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Two weeks, two painful, agonizing and exhausting weeks of daily travelling, daily fighting, daily signings and daily bickering by his colleagues had finally been over and Randy was more than just glad to go home, to have a few days off, to be able and relax.

He really loved his job, his fans, the business, but those tours wore him out and his shoulders were acting up once again. On top of it, Jake had been bothering him the whole time, twice every day… at least. In the beginning he had felt sorry for not calling him the morning after Raw –he had been hung-over and the last thing he had wanted was to get into another argument with his lover- but only a few days later he had started to get sick of it, of Jake's constant worrying, constant mothering, constant whining.

How the boy would survive without him was beyond his imagination. When they had gotten together, hell even before that, Randy had always thought of Jake as an independent, strong young man, without fears and with enough dignity for the whole locker-room, but slowly this imagine was beginning to fade. He was getting tired of it. The daily calls had gotten shorter each day, Randy trying to avoid hearing his blonde's whining, hearing him complain, hearing him worry about him.

He was a grown up man for fucks sake, not some little kid who needed to get pampered and looked after. Why Jake had changed so suddenly, why he had become that dependent, that desperate he did not know and whenever he had tried to ask the question, Jake had changed the topic in less than a second. Randy knew that there had to be some reason for it, but he did not want to drag it out of the younger man's nose. If he did not want to talk, fine with him, as long as he just stopped smothering him that much.

Randy had already contemplated on not going to Mississippi this time at all, on just flying home, to his home, enjoying a day or two with his family, maybe even with his daughter, but then again it would not have been fair to Jake and he would not have gotten away that easily. The blond would have called him twice, three times a day anyways and this way, he could at least face him and tell him to stop.

The minute though that he stepped foot into Jake's house, he instantly regretted that he had come. Jake was all over him again, asking him if he was okay, asking if he was in pain, asking if he could do anything for him, not even giving Randy time to sit or to even place his bags down. It was just too much.

"Jake! Stop it! STOP! Fuck… damnit… let me breath for a fucking second here, okay?"

Jake swallowed hard, taking a step back from his lover, his eyes instantly filling with tears as he stared at the enraged man in front of him, the harshness in his voice and the red eyes, full of fury scaring him. Randy raked a hand over his face, shaking his head and closing his eyes to calm himself down before looking back at his lover.

"For fucks sake, babe… you're killing me."

"But I… I was just. I missed you."

The low groan from the dark-haired man made Jake completely aware of the state he was in, the state HE had pushed into him and he chewed the insides of his lips while watching Randy drop his backs and letting out a long, heavy sigh.

"I've missed you, too, babe… but… god, you barely let me breath anymore. Wherever I go, whatever I do, you're constantly bugging me with calls. You're constantly worrying about me. God, I'm a grown up man, Jake… and so are you. You need to stop with that shit. I want to do stuff without you asking for each and every detail, I want to go out and have fun without feeling sorry that I haven't called you for one fucking day, I want to relax a bit every now and then without having you calling me and asking me how I am. I'm fine, Jake… all the fucking time… and if it wasn't for your constant bugging, I'd be even better."

The instant the words had left his lips, Randy already regretted them again, seeing the first of many tears roll down Jake's cheek as the blond started sobbing, his lips quivering. He had never seen Jake like this before, had never even thought that he was capable of crying, that he would be that emotional, that sensitive and instead of feeling sorry for him, it only fuelled his frustration even more.

"So… you don't… want me… anymore? 'That… what you're trying to say… cause… I don't want… to keep you from… being happy."

The blond had a hard time to get the words out, but it was how he felt, it was what he had thought the whole past two weeks. Randy had been so distant towards him, so cold whenever they had called that Jake could do nothing else but to think that he did not want him anymore.

That was what made him snap completely, the last string of nerves tearing and he let out a frustrated growl before storming towards Jake, getting right in his face.

"Fuck, Jake… you know the shit I've done for you in the past months, the shit I've done for us. I've been there for you all the fucking time, I've pampered you, I've taken care of you, I've worshipped you. And you seriously think I don't want you? God damnit! Can't you for one fucking second just man up and stop worrying so much? Stop making this a fucking farce? You know, I really care about you… but as long as you don't fucking grow some balls and tell me what the fuck is wrong with you, what the fuck is bothering you… I can't do this anymore."

By now, Jake was a mess, tears streaming down his face, lips quivering, his head lowered, his whole body trembling. Never in his life had someone talked to him like that, never in his life would he have imagined to take such a verbal beating, never in his life had his heart been torn like that, not even when Mary and his baby had died. Never.

