I know I'm bound to write one-shots only, but this story will be longer. How long I have no idea yet. It's the story of their lives, their loves, their relationship. The story of three couples and how they survive in the cold, lonely, busy world of WWE (sounds dramatic… and it might even be).

Couples: Cody/ Cena, Randy/Jake (Swagger), Ted/ Mike (Miz)

Disclaimer: I wish I'd own 4/6 of them, but sadly do not own anything but my crazy mind.

Warning: Slash, Sexual Content, "Strong" language


They had only been dating for a good month by now. No one would have thought that Cena out of all people was bisexual; no one would have expected him to date another guy, least of all Cena himself. Moreover, of all people, it had to be Cody Rhodes… a twink, a geek, a little boy- 8 years younger than he was, the pet of Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase jr. the former locker-room-whore. At least that was what he had heard about him.

However, something about Cody, something about the boy drew him in.

It might have been the fact that both of them were hooked on comics and video games, both of them were plain silly and crazy when it came to playing pranks or scaring their co-workers, both of them loved music -though they had a different taste, both of them enjoyed movies -all kind of them.

Or it might have been his looks, those sensual, full lips -made to kiss, made to suck, those big puppy-dog-eyes -blue like an ocean, so deep, so clear, that lithe frame -broad shoulders, defined abs, strong arms, and thighs made to be wrapped around his waist.

Whatever it had been, one day he just could not help it any more and blunt as John Cena is, he went to him after Raw -most of the other guys had already left- and had told him that he was falling for him, asking him out for a date.

Cody had been hesitant at first, thinking it was just another prank Cena was playing on him -it would not have been the first time. However, after John had called him day in and day out for almost two weeks, had sent him video games, comics, even chocolate, had spent every single night out -parties after the show were always good to bond- to seduce Cody, to win him over, to change his mind, Cody had finally given in.

That had been four weeks ago and they had been on several dates ever since, dinner, lunch, just a walk through town after a hard work-out in the local gym, even holding hands whenever they felt safe enough from paparazzi or annoying fans.

Their co-workers had been surprised at first, to say the least, Randy and Ted even threatening Cena that if it was just another prank or if he was about to hurt Cody, they'd make sure he was never going to see them coming. They would rip his heart out and beat him into a bloody mess. Knowing them, Cena sure as hell believed their threat, but he was also sure that Cody and him… that they were good for each other, that they might really work out.

Cody had tried to ignore Randy and Ted's comments, their concerns, but it bugged him that they did not trust John; it bugged him that they did not have faith in Cena, in himself, in their relationship. He had decided to take things slow. Ever since he got hurt in his last relationship, it was hard for him to trust anyone, to have faith in someone, to see the truth behind someone's intentions, to let himself go, to really fall for someone.

They had both agreed that they would wait… until Cody was ready to fully give himself to John. Cause god knew, Cena was more than ready to have Cody. He clearly showed it whenever they were alone or only surrounded by some of their co-workers. You could see it in his eyes, in the passion he laid into all of his kisses, in the way he touched Cody, he explored him, the way he worshipped every single part of his body at the end of the night, alone, in their room, their bed.

Even though Cena had had no experience in dating another man before, the sheer presence of Cody, his touches, the looks he gave him, the things he said… it all fueled his fire and he forgot about any doubts he had ever had, he forgot about his lack of experience, about the fact that it was another guy he was with. He just wanted Cody… all of him.

Nevertheless, Cody was worried. He did not want that to be just a fling, did not want to be used again, used as a sex-toy, fucked again and again and thrown away in the end after his significant other got tired of him. It had happened once, twice -first time with Batista, second time with someone outside the business… and he sure was not about to let it happen a third time.

It had been two weeks ago that they had decided to bunk together when being on the road. Their nights had been spent playing video games together, watching movies, planning pranks, cuddling, just being together; while the days consisted of lovely rendezvous', dates, workouts together. They had spent pretty much 24/7 together for the past 14 days, co-workers already calling them "inseparable", but none of them cared. They enjoyed it, spending time together, getting to know each other, laughing together, sharing everything.

