If you were given the chance, would you take it to redeem yourself, to make things right and changed the whole world you've worked tirelessly for?

From End to Start


The day that Lelouch vi Britannia, 99th Emperor, died was the day of a new start, a start that would be lost in the meaningless voids of time. It was a start to only one person in the whole world; it was a start for the dead, a start from the beginning, back to the very, very beginning of the whole nonsense.

The moment Lelouch's vision dimmed out along with Nunally's screams, he found himself in the World of C, with C.C. sitting waiting for him to arrive.

"It took you long enough to die," she remarked dryly.

"Why am I here," asked Lelouch as he regained his senses, he was still in his attire, bloodied and ripped.

"I come to give you an offer, I'm wondering if you would take it," said C.C. softly.

"What type of offer could you off the dead," questioned Lelouch.

"I wonder now," said C.C. vaguely, "Would you take the chance to return to the beginning and do everything you did up until now differently?"


"I can offer you the chance for redemption, the opportunity to do everything again, but this time with foresight," continued C.C.

"Why should I, the world has finally become what I've wished for, why should I return and repeat all my hardships again?" asked Lelouch, almost spitting his words at the absurdity of the idea.

"You don't have to die this time. Many people don't have to die this time, your mother, father," Lelouch's eyes twitched at that, C.C. unperturbed continued, "Euphemia, Shirley, Rolo, Clovis and you. Nunally will suffer from your loss, all that you've made for her is worthless now that the most important person in her life is not there for her. What about Suzaku, your best friend will miss you. There are other things that could be changed, things that should have been done differently. Take my offer Lelouch, your mind will return to the past, with all the knowledge you encompass, do you agree?"

Lelouch stood there rigidly, why on earth would he take such an absurd offer when he had created the perfect world for the future, for Nunally's future. But what C.C. said had a hint of truth, the screams of Nunnally's voice still echoed through his head, the distraught trembled through him to the very core, Nunnally, how would she fare?

"What if I'm happy with the current world?" asked Lelouch.

"Then you will continue into the afterlife and your legacy will be continued by other," stated C.C. simply, "I know you Lelouch, you're arrogant, you want everything to go your way, you're not afraid of death, but you are afraid of being forgotten."

C.C. stopped, letting the truth sink in.

"You have an ulterior motive behind this don't you," said Lelouch, everything suddenly becoming clear. He had already created the world he dreamed of, and he asked for no more. Of course C.C. would—

"—have an ulterior motive, that I do," said C.C. "If I send you back to the past, I come with you, and armed with the knowledge of the future, I can hope that everything will be different."

"Oh, and what's it to you, immortal witch, you've been around for hundreds of years, what would some death and loss matter to you?"

"One does and I can hope it wouldn't happen again," said C.C. her eyes creased slightly.

Lelouch remained silent and never in his entire life, the silence felt so… silent. He usually relinquished silence and his mind would be working, but now everything seemed so still.

"It's a win-win situation," said C.C. finally, "Please?"

It was the first time in his whole entire time with C.C. he heard her voice like it was now, desperate some would call it.

"Time is going to run out, I can only stay so long here, please Lelouch."

What do I have to lose? Right? If I could I could recreate this scenario again. But Euphie, Shirley even Rolo didn't have to die. But what if? What if—? thought Lelouch.

"What if everything goes worse?"

He was always sure of himself, nothing could dissuade him from that, if there was something he had full trust in it was his mind and it's prowess. There were no 'what if's' in his world.

"What if it does? It can't, you are armed with the knowledge of the future, and with that you can change it, the worst worst would be a repeat of what has happened, but Lelouch, your mind is you strongest point, what worse could you do?"

If there was someone else he could trust, then it was this woman. At C.C.'s words Lelouch merely stood, blood slowly drying.

"Quickly, we are running out of time, soon you will join the afterlife."

Those who are allowed to shoot are those who are prepared to be shot. But I don't want to die. But I am Lelouch Lamperouge as well.

"It's human instinct."

Lelouch looked at C.C., her form seemed more surreal than when he first noticed her.

"Please, Lelouch," she said, looking up at him.

A few more seconds passed.

"Lelouch!" said C.C. more urgently.

His mind was in chaos, silence no more. C.C.'s urgent voice only increased it so.

"Atonement," said C.C. finally.

And at that moment he snapped.

"Fine, fine. I'll go back, I'll come."

"Thank you," said C.C. softly and they were encompassed in light as the world rewound itself to the beginning. Memories flashed back in reverse and all the time gained was lost.

Until the day Lelouch only began to exist, in the warmth of his mother's womb.

The beginning of the beginning, the day Lelouch vi Britannia was born into the world.

Revised: 21 Jan 2012