If he had looked up, he would have seen Randy's expressions softening again, would have seen the helplessness in his face, the exhaustion in his eyes, the tiredness in his features as he raked a hand through his hair, sighing heavily.

"I'm sorry Jake… but… as long as you don't want to open up to me, as long as you're choking me… I… I think it's better I go home. I can't do this anymore… I'm too tired for it, too exhausted. Just let me clear my head, I think I've had too much. You're so disappointing, but you make good use of it. As your world disassembles, better keep your head up"

"NO… please… I…"

The hurt, the pain, the desperation in Jake's eyes made Randy's heart break, but he really could not cope with it anymore. Jake's hand on his wrist was holding him tight, almost painfully tight, the sadness in his voice tearing him. His voice calm and stern, Randy locked eyes with him again as he spoke.

"You wanna talk to me? Tell me what it is?"

Jake lowered his head again, biting his quivering lips, his grip on Randy's wrist slowly loosening and it was all Randy needed as an answer.

"Thought so… Call me when you decide to let me in."

By the time Jake dared to look back up again, the door closed with a heavy bang, Randy and his bags gone. The tall, blond just stood there, frozen in his place, staring at the door for what felt like forever, tears clouding his vision, but his mind clearer than ever.

Throughout the Mexico Tour it had been hard for Mike and Stephen to keep it a secret. They had played friends when they were backstage, at a bar, at a club, whenever they had been around others, but it was getting harder to pretend. Their co-workers were getting suspicious, their constant touching and smiling at each other, the glances they sent each other were not going unnoticed by them.

It was only natural that Stephen felt the urge to make it official, that he did not want to hide it any longer, but he respected Mike's wish. He knew that the younger man was still unsure about their relationship, insecure about his feelings, a lot of it having to do with his past. He had willingly accepted to keep it low, to hide it from their co-workers. Knowing Mike it would take a lot longer until he would finally come out to the others.

The brunette had told him that he did not want Ted to know, he did not want to make him feel bad or anything, did not want rumors to spread. He knew, he had hurt Ted a lot and being happy with another man, in public, Mike did not know how Ted would take it, seeing he was still alone –that's at least what he had heard.

And after all, their relationship had only just begun three weeks ago, so why precipitate it?

The houseshow was almost over, Mike's match already in the past as he was waiting for Stephen to come back from his match. The older man had been the Main Event once again, and even though he felt a little jealous about Stephen's success, he was more than proud of him.

A couple of minutes later, the redhead finally got through the curtains, sweating, hair messed up from his match, breathing heavily; but as soon as his eyes fell on the beautiful brunette, he could not help but smiling.


Mike smirked at him, taking a few steps closer, licking his lips at the sight in front of him. He loved seeing his man like that, all bumped up, all sweaty, all panting; it was the epitome of sex in his opinion.

"Hey… great match."

The Irish just smirked, nodding, eyes flicking through the hallway to check if they were alone. Only a few camera-men and crew-members were around and he took the chance to reach out and let his hand gently caress Mike's cheek, their heated gazes meeting.

"Ya's wasn't bad either."

Mike leaned into the touch, lips curling up in a sweet smile as he chewed on them, own gaze drifting off to check for any hints of co-workers. He could see Randy coming through the curtain and John talking to one of the stage-hands, but for a weird reason, he did not care.

He had done enough hiding, had kept that secret for too long already, had kept his feelings for Stephen inside for far too long. Closing his eyes for a moment, he decided that he did not care anymore what others would think, what others would say, and he was sure that Ted had already forgiven him for everything he had ever done.

Lashes fluttering open again, he rose up on his toes, one hand snaking around Stephen's neck to pull him down and –surprisingly to the Irishman- softly placed a kiss on his lips. They lingered like this for a while, both sets of eyes closed, Stephen's hand travelling to Mike's lower back, pulling him closer to him, his sweat soaking Mike's shirt as the young man caressed his neck, nimble fingers gently kneading the tender flesh there.

As the brunette pulled away, he instantly opened his eyes again, meeting a huge smile on Stephen's slightly swollen lips, the growl the older man gave him going straight to his groin, the sparkle in the redhead's eyes sending shivers down his spine.

"Locker… now!"

He sure as hell would not deny that order and as he turned around to follow Stephen, he caught another glimpse of Randy, the man leaning against one of the boxes on the far end of the hallway now, a smirk on his lips as their eyes locked. Mike swallowed a bit, but seeing the approving nod of one of his past's biggest haters, he relaxed again, sending him a smile in return before following his man to the lockers.