But in the inside, the missing sex was tearing Cena apart. He did not want to push Cody, to loose him again -Cody had told him about his past, the whole truth- but he was not sure of how long he was still able to hold himself back. He needed it… him, wanted him, he craved for more.


Two years already, that is how long they had been together. Ever since Ted made his debut in WWE and introduced himself to everyone, Mike had had his eyes on him and it only took him a good two weeks to claim him his.

Yes, claim, because that what Ted was for Mike… a trophy, an award, his property. At least that is what it felt like for Ted for the past few months.

Mike had been a perfect gentleman at first, a perfect boyfriend, doing just about everything to make Ted happy, make him satisfied, to make him fall for him. He had taken him on dates; spent silly amounts of money for him, for gifts, for dinners, for vacations; had not pushed him into anything he did not want; had been not only nice to his family, but also to his friends.

And Ted had believed everything, every single word, every single action, every gesture of love and affection. He was blindsided, felt safe, felt loved. He had never experienced anything like this relationship before. Every single time it had been him who had made the efforts, who had paid for everything, who had been the one in charge.

Even with Kristen, his high-school sweetheart, he had never felt that loved, taken care of that good.

When he had first met Mike, being the person he was and not believing all the rumors spread around the locker-room, he had been positively surprised by his charms, by his looks, by his sense of humor, by how romantic he was.

And Mike? He had been impressed by how down to earth Ted was -despite all the money he had… his dad had. He had been fascinated by his laid-back attitude, by his ability to bond with everyone so easily, by his breathtaking smile. He knew from the moment he had laid his eyes on him, that he had to have him… and what Mike Mizanin wanted, he got!

After six months, they had even moved in together, Ted joining Mike at his home in Los Angeles. Though he had loved Florida, he had had a hard time leaving his friends and family behind, he also enjoyed the little more time he could spend with his man now. Because in all honesty, the two to three days apart from him every single week had been the hardest times he had ever experienced.

And Mike had taken such good care of him; making him feel comfortable from the very first second, he had stepped into his… into THEIR house.

It all had lasted for about eight or nine months until Mike had started to change. He got demanding of his boyfriend, got almost abusive, he hurt him with words, he degenerated him, made him feel worthless, unwanted, unloved… but Ted did not see it. He never did -he was too blinded by love.

He started to realize the change two months ago… a whole year it had taken him, a whole year to open his eyes, to see the truth, but he had not said anything. For him, Mike was still the love of his life, the caring, loving boyfriend, the one who would do anything to make him happy. He did not want it to end, did not want to lose Mike… he wanted to fight for it, for them.

He was aware of how Mike treated him, was aware that Mike was never satisfied with anything he did or said anymore, was aware of the looks of disapproval, of sorrow, of pity he got when walking into an arena right BEHIND his boyfriend -because he was not worth walking next to the multiple champion.

However, he did not care, did not mind it, because he knew the Mike everyone else did not know, he knew the REAL Mike, the loving, sensitive, caring Mike -the other side of him, the side of him that had disappeared a year ago… but was laying somewhere deep inside of him, buried under the surface of his fame, of his character, of his now cold heart and he was bound to find him again.

Mike did not even realize how much he was hurting Ted with his behavior and even if… he would not have cared. The fame had risen to his head. He was the one in charge, he was the one to give commands, was the one to call the shots… in their relationship at least.

However, Ted was not exactly doing a good job in appreciating him, in worshipping him, in satisfying him… not in his own eyes, in his own little world. Ted was a disgrace. Why he was keeping him was beyond his knowledge…

It might have been because the sex was incredible, his hot ass being the best Mike had ever had, his wet mouth made to suck his cock, his hands touching him at all the right places.

Alternatively, maybe it was because Ted tried, he tried hard… and he was like a little dog on a leash, always behind him, always worshipping him, doing almost everything he asked for without hesitation. He was the perfect slave… yeah, that was it.

