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"Haou, stay here… please…" I was almost at the begging stage, the desperation clear in my voice.

"Get out of my way." My king's voice was dripping with annoyance, boredom and frustration. He glared at me, probably trying to scare me. I looked down, not saying anything more. Haou glided past me, his head held high. I didn't try to stop him, I didn't even look at him.

Why do you insist on fighting? What will you gain? Our enemies are growing stronger and stronger, they are going to find a weakness in your seemingly impenetrable armour.

I wonder Hoau why are you always so cold? Even though you have me am I not enough for you? Am I not good enough for the supreme king of the Dark world? Would you rather have someone else? Am I that insignificant to you? I pray that you would either listen to me and heed my advice or discard me, reject my love and let me find my own way my own way to death.

I wish you would at least allow me to go with you I mean if something were to happen to you I don't know what I'd do I wouldn't be able to live anymore no Haou I wouldn't be able to survive without you. I'm addicted to you, to your smell, your touch, the sound of your voice. If I have to go a single day without you, I feel as if I will wither and die. You presence is like a drug to me, you calm me and without you, I know that I will suffer.

Don't do this to me please my love my life

Don't go off into battle, don't risk your life for a meaningless cause. Don't leave me alone

I stood where he had left me for what felt like hours, though it may have only been a minute or two. When I came back to myself, I was still standing in the middle of the corridor, my eyes glued to the floor, tears streaming down my face and falling into the crimson carpet.

I start to walk, unsure of where I was going, my vision blurred by my sorrowful tears. I just kept walking forward, turning every so often, until I came to a doorway. I knew this doorway, the entrance to the palace gardens. It was where I'd always go if I needed time to myself, time to think.

I stumbled into the beautiful, flower-filled garden, following the cobbled path winding beneath the flowering cherry blossoms. The petals floated to the ground, falling like rain. I stopped in the middle of the path and held out my hand, catching a single petal in the middle of my palm. I brought it close to me, smiling gently even though I was still breaking apart inside.

"What did I do wrong?" I asked, not really talking to anyone, not realising that there was someone else in the garden with me. "Am I really worth nothing anymore?"

"You are worth a lot more than nothing." a voice came from behind me, mildly startling me. I turn slowly, my tear-filled orange eyes locking with gold.

"Haou…" I whisper, tears once again blurring my vision. I lower my head, hiding my eyes from my love's gaze, not wanting him to see me cry. I heard his armoured boots tapping against the cobbled stone, coming closer and closer to me. His arms encircled my waist, drawing me into a tight embrace. He rested his head on my chest, his duo-brown hair tickling my neck. I stared down at him, starting to feel tears running down his face too, the salty water from our combined tears soaking into my clothes.

"Yohan… I'm so sorry… I haven't been listening to you, forbidding you from accompanying me when I ride out, making you worry about me. I'm so sorry…" Haou's normally cold voice broke into a sob, and he gripped me tighter. I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him back, and rested my chin on his head. I crooned to him, trying in every way that I knew to comfort him.

"It's ok, Haou. Everything's alright." I murmured to him, one of my hands travelling to his hair.

We stayed in that position for some time, the cherry blossom petals falling around us, looking to me like pink snow. I smiled, genuinely happy for the first time in so long. My eyes closed and I sighed. I heard Haou echo my sigh and his grip on me relax, though our arms remained around each other's waist. We didn't move, both of us content to stay like that for the rest of our lives.

"So Haou," I murmur to him, burying my face in his hair. "These are your true feelings..."

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