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Today was February 4th. It should have been just like any other day, but it wasn't. Damn that Kyouya anyway! Why did he have to know everything about everyone! Keeping profiles on people; she knew that this was all his fault. He may not have been the one to decorate, or bake the cake, but he didn't have to. All he had to do was open his mouth just like he always does! All that would be required is a small comment to Tamaki and that would be all it would take for the entire Host Club to be involved; everyone but her of course. After all, she wouldn't be able to be involved since it was a surprise for her.

"Happy Birthday Haru-chan!" Honey jumped into her arms and gave her a hug. "We picked out lots of cakes for you Haru-chan!" He hopped down and immediately dragged her over to a table that was weighed down with every sort of cake imaginable. "Thanks Honey-senpai, but I don't really like sweets remember?" Honey almost looked hurt. In fact, he was staring at her now with those big crocodile tears threatening to spill down his cheeks. Great, now she'd managed to hurt Honey's feelings. "I'll tell you what...if any of you can figure out which one of those is my favorite, then I'll eat a piece."

By now, all of the Host Club's members were close enough to hear her challenge and she was enjoying the looks on each of their faces. "Okay everybody, project find Haruhi's favorite cake will now begin!" Leave it to Tamaki to turn this into another one of their "projects". They were all hovering around the table looking at the different cakes and trying to decide; everyone but Kyouya-senpai that is. As usual, he was looking in that folder of his again.

"Okay now everyone, what does Haruhi like?" Tamaki now had the rest of the members in a huddle. They were all talking low, but she wasn't really interested in what they were all saying. She decided to go and sit down; she would like to attempt to get some peace before their customers started coming in.

"Enjoy your cake...Haruhi." Kyouya sat the plate down in front of her with a bow before turning around and walking back to his laptop. The other members were all waiting to see whether or not it was right, or if by chance it wasn't. She looked down at the cake and everyone started to cheer when she brought a small bite up to her lips. It was strawberry...her favorite.