And he was so easily to cheat on. Not even his friends had realized it by now, none of them had seen him sneaking around behind Ted's back, none of them had seen him fuck strangers almost every other night out, none of them had bothered him -all too busy with their own relationships, flings or affairs. While Ted stayed at their hotel-room, nursing his broken heart, Mike was gladly enjoying the attention in every single club, from other guys, from girls, easy lays -for three months already.


How long had it been going on? Randy could not quite remember. However, Jake could tell you the exact date on when their fling had started: June 29, 2009. The day he had been drafted to Raw. The day he had first met former WWE Champion Randy Orton. The night they had shared their first intimate moment together. He would always remember that date.

Ever since then, the two of them had shared the bed for many many nights… or the showers, the lockers, the bathrooms. Wherever Randy got horny, wherever he had wanted it, Jake had given it to him, willingly.

For Jake, Randy was the man of his dreams: strong, intimidating, powerful, pure sex. In addition, he was sure that deep down inside Randy could also be caring, loving, gentle and genuine. He just had to dig deeper.

So it was going on for ten months now, their fling, as Randy would call it… relationship, as Jake would refer to it. Yes, it really was a fling, nothing more than sex, whenever, wherever, however. He was not even sure if Randy was gay, or bisexual… or if Randy only needed someone to fuck, some meaningless, emotionless sex.

He was willing to give him everything he wanted though, as long as he was able to be close to the "Viper", as long as he was able to spend time with him, get to know him. And with every single fuck, there was a little more he got to learn about Randy, a little deeper he was able to dig, a little harder he fell for him.

No one knew about their fling, not even Cody or Ted, none of his own friends. No one was supposed to know. That was something Randy had made perfectly clear when it had started. And Jake did not mind. He would have done everything to just make Randy happy, to make him like him back, make him fall in love with him.

The only thing he did mind was Randy flirting shamelessly with everything that had two legs and boobs… in front of his eyes. He had gotten jealous more than once, murderously jealous… but he had never shown it.

They both had agreed on it being only sex, sex and nothing else. They had agreed on something open, both of them able and allowed to date others, to fuck whoever they want, though Jake had never taken any offers, in all the months, he had never cheated on Randy. He was not sure however if and how often Randy had claimed someone else his own, how often he had gone up to his hotel-room with someone else in tow and honestly, he did not want to know. It would have broken his heart.

He did not want Randy to know how deep he really cared, did not want Randy to freak out, to push him away, was afraid that IF Randy knew he would end their fling in a heartbeat. He could not risk losing his chance, not yet.

Randy was well aware of Jakes feelings though, he had realized it soon after their fling had started, but he was not the one to end things because of it. It felt way too good to stop it. The attention he got from the boy, the sex he got, the nursing, the caring, the pampering… he enjoyed it.

Moreover, who was he to push away the only one who had ever really loved him?

Yes, he was a lonely man. He had never gotten the love he had wanted, had craved for, from no one, not even Sam. However, when he had first met Jake, when he had learned that the boy had a major crush on him, he had taken advantage of it, he had lulled him in, he had seduced him.

And he had fallen for Jake… hard. No one had ever treated him that good; no one had ever taken the time to listen to him, to care for him, to stay. Though he would never admit it, to anyone, not even to Jake himself. He would never let his walls down, his guard; he would never let anyone get close enough to hurt him again.

Randy Orton would not take his mask of for anyone. He was cold-hearted, shameless, a womanizer, someone who would take advantage, who would sell his mom to get what he want. He was not someone to care, not someone to make someone else feel safe, not someone to live happily ever after with the love of his life. On the outside, he was the man he had portrayed on camera for so very long, but on the inside, he was a lonely, heart-broken, emotional mess -a little boy.

He could not love; he could not get hurt again.

So... what are your thoughts? Good start so far? Want more? Any other couple added?

For those who wonder why I've chosen those couples, it's because I love to do new things or write couples that are hard to find anywhere on FF or LJ. And I think those three couples would fit just right for what I've planned.