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Fresh Cherry and Cotton

He stares up at her, finding he can't look away from her pretty brown eyes as they close in pleasure, her long red hair falling down the front of her face. His hands grasp her hips, which continue to roll up and down in a sensual rhythm. They haven't been together like this for nine days, since they came home for the Christmas Holidays, far, far too long for liking of either of their hormones. Her scent, fresh cherry and cotton, invades his senses. The knowledge of the risk they running by doing this here, that at any moment almost anyone in the Weasley/Potter/Malfoy/Lupin/Whoever clan could walk in on them, that their secret could come out, only serves to make their adrenaline pump faster, their needed for the other grow more intense.

He knows he can't hold out much longer, the warmth of her groin rocking against him is just too much for him to bare. She opens her eyes and looks at him, gasping when she sees his blow eyes boring into hers. She begins to move faster, nearly crying now as she continues to force him to hit that sweet spot inside of her. She knows he is about to release when his hands grip her hips tighter, his nails digging almost painfully into her flesh. She shudders as she feels his hot liquid shooting inside of her, the knowledge of it sending her crashing over the edge. She collapses on top of him.

After a few minutes of heave breathing he manage to whisper, "I love you, Lily."

"I love you too" Lily says softly.

"Say it again." He begged turning her face to look into her eyes.

She buries her fingers in his tussled red hair before say, "I love you Hugo Arthur Weasley."

"And I love you Lily Luna Potter."

"Good! Next time show it." She smiled before kissing him lightly on the lips.

"What?" He asks looks up at her.

"I may have to go looking for release somewhere else if you ever withhold sex from me for that long again."

They laugh. They both knew she'd never last long with that threat and that she'd never go to anyone but him for release, nor he to anyone but her. It was unclear to both of them just when, how and why this had all started. They had just realize one day that they were in love with each other and had been sine they were little children, their love for the other had only grown as they grew older. As the Muggle song Hugo's Mother had introduced them to went, they were both every thing the other 'had ever wanted but never knew they needed. Every thing that I needed but never knew I wanted.' There had never and would never be anyone else as long as they both lived, if even then. For them it was an indisputable fact that they had decided long ago.

They lay there for a few more minutes before she smirks and arching an eyebrow, "Again Weasley?"

"Sorry," he shrugs "hormones."