John had watched the whole scenario out of the corner of his eyes. He was frustrated more than ever before. Everyone seemed to be happy; everyone seemed to be in love but him. After the argument he had had with Cody and the hard slap from the younger man, he had not tried to call him anymore, had avoided any contact with him and even with the brunettes friends, knowing that once he would run into Randy, he might be dead. Little did he know that Cody had never explained the whole situation to him, little did he know that Cody had never told Randy what had happened that night outside of Cody's house.

He had had some one-night-stands since then, males and females, because even if he had told Cody that being with a man had never felt right to him, he had to admit that he missed it. Just feeling the throbbing cock of another man in his hand, his mouth, his ass, against his abs, it was something completely different, something a lot more satisfying than fucking some girl.

Desperate to find another quick fuck for the night, his eyes fell onto the one blond just walking around the corner, still clad in his long, tight spandex-trunks, hair wet and dripping, the muscles in those long, leans legs moving and bulging with every step. He could only imagine how they would feel around his waist. Letting his mind drift for a moment, he waited until Adam was coming closer, letting him almost walk past him until reaching out for the older man, wrapping it securely around his wrist.


John tried to sound seductive, his voice husky and throaty as he smirked at the blond man turning back around. Adam's eyes met his blues, a hint of confusion and surprise gleaming in them as his lips turned up into a small snarl.

"John. What do you want?"

The others voice was stern and almost cold, eyes sparkling with something, John could not quite decipher yet, he leaned back against the wall, letting his tongue flick out to wet his lips as he crossed his arms over his chest, trying to look as nonchalantly as possible.

"You know, Adam… I thought that maybe… you and I could go out tonight? Just the two of us… get a few drinks, some snacks, maybe dance a little… and after that… who knows. My bed's still empty for tonight."

Adam's brow shot up in an instant, his lips curling up into an almost comical grin and before John knew it, the blond started laughing heavily, shaking his head. John's smirk turned into a frown as he realized that he was not laughing with, but over him and his hands balled into fists as they dropped to his sides.

As Adam finally regained some breath, he shook his head even more, smirking at the scowling man in front of him, reaching a hand out to pat his shoulder.

"Sorry John… but even I have my standards… I don't do whores."

Before John could even react, before his hand could come up to smack the grin out of Adam's face, the blond already walked off, a mixture of chuckles and snorts filling the air, leaving John seething behind.

It had only been five days, but already Randy felt alone… and sorry. Though he had had time to relax and to get some rest, he felt as if he had been too harsh to Jake. He was missing him. All he had wanted Wednesday was to come home, to Jake's home, and relax, enjoy the time with his man, with his lover, his partner. He had looked forward to it the whole two weeks away from him and he seriously had not wanted to end his visit that quickly and that frustrating.

Of all people, it had been Jake's mother who had called Randy two days after their fight, correction, after his outburst, telling Randy how much of a mess Jake was, how sorry he felt, how much he was hurt. He had listened to her, had taken in every word in those 20 minutes of rambling, but in the end, he had only been disappointed, not by the fact that Jake was suffering and that seemingly his mother wanted to blame him for it, but because Jake had not had the guts to call him himself.

He had hoped for Jake to call, for him to say he wanted to talk, maybe even for him to show up at his door and all he had gotten was a worried mother trying to convince him to come back to Jake. He had not even known that Jake's mother knew about them, hell, he had not even told his parents yet. He had not felt the urge to do so, though he had often told them how happy he was with the new man in his life, how grateful he was to have him, how incredibly much he loved him; he had never told them that it was Jake. That's another thing he felt sorry for.

Even though he had gotten enough sleep and even though he felt relaxed, he still felt exhausted and drained. The fight with Jake had left his marks on him, on his face, his eyes blood-shot and wide, his face wrinkling, making him look ten years older than he was, his body felt weak and numb as he was sitting in his locker-room, ready for Raw to start.

Seeing Stephen and Mike kissing last evening had made him forget about his troubles for a moment. He had seen the young man changing, had followed his way up, had heard that he had stopped using, that he had finally grown up and started therapy and he was glad that he had. Mike had reminded him of his old self, the man he used to be after Adam had broken up with him, though he had never hurt anyone physically.

It was a nice change to see someone so happy again and he knew that Stephen would be a good man for his former enemy, former foe. The tall redhead would surely keep him on a leash, would make sure that Mike was not going to go back to his old ways anymore, would show him what true love really meant. True love… yeah… why was it that every time he heard that, he had to think of Jake? After all, the blond had been the one dragging him out of his black hole, had made him forget about his miserable life, had brightened up his heart again. He could not imagine a life without him anymore, a happy life.

