Kenzaki, who keeps his brother in line when his temper flares.

Speaking of relationships... I've met a girl named Christina Hearts. Like Amanda & Shiro, we didn't get off on the right foot. But we got around to liking each other very much. I helped her quell her hatred for Dori Nobuya a little bit and she's become a little more at peace with each passing day since I defeated Nobuya. I managed to ask her to be my date for the prom, which went very well.

But my hatred for Frantz almost cost me everything too. Recently, I used to have these weird dreams... strangely empty dreams. Just a chant. Constantly ringing in my ear. I didn't know the meaning of these dreams... all I knew is that I didn't want them in my head when I slept. But it just kept getting worse. I realised they were connected to my powers. Yusei was the Rider power of the very first King of the Fangires way back before regular Kivats became the norm. Somehow, that same King sealed his evil soul within the YuKivat race for eternity right before his own son struck him down to take the throne. Eventually, I overcame him & Frantz and gained complete control over Castling Form, Kamen Rider Yusei's ultimate power.

As I write this down, me and my friends are enjoying our break from the academy down at the summer beach house my Dad rented for us. Raz just beat Shiro at hoops and Dax owned the pool table again. I love the break, but I also can't wait to get back to Hongo Island... and something tells me we'll be going back sooner rather than later. I just have that feeling.