Three years later

Valentine's Day was one of busiest days of the year for restaurants, but getting a reservation wasn't hard when your last name was Ootori. He looked across the table at his beautiful girlfriend. Even if they'd never made if official by any means, Kyouya considered this to be the day that they first started dating. It had all started with a passionate kiss in a darkened classroom, and he'd made sure that each Valentine's Day since that they'd spent together.

"Kyouya, why are Honey senpai and Mori senpai dressed as waiters?" He snapped his head around and looked where her eyes were focused. Sure enough, the two of them were standing off to the side looking as out of place as usual. He was going to have to kill Tamaki for this! No doubt this was another "project" of theirs. "I'm honestly not sure."

He tried his best to ignore them, but soon his eyes picked up on the others as well. They were all trying their best to hide from view and in the process only ended up sticking out like sore thumbs. You'd think by now they'd be a little bit better at reconnaissance, but if it was obvious enough for Haruhi to pick up on when she was oblivious to things like that then they had to be the worst to ever attempt it. Well maybe not, she hadn't noticed the others yet.

Their waiter, a not very well disguised Tamaki, brought their orders out to them. When it looked like Tamaki was going to open his mouth and actually TALK Kyouya gave him a glare that had him scurrying off in the other direction. Geez, here he thought they'd be too busy to annoy him today! Apparently, he'd been wrong. It was all his fault anyway for letting them find out where they were going tonight.

They'd finished eating dinner and started talking about projects that they were both working on. Haruhi was working towards becoming a lawyer and he was attempting to earn a degree in both medicine and business. Luckily, they were both going to classes at Ouran, so they were able to see each other with as much frequency as they had in high school. Once she'd started university, however, he'd insisted that she stop hosting and start living her life as a girl again. She hadn't minded too much, but she'd made him pay for the commanding tone he'd used with her that night...and he'd enjoyed every bit of the torture she'd inflicted.

When there was a break in the conversation, he decided that now was the perfect time. He wiped his mouth with his napkin and stood up. Before she could say anything, he bent down on one knee in front of her chair. "Kyouya, you'd better not be doing what I think you're doing!" She'd said it quietly, but her face was turning the darkest shade of red he'd ever seen on her. "But Haruhi, you're the one that said you expected me to go down on one knee...just like in the movies right?" He pulled out the little box he had tucked away in his pocket and opened the lid to reveal the sparkling diamond band inside.

By now the entire room was looking over at their table. It was the most romantic day of the year, so most of the dinners were couples themselves. Each one of them looked over at the red faced woman and the man bent down on one knee and waited for her answer with baited breath. The room grew so silent you could hear a pin drop.

"Haruhi Fujioka, I love you more than words could ever describe. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He smiled up at her and waited for her reply. Tears had started to gather at the corners of her eyes and she'd lost the ability to speak, so she just smiled and nodded yes. The entire room let out its collective breath and happy couples cheered for the newly engaged pair. He took her hand and kissed it as he slipped the ring on her finger; a perfect fit, of course. This just seemed to embarrass her further, but he knew she enjoyed it.

When he looked back over to where the host members had gathered, he could see them all silently cheering him on. He almost decided to let them believe that he hadn't noticed the video camera that had been filming the entire thing...almost. However, he would take care of that another day. Tonight, he fully intended to shower his new fiancee' with all the attention he could.

When the room finally went back to normal and everyone went back to their dinners, she whispered over to him, "You do know that I'm going to make you pay for this don't you?" He merely laughed at her threat. "I'm looking forward to it my love." He smiled and reached across the table to grab her hand in his. In fact, he pulled her up from her chair and decided to make a hasty retreat to the limo waiting below.

As he passed by Tamaki and the gang, he informed them that he'd be generous and allow them to pay for his and Haruhi's meal as punishment for spying on them. The twins growled at him, but Mori and Honey held them back. Tamaki simply smiled, pleased to see his best friend looking so happy. He couldn't imagine a better man for his "daughter".

Kyouya looked over at his sleeping fiancee' and smiled. Her "punishment" had been rather enjoyable after all. For maybe the first time in his life, he was truly content. She didn't know it, but honestly, she'd intrigued him that very first day when she'd walked into his life. That's why he made her pay off the debt; after all, with any other girl he would have just brushed it off as an accident or even laid the fault on Tamaki's head where it truly belonged.

It had taken him forever to think up a better plan to place her closer to his side. He smiled over his little secret. To think that this had all become possible because he bribed Renge with a copy of Uki Doki Memorial II. He just loved it when a good plan worked itself out.

___________________________________________________________Well, I hope you all enjoyed my story. Honestly, it felt like it was over way too soon. (Although at 27 chapters, that probably wasn't the case.) In case you were wondering, if you look back when Renge said that her father's connections allowed her to get a hold of a copy of Uki Doki Memorial was true; however Kyouya was her father's connection. Basically, he had this all planned out. He told Renge that he would get her a copy of Uki Doki Memorial II for her if she did two things for him. 1) She couldn't tell anybody of his involvement. 2) He had to give Haruhi a copy of Uki Doki Memorial as a birthday present. Renge considered this a small price to pay.

This story is based on the fact that Kyouya has been deeply in love with her for quite some time now, so I'm sorry if some of you thought that their love developed too quickly. However, when you're young it isn't hard to fall and fall fast; the rare thing is that it lasted. As always, thank you to all of my readers and especially to my reviewers! You're the reason I write. :-)