A soft knock came to the door as he was tying up his boots. Too lazy and tired to even dare and look up, he continued preparing; only giving a lame shout-out to whoever was outside.

"Come in…"

Even his voice sounded weak. Though the instant the door opened, he felt the urge to look up. It might have been the sweet scent of peach or the heavy footsteps or the familiar clearing of someone's voice, but he instantly knew who walked inside and his eyes brimmed with tears as he raised his head, staring into the beautiful green eyes of his lover.


It was more a croak than an attempt to speak, but the moment their eyes locked, he suddenly had lost his voice. Jake's eyes looked so dull, so empty, so blank, his lips, usually full and soft looked only thin and raspy, hair all messed up, face clearly showing that he had gone through the same hell as the dark-haired male those past days.

Cracking a small smile, the blond walked up to him and before he even knew it, Randy jumped up, embracing him in a tight hug, burying his face in the crook of the other mans neck, whispering over and over that he was sorry.

After what felt like an eternity, Jake's voice finally broke through and he pulled away as he smiled at Randy, wiping some of his own tears away before his thumb brushed the tear-drops on Randy's cheeks of.

"I'm sorry… there's nothing you need to apologize for."

Randy just shook his head, still not fully trusting his voice as he let his hands caress Jake's cheeks, eyes following his fingertips as he enjoyed the soft skin under his touch.

"Do you… when's your segment? Match?"

"Not before the middle of the show."

Suddenly, he was holding onto thin air, Jake having stepped away from him, turning around and walking back over to the door, locking it before once again turning towards Randy.

"Do you still want to hear it?"

Trying to focus on Jake's words, brows furrowing in concentration, he tried to process what Jake meant. His mind was on a whirlwind, too happy to see the blond again to even get what he was talking about. As his brain finally started working again, his lips curled up in a warm smile and sitting down on the bench near the lockers, he nodded his head, patting the spot next to him for Jake to sit down.

"Of course."

Jake hesitated for a short moment, taking a deep breath before walking over to his lover and sitting down next to him, their eyes locking again and Randy could immediately sense how hard this was for Jake. Whatever he wanted to tell him, whatever had happened in his loves past, he was having more than just a hard time to talk about it, to trust him with it.

Smiling reassuringly at him, he placed one of his hands on the younger mans thigh, softly squeezing it.

"Take your time… as much as you need."

The warmth in Randy's voice, the sincerity in his eyes, that simple gesture of love, of tenderness and those few but meaningful words made Jake finally open up and he started to talk, about his past, about Mary, their unborn child, about their relationship, his proposal, the day she had gone to see the doctor, the accident and the moment he had gotten the call. He did not even let out the funeral. He poured his heart out to the man he loved and word by word everything became clear to Randy. Why Jake had been so worrying, why he had been smothering him like that, why he had almost choked him with his constant fear. He did not only feel sorry for what had happened to his lover years ago, but also for having been such an ass towards him, even though it all could have been avoided if only Jake had talked to him sooner.

When Jake finally finished, Randy's hand reached out to stroke the tears away from his cheeks, a look of sorrow and care in his eyes, lips pressed together in two thin lines as he looked deep into those green eyes, trying to find the right words, soothing, but still showing Jake how he truly felt.

"You… I'm sorry that happened, but… you should have told me that before, babe. You know how much it hurt to see you like this? To know that something was tearing you apart? That something was eating you up inside? You could have told me, babe… I wouldn't have… I… would have understood and I wouldn't have snapped a few days ago. I didn't want to snap, you know? It was just getting too much. I felt like you didn't trust me enough anymore, that maybe you've never trusted me enough in the first place."

"I do trust you… I just… I was afraid you'd think less of me. I was afraid of losing you like I lost her, like I lost our… our baby."

The sincerity, the trembling in his voice, almost just a faint whisper at the end, made Randy swallow hard and he pulled Jake's head close to him, resting it on his chest, holding him close, one hand caressing his hair while the other one rubbed the blonde's back as he rested his chin on Jake's head.

"I could never think less of you, babe… never."

It felt like hours, as if time was standing still, Randy's heart-beat soothing Jake's nerves as he listened to it, the warming touch and the tender caress making him feel at ease, making him relax.



"Have you… don't get me wrong now, please, yeah… but have you ever been to therapy because of this? You know, after she… after the accident? Have you ever talked to anyone about it? I'm just asking… maybe… it could help… maybe it would help talking about it with someone who's a pro."

