Some say the pen is mightier than the sword, but if the pen were mightier than the sword why do humans go to war? Lady Justice holds a double-edged sword to bring justice. So what are we to say words are stronger than actions?

From End to Start


"My name is Kururugi Suzaku."

"Suzaku will be attending school on an irregular basis. Please make him feel welcome, and there is an empty seat beside Catharine."

Suzaku walked over to where the teacher pointed and sat down.

"Now last week we finished the history of…"

He tuned out after that, there wasn't much more to listen to, after all the rise of Britannia was something that he had learnt as a child and in his first life. No there were far more interesting things today than listening to the teacher ramble on.

For one Suzaku was here, meaning he would be more readily accessed. However more importantly, Kallen was present today. The girl was usually not here, but because she was here today meant that she would probably not be going straight home.

Lelouch closed his eyes, he hadn't been sleeping well for the past few days again, plus studying history once was more than enough. It's not like it ever changes... really.

"Kallen Stradfeld," said Lelouch as class had ended and he walked up to her.

"Yes?" she said softly looking up.

"I would like to talk to you," said Lelouch.

"Alright?" said Kallen in confusion as she got up to follow Lelouch, who stopped at the door and tugged his collar once before following Kallen.

This time he would not hide anything, unlike last time where he told lies to get what he wanted, no this time he was going to tell the truth, and in the worst case scenario it would be a bad beginning that could be fixed not a bad ending that just ended bad. This time with the knowledge of the future, past and present, Lelouch vowed he would not make the same mistakes.

Lelouch led Kallen up to the rooftop.

"So what did you want to talk about?" said Kallen folding her hands behind her back.

"I know we haven't really talked but I've noticed some things about you Kallen," said Lelouch resting against the railing, watching her as she tensed, "You know it's interesting, you're born Britannian and you reap its rewards, but you then put up the façade."

Kallen moved closer, her whole form yelling tense.

"Where did you hear this," she said in her airy voice.

"Would you mind me being frank?" asked Lelouch.

"What is it?" said Kallen.

"Kallen Stradfeld, or should I say Kouzuki Kallen, is actually a member of a terrorist group," said Lelouch with arrogance and nonchalance as he leaned against the rooftop railing.

With a split second she attacked with her purse, the retractable knife glinting dangerously in the sunlight.

"So I see, you were right Lelouch," said another voice that had caught Kallen's arms before they even reached Lelouch.

Kallen whipped around and struggled to get out of Suzaku's vice grip.

"What do you want from me?" growled Kallen, still struggling.

"You must know Kallen," began Lelouch, smirking, "Suzaku is an Honorary Britannian, however he was an Eleven, or should I rather say Japanese. And he is the late Prime Minister Kururugi's only son."

"Then what about you?" snarled Kallen, taking note that Lelouch had called them Japanese.

"I? I'm an exiled prince," said Lelouch in a finalising tone.

"Prince?" scoffed Kallen, "I don't really care what you are, what do you want from me?" said Kallen again, her eyes still narrowed but held a spark of curiosity too.

"We want to enlist you and your little terrorist group into my scheme to change the world from Britannia's oppression."

"What terrorist group? I have no idea what you are talking about, I would like to go now," said Kallen, turning to leave.

As she did, Lelouch pulled out an envelope and handed it to Kallen. Opening its contents she couldn't stifle a gasp.

"Where did you get these?" she said stiffening.

"You should be more careful. If I were truly trying to destroy you then you wouldn't even be here," replied Lelouch.

"We just want to help," added Suzaku softly.

"I want proof, I want proof that a mere student like you can recreate the world."

"You're a mere student too," said Lelouch.

"But I'm not the one spitting out grand plans of taking over the world, I want evidence," her soft countenance all gone.

"Very well, we'll launch a terrorist attack on Britannia themselves."

"Lelouch?" said Suzaku, this was one part of the plan of getting Kallen that he didn't hear about. Surely it was just a ruse, Lelouch didn't really mean–

"You want me to prove that and so I will."

Britannia could be taken down, Lelouch believed that, however a terrorist skirmishes or even a full out terrorist attack would not truly be able to bring down such a powerful empire. Not only would it cost lives like last time, it would rally support from the Japanese, ultimately becoming a bad image for Britannians to hate, fear the Japanese even more. Unlike last time an all out attack would not do. Rather Lelouch had other plans.

Indeed he had told Kallen that they would launch a small attack on Britannia, but it was part of his plan.

The best way to for the terrorists to work with him was some fancy gunfire and sparks, thus this was how Order of the Black Knights would be established, but for a different and less ostentatious purpose. It was going to all work to his grand scheme, where—

"Lelouch," said Suzaku, "Why, why are you planning on attacking Britannia head on? You told me that we'd use Kallen only for getting in contact, not launching a terrorist attack!"