Jake pulled away from his lover, his eyes wide with disbelief, wide in surprise, lips slightly parted as he blinked at him, his hands resting in his lap.

"I… no… I haven't. I'm not a psycho or something… I don't want a stranger to analyze me, to interfere in my life… I…"

"Babe! Babe!"

Randy's finger made its way to Jake's lips, shooing him as he shook his head, a small smile on his lips as he listened to his blonde's irritated ramblings.

"No, you aren't a psycho, I know that, but… it might help to talk about it with someone who doesn't know you as well as I do. Even though I now know why you are the way you are, it still doesn't solve our problem of you not trusting me and you constantly worrying a little too much. He could help you, you know? Could help you find a way to feel at ease again."

"But I…"

Realizing the doubts, the fear in Jake's eyes, realizing the worries once again, realizing that what his lover really needed was a push into the right direction; Randy made a decision before Jake could say anything else.

"I'll come with you, if you want me to."

Jake's eyes widened again as he took in the seriousness in Randy's tone, those else cold and blank blues full of warmth and love as the older male smiled softly at him and he knew it was the right thing to do.


It was another week later, Sunday, evening of the TLC PPV that they were all together again. Randy hadn't seen his former "boys" ever since the draft. The last PPV none of them had had a match and ever after Cody's break-up with John, he had barely talked to him. The only information he had gotten was from Ted that Cody was okay and feeling better every day. It oozed him that Ted did not want to tell him more and it saddened him that Cody would not call him anymore. After all, they had been the best of friends for such a long time.

He had given Jake the number of his old therapist the day after Raw, had stayed with him when he had made the appointment and he was determined to go with him at his first session. He knew from his own sessions four years ago how awkward it was to spill all of your problems, all of your life, all of your feelings to a complete stranger. And seeing that he was involved in those problems, too, he felt the urge to be there for Jake.

They had talked for hours after Raw, had sorted everything out, had apologized to each other for at least a million times and the tall, dark-haired male was sure they would make it. Jake was there tonight, his injured ankle barely causing trouble anymore and the blond had wanted to be there when Randy was going to once again become the champion. He felt gracious for having such a man behind him, for his support and his love and even though his worrying could be a pain in the ass at times, he appreciated the blonde's gestures of care.

Ted's match had already been over and his lover had had a dark-match before the big PPV, so they were free to celebrate. Gladly enough Ted only had to share his locker with Jason and the older man was currently occupied in his own match. He knew it would last at least 40 minutes, so –to Cody's surprise- he had pulled the already fully changed (into his street clothes) man into the showers the second Jason had left.

Ever since they had gotten together, they could not stop touching each other, kissing each other, feeling, tasting and exploring each other, Cody's insecurity and his own worries long forgotten, though they still kept it a secret in public. Cody was still afraid of how others would react when they found out he had slept with Ted only a week after dumping John, he was still scared that people would call him whore, would call him slut or tramp and even though Ted had tried pretty much everything to soothe his worries, Cody still felt the need to hide their feelings.

Ted's trunks were already painfully tight; the tent in them clearly giving away what Cody's touch was doing to him. The brunette's lips were currently attacked to his neck, those soft, lean fingers skimming over the tender flesh of his lower back, playing with the waistline of those tight, blue trunks. The blond was bracing himself against the tiles, back towards Cody; legs spread wide, head thrown back as he was trying to stifle his moans. The mixture of Cody's lips and those hard, hot droplets of water felt heavenly on his skin.

The brunette was already stripped down to just his boxers –now damp with water since Ted had not given him any time to fully get his clothes off-, his lips moving up to Ted's ear, kissing and sucking at the sensitive spot right behind it, his tongue darting out every now and then to lap the salty taste of sweat of his lovers, fingers slowly moving to Ted's front, teasingly dipping into his trunks and back out, only barely brushing the already hard shaft, gaining a low growl from the blond.

"Codes… please… we dun have time for teasing."

"Nu huh."

The brunette had gained a lot of self-esteem in their relationship since their first night, their first morning together. Knowing how to tease him, how to drive him wild, how to make Ted beg, how to make him submit; it gave him back that little of control he had lost in his last weeks with John.

Grabbing tightly onto Ted's hips, he spun him around again, pressing his hard groin into the older males hips as he crashed his full lips onto the blonde's, almost devouring his mouth, though the caressing gesture of his palm running through Ted's messed up, wet hair was sign of affection, love and tenderness enough to make Ted's knees weak. The young brunette had that effect on him, no matter what he was doing. Even the slightest touch, the simplest gesture was making him burn with need and desire.

The kiss continued as Cody's lean fingers finally slipped inside those tight trunks, coming in contact with his hot and throbbing length, wrapping around it, tucking, causing the older man to let an almost animalistic groan slip past his lips, but was drowned out by the water-droplets drumming down onto the tiles. They had not even realized their locker-room door opening and the dark-tanned, tattooed male stepping inside, calling Ted's name, slowly getting closer to the shower-stalls.

Randy had decided to pay them a quick visit, to ask them if they wanted to join Jake and him at the bar later tonight to celebrate, to talk about the good old times. He had missed them so badly that he had felt the urge to go now, even though he knew his match was coming up in a mere 50 minutes, but he had not wanted to wait until after the show in case Ted would have left already right after his match.

The noise of running water though was a good sign that Ted was still there. What worried him was that even after calling for his name twice, there had not come any reaction, not even a shout-out, nothing. His eyes fell onto a shirt lying scrambled on the floor only a few inches away from the door to the showers and his brows furrowed in concentration. Why would Ted pull a shirt on only to throw it away a few minutes later again and get a shower? And anyways… this shirt did not look like Ted's at all… neither like Jason's.

He shrugged, walking over to the door that hung partly open, peaking his head inside in curiosity.

The sight in front of him made his eyes almost bop out of his head: There, a few feet away, under the running and steamy shower stood his two former partners, his protégés, his best friends, Cody's hand down Ted's trunks, rubbing and pumping him, their mouth's fused together in a hot, passionate kiss, Cody's body pressed against Ted's as Ted's hands tightly holding onto the brunette's ass as his hips bucked into the touch.

The loud gasp escaping his lips must have alerted him of his presence, because only a second later a set of greens and another one of blues, both clouded with lust, met his surprised gaze, faces going pale, hands frantically leaving each others bodies, Cody hurriedly stepping away from Ted, almost tripping on the wet tiles as he swallowed hard.

"Randy! I… we… uhmm…"

Blinking a few times to grasp what had just happened, to process what had just been going on, the frown on his lips slowly turned into a slight smirk as he shook his head, an amused flash in his eyes as he gazed from Cody to Ted and back again and finally could not hold it back anymore, starting to laugh heartedly.

Though the rest of his face was pale, Ted's cheek were beat-red, flush with embarrassment, eyes skimming the tiles as he avoided eye-contact with his best friend. Cody on the other hand, swallowed heavily, his brow arching up as he watched Randy's sudden outburst, the older mans laugh so heavy and loud that he soon joined in. It did not take long and all three of them were laughing, thankfully for Ted and Cody their boners fading as Randy leant against the doorframe, holding his stomach.

About ten minutes later they were all sitting on the bench in Ted's locker, after Randy had left them to finish their shower, still slightly laughing when they came back out. Now that he had finally calmed down, he eyed them for a while, total silence in the room for what seemed like an eternity until Randy spoke up.

"So… how long?"

Ted shrugged, hands firmly holding onto the bench as he looked at Randy, still blushing slightly.

"Four weeks."

Randy glanced at Cody, the younger man confirming it with a nod, the smile on his lips being all Randy needed to know. His young friend was happy, and obviously Ted also was, so there was no need for him to investigate more.

"You know… that's good. I'm glad you two are happy after all the crap you've gone through."

Ted's blush faded as his lips curled up into a grin, his eyes shining as he glanced at his lover, hands touching for the first time since being in Randy's company.

"Yeah… we're more than happy."

"I could see that."

The playful glare Cody send him was met by another fit of laughter as Randy stuck out his tongue at him. It felt good to be back with them. He had truly missed those times.

"So… actually I wanted to ask you two if you wanna join me and Jake after the show. We wanted to celebrate a bit."

Cody bit his lip, giving Ted an unsure look as if to ask for permission, though the older man got the hint, turning to Randy with an almost apologetic look.

"Well… actually… we're still keeping this a secret and I don't know if… going out…"

"Wait! What? Why are you keeping this a secret?"

Ted just shrugged, lowering his head, taking a deep breath. "Because…" Cody quipped in, cheeks flush as he spat out. "I don't want everyone to know… I mean… we've gotten together a week after that drama with John and… I don't want people to think I'm some dirty whore, or slut or whatever and I'm sure they'll do exactly that… I just…"

Randy's brows furrowed as he listened to his young friend, trying to process why he'd think something like that, tilting his head slightly as he pulled one of his legs up onto the bench.

"Codes… no one would think something like that. Why would they? John was the one being an ass to you, he was the one cheating. You were only standing up to him and followed your heart. There's nothing wrong with that."

He watched the young brunette's head lowering, swallowing hard, lips starting to quiver and his eyes darted towards Ted, the blond instantly pulling Cody into his arm and kissing the top of his head before locking eyes with Randy.

"I'm trying to tell him that the whole time, but somehow… well, somehow he won't believe it."

Randy nodded his head, understanding where Ted was coming from, an idea already forming in his head and his lips once again curled up in that famous Orton-smirk of his.

"Codes, look at me."

The young brunette obeyed, raising his head again, locking eyes with his former mentor and best friend, chewing the insides of his lips nervously.

"No matter what you say, no matter what you do, no matter what, I'm always right there behind you."

It was a quote of one of Cody's favorite songs ever and the mere fact that Randy had remembered brought a smile to his lips though his eyes still looked as if he would break out in tears anytime soon.

"You know, you can always count on me… and Ted…" The raven-haired male send Ted a quick wink, making him nod in agreement, before continuing. "…and if someone has the guts to call you a slut or a whore, that someone will definitely have to deal with us. And not in a good way."

Just as Cody raised his head again to lock eyes with him, Randy set up his best ever Viper-stare, gaining a giggle from the young man. Shaking his head, biting his lips, Cody managed a smile before getting of the bench and surprising the older man with a hug, resting his head on Randy's shoulder.

"Thanks… guess… I can't say no now anymore, huh?"

"Nope, else I'll drag your sorry ass with us."

So, they had a date.

Half of the roster was already at the bar when Randy and Jake finally arrived, plenty of cheers and congratulations reaching him as they made their way over to the bar, their hands locked, similar content and happy smiles on their faces as Randy made their order. Leaning back against the bar, lips meeting Jake's for a quick peck, his eyes scanned the room for the two men he was looking for.

The toasting blond caught his eyes only a few seconds later, the brunette sitting almost on his lap in the corner of the bar having his eyes closed and whipping his head to the beat of the music. So, they finally had come out. Randy's smile widened as he took their sight in, nudging Jake's side and nodding over to them to show him the direction. Jake took the cue, kissing Randy's lips once more before heading into their direction.

His eyes travelled further around, happy faces everywhere, dancing bodies on the floor, loud chattering almost drowning out the music. The PPV had not only been a success for him, but also for the company in general. He was glad that Vince had rented the bar for them, that no fans or photographers would disturb them tonight. It was a chance for everyone to feel at ease, to relax, to be themselves and to let go for once in a while… and for him it was the perfect chance to show Jake off –not as if he had never done that before.

Paying the bartender well, Randy took the two beer, giving him a friendly nod before heading over to the booth his friends and his lover had already occupied, chatting enthusiastically away as he joined them. Placing the drinks on the table, he gave Jake a lingering kiss before his eyes fell back onto Cody and Ted, smirking slightly.


Cody chuckled, sticking his tongue out at him in his own childish manner before being scolded for it with a kiss by his blond lover. It was truly great to see them like this. Feeling a hand on his thigh, rubbing up and down, he turned his attention back to his own lover, looking into the beautiful greens he loved so much, almost getting lost in them as Jake smirked, leaning forward to whisper in his ear.

"You know that I want a ride with the champ tonight, right?"

Randy only chuckled, pulling back to wiggle his eyebrows before capturing Jake's lips in a slow, lingering kiss, squeezing the muscular thigh of his lover and murmuring back.

"With the belt on… all… night… long."

They talked, chatted, flirted, mingled, laughed and had fun for a long while, none of them even realizing what was going on around them anymore, none of them recognizing any of the others coming or leaving as they were enthralled by their company.

Mike and Stephen had entered the club only minutes after Jake and Randy and the instant Mike's eyes fell onto Cody and Ted, he almost froze on his spot. Stephen had had a hard time to get him moving again, whispering words of encouragement and love in his ear as they walked over to the bar. During the whole time they sat there, he could not tear his eyes apart from his former lover, the company he was in, could not or did not want to miss out any of their actions, their movements; watching them laugh, touch, kiss and flirt just like he had used to at the beginning of his relationship with Ted.

A wave of guilt washed over him again as he leant back against Stephen's chest, the older man's eyes often moving towards the dance-floor, wishing nothing more than to get his lover on there, to get his lovers thoughts away from Ted and Cody as he held him tight, his chin resting on the brunette's head.

"He looks 'appy, Mike… he is 'appy."

He only got a nod out of the younger man, but at least he finally turned away from them and around to come chest to chest with Stephen, a soft smile on his lips, though his eyes showed his true emotions.