Suzaku, you are so naïve.

"It's not that simple Suzaku, if it were then I a Britannian exiled prince would be negotiating with terrorists right now. They are a group, and a group looks to a leader, if negotiations are going to run smooth and for everything to work out, I– we must prove ourselves to that leader." And because I'm going to be their new leader.

"So after this attack and no more pointless violence, we're going to change Britannia from within, right Lelouch?" reasoned Suzaku.

"Of course," said Lelouch lightly, giving his friend a reassuring smile.

He knew that no matter how rough the patches their friendship went through, they would always pull through one way or another. Lelouch believed that and even more after Zero Requiem.

Kallen had come up to him again later that week with a slip of paper with the date and location of the next Resistance meeting. Later that afternoon he sought out C.C. behind the school and gave her instructions to prepare for the meeting that was to happen in three days. Nodding, she disappeared for the rest of the day.

As Lelouch turned the corner, back to the main campus he ran in to Shirley.

"Lelouch!" she exclaimed righting herself as she stumbled, "What are you doing here."

"Hmm? Nothing Shirley, nothing just walking," said Lelouch hands holding Shirley in place.

"Really, it's not like you to go on a walk," said Shirley suspiciously, craning her neck to look around the corner.

"Really, Shirley, I was just clearing my head," stalled Lelouch, he didn't need Shirley assuming anything was going on with C.C. now, he had other things, less trivial to worry about.

"Come, lets get back inside, classes will be starting again soon," continued Lelouch.

"Oh alright," said Shirley, as he steered her away by the shoulders, but as he did Shirley looked around the corner. She could have sworn she saw a glimpse of green hair. But maybe it was the grass.

He arrived at a rundown alleyway not far from the terrorist cell location, where he found C.C. standing there in wait for his arrival with a large suitcase. Walking over, C.C. unclasped the suitcase revealing his Zero costume perfectly packed.

"Strip," said C.C. bored, "The meeting starts in ten minutes, with your athletic prowess, or lack of, you'll never make it."

"I've improved since last time, I trained at the Kururugi's, " said Lelouch scowling as he removed his clothes before stopping and looking at C.C. pointedly.

"It's not like it's something I haven't seen before," said C.C. not looking away, "Hurry up."

Sighing he continued to undress. Putting up with the witch's obscurities was probably more tiring than anything else. Sometimes.

Some things were more tiring though, like dealing with school. If he had his way he would have gone straight to the 'terrorist' business, but being a relative of the Ashford family, coupled with Milly, he was somehow roped into attending the academy until he graduated. But then again it was interesting, attending school again, stuck on revenge, he never truly appreciated his education, not that he did, but everything else associated with school, he somewhat enjoyed—

Speaking of school he was on closer terms with Nina these days, knowing that he'd soon approach her in hope she'd join his cause, what she managed to do last time was amazing.

Breaking out of his reverie, he looked over at C.C.'s direction, where she handed over his Zero mask. As he fitted it on he noticed something amiss—

"My cape," said Lelouch.

"Always a flair for the dramatics Lelouch," chastised C.C., unfolding his cape and reaching around Lelouch to help him fasten it on. "There, now lets go, I have the Sutherland with Suzaku prepared."

It was the weekend when Kallen was running down the battered stairs to the Shinjuku ghetto where Ohgi was holding a quick meeting, but somehow she knew that the meeting was going to be anything but quick. Whatever Lelouch had planned she hoped it was good. While she never really talked to Lelouch, she had disliked him for his arrogance and how he always acted like he ruled the world, the pure epitome of Britannia, but then she noticed small things after he approached her. He never truly insulted the Japanese and his best friend was also Japanese, if it all other things exempt, their friendship was enough for Kallen to put a bit of faith into whatever ridiculous plan he had in taking over Britannia.

Looking around for any passer-bys Kallen slipped into the abandoned warehouse they used as their base of operations. The warehouse wasn't a small one, it was one of the big ones dating back to the beginning of the second Industrial Revolution*, all their Knightmare frames and weaponry were stored here as well. Split into two main rooms, one was for storage and the other was for holding bigger meetings, anything smaller was held up in the rooms that branched off from the catwalk.

Judging by Lelouch's character he probably had a flair for the dramatics, thus even though there was a meeting earlier that week, Kallen had given him this date because the gathering was bigger. Moving through the relatively large room, to the front, Kallen spotted Ohgi and approached him.

"Ohgi, can I talk to you?" said Kallen, already moving up to the stairs.

"Of course," said Ohgi, tilting his head, before following her.

Leaning on the railing at on the catwalk, Kallen paused, before she spoke, "I know you've been out of Tokyo for the past days, and with Britannia monitoring communications… anyway, the thing is, I met someone, someone that could help us take down Britannia, he's going to come today, during our meeting, I'm sorry, but—"

She was cut of abruptly as the door separating their current room to storage room creaked open.

"What the—" shouted what sounded like Tamaki.

Looking at Ohgi, Kallen turned and leapt down the stairs, turning she faced a purple Knightmare frame that she had faced so many times on her Guren. Britannia was the first thing that ran through her head. However her eyes caught a person sitting nonchalantly on the Sutherland, unnoticeable at first though because of the mask covering its face.

Confused she watched as the figure was lowered and gracefully slid to the floor, hands in the air. Looking around she spotted many of her comrades with their guns drawn and pointed at the newcomer.

Then Kallen spotted something else. A wisp of grass green hair near one of the back windows. Catharine? That was the only person Kallen knew that had such vibrant and unique coloured hair. Then a face came into view. What the hell is Catharine Chambers doing he—

Unless she was working with Lelouch and that person in the funny clothing behind the mask was—

She caught Catharine's gold eye and she nodded before disappearing.

"Wait!" shouted Kallen, "Don't shoot! I can vouch for him."

Some of the Resistance fighters immediately lowered their guns aware of Kallen's position, however others still held theirs, wary.

"That's right," said the masked head voiced filled with arrogance, "I am your ally, and the Sutherland is a gift for you along with many more to come."

"A new dawn is to arise, and when it does, Britannia will crumble. I am here today with a goal. This goal I have is the same that you have and that is return the Japan, no the world to it's people and watch, orchestrate the fall of Britannia. They have taken over our country. Exploited us for Sakuradite. Taken over this country. Demoted its people."

Someone in the small audience yelled in agreement.

"You call yourselves Resistance fighters, Britannia calls you terrorists. In the end it is you against Britannia, whatever your name. But you are weak. Yes I am willing to say that, because that is the truth, to fight front on with Britannia you cannot win. But let me help you towards victory. Win your country back.

"But now you'll ask me how, what is my ingenious plan, it will be infallible if you trust me. Britannia is not ours to fight in the face of, but rather to attack from within. To infiltrate and destroy. And when the sun rises, Britannia will be known to the world no longer."

Silence reigned in the room. It dragged on. The only noise was the soft breaths of the occupants in the room.

Then the chatter began, billowing out like a virus, increasing in volume until–

"We don't even know who you are!" shouted Ohgi.

His eyes darted to Kallen who stood at the back, her eyes flickering towards him.

"I am who you will call Zero and I will be the one that will bring back Japan to the Japanese."

"We don't even know your bloody face," retorted Tamaki, "How do we know you're not Britannia?"


"Tell us, show us your face!"

The cacophony of sounds echoed in the vast space. Voices rang until they began to slow, soften down until there was a still quietness until Ohgi spoke up.

"How can we trust you, how do we know you're not going to destroy us instead and what are your plans?"

"If you believe you can give me one chance to prove myself, I will tell you and only you my plans and goals, if by the end you find me," Zero paused, "Adequate, then I ask for your cooperation."

"I still don't see how that will guarantee tha—"

"I trust him," said Kallen loudly interrupting Ohgi and walking up to Zero's side. "I trust him enough to give him one chance at the very least. I at the very least am willing to see what this man can do. Britannia is strong, but hear his aspirations, ambition, if what words he has said is possible then I am willing to stand by… Zero. One chance."

Then she faced Zero, "Will you show us?" she said more softly.

"Then allow me," said Zero.

Ohgi watched as Kallen stood to the front. This was the mysterious person she was talking about, someone that she found that could help turn the tide in this war. But such entity he could not imagine. But if miracles where possible who was he to say no to them?

Uproar had broken out among the small crowd and Zero spoke quietly to Kallen, Ohgi picking up the words as he moved closer.

"Tell your friend over there–"

"Ohgi," corrected Kallen.

"Ohgi, that only he and you will be required to carry my first plan out. It will be enough, seeing as the leader of the Resistance should be able to persuade his fighters no?"

"No of course, but two of us, what can we do?"

By this point Ohgi had reached Zero. Spotting the man Zero turned to him and said, "Adjourn this meeting, I will discuss my plan with you two now."

Ohgi nodded slowly and turned to the audience, "Alright meetings over for today, I'll call you again for the next one."

Slowly the group dispersed, some leaving others staying but moving to other places. Finally Zero moved towards the stairs and up to an office with Kallen and Ohgi following, as if he knew the place already.

Sitting comfortably on the desk he faced his two occupants.

"You are right in not knowing what I could do and precautions are necessary," said Zero addressing Ohgi, "However although I cannot convince you otherwise, I will take down Britannia."

"I will tell you what I will do, I will show you and you will be the first ones to witness."

His voice commanded authority, demanded. Kallen stood still in apt attention, and Ohgi resisted the urge to shift his weight.

"But I will tell you what you will do."

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