"Can we go over? I just… I want to say hi."

Stephen knew that Mike had not spoken with Ted for weeks, ever since he had asked him to come to therapy with him, ever since Ted had denied and he knew it was bothering him. It was not about Ted having found someone else or Ted being happy without him, it was that Mike needed confirmation; he needed Ted to show him he had forgiven him.

Capturing his lips in a sweet, short kiss, Stephen nodded, sending his lover a warming smile before pushing himself off the bar-stool and grabbing their beers, Mike's hand instantly seeking out his, linking their fingers as he lead them over to the booth.

It was not before someone cleared his throat rather loudly that the guys all looked up from their conversation, Ted swallowing hard as he stared at his former lover, his former partner of two years. He needed a while to study the features of the man he had once loved and even longer until his eyes fell onto his hand, locked to another one.

Stephen just smiled at them, holding a hand out to Randy to congratulate with a warm hand-shake.

"Congrats, Champ… great match out there."

His heavy, thick voice boomed over the music, snapping Ted back out of his trance. He felt Cody's hand gently squeeze his thigh while his other hand stroked up and down Ted's neck and closing his eyes for a moment he came back with a smile on his lips, nodding at Mike and at Stephen.

"We just… wanted to say hi. And well… yeah… congrats to the Champ."

Mike had raised his beer, nodding at Randy before his eyes went back to Ted, tucking his bottom lip in as he managed a smile in his direction, the blond returning it.

"Well, thanks guys… hope you're having as much fun as we do."

Randy raised his own beer to them, nodding his head with a warm smile, his eyes sparkling in the dim light of the club as he toasted them, his other arm wrapped around Jake's waist. The locker-room had long accepted their relationship, everyone got along well enough to adjust to it. There weren't many gays in their circles, but everyone had gotten used to the few couples there were. Seeing Mike and Stephen together like that had surely needed some getting used to though since both of them were so different, but they seemed happy nonetheless.

With another nod from Stephen, Mike felt himself being lead away again, his mouth suddenly dry, but with an incredible urge to smile as he snuggled into the strong, warm arm wrapped around his waist while they headed back to the bar. The smile Ted had sent him was re-assurement enough. He had forgiven him… he could move on without feeling guilty anymore.

He knew he had still a lot to make up for, a lot to change, a lot to accomplish, to go through, but with Ted's blessing and Stephen's help, he was sure… he'd gonna make it.

Only seconds after Stephen and Mike had left their table again, Ted could feel a tuck on his arm and turning his head he stared straight into the shining blues of his lover, a big grin plastered on his lips, one he knew all too well meant nothing but trouble for him.

"Dance with me… please?"

He had known it before Cody had even opened his mouth to speak, scoffing at the plea, shaking his head.

"You know I don't dance, Codes."

"Please?" Leaning forward, smirk playing on his lips, Cody let his nose brush over Ted's cheek before whispering in his ear. "I'm gonna make it up to you later tonight."

Serioulsy, how could he resist that boy? The brunette knew him way too well and their relationship had only just started. It scared him a bit that Cody had already wrapped him around his little finger, but nonetheless he was on the dance-floor with him only a minute later, Cody's arms wrapped around his waist while he had his lazily draped around the brunette's shoulders, their eyes locking as they slowly started to sway their hips to the music.

Only then he realized that they were playing one of Cody's favorites, a song he already was almost too familiar with, his lips curling up in a big smile as he watched Cody's lips move silently singing along. Resting their foreheads together, Ted began to sing the lines that so well fitted what he felt for the young man in his arms.

"All you did was safe my life, pulled me out of that flat line, put my heartbeat back inside. I'm not dying. All you did was get me through, I owe every breathe to you."

Yeah, they would surely gonna make it.

Randy watched his friends dance, watched the happiness on their faces, the love in their eyes, the tenderness between them with a content smile on his lips. Leaning back against the booth, one hand holding onto his beer, the other one rubbing up and down Jake's thigh, he felt his lovers head coming to rest on his shoulder, turning slightly to look down into his bright greens, his mans smile matching his own.

He had not felt that safe, that content, happy, that relaxed and loved, he had not felt that whole in... forever. Leaning down to capture the blonde's lips with his own, softly, tenderly, getting lost in his own little world, he remembered the words Jake had once told him –long ago, when they had still only fucked around, their new loving relationship just another fling- and he could not help but to thank god for the second chance he had been given.

*I can be anything that you want me to be, a punching bag, a piece of string that reminds you not to think.*

In this very moment he knew… they were gonna